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So, what's the first rule of Reg Club?


I hope...

...El Reg Towers contains no credit card servers

Kung fu monks battle Colombian karate assassins


I don't think any of you understand

I didn't come to rescue Rambo from you. I came here to rescue you from him

Government warns parents of food-colouring danger


what about the Pepsi challenge?

group A Pepsi

group B Coke

group C Amphetamines

It would be a close call imho

Raygun 747 test will be delayed, hints Boeing


total white elephant

3rd world enemy - no nukes to destroy

2nd world enemy - no match for conventional forces

1st world enemy - could quite easily find and shoot down a 747

now, unless this flying laser has an unknown alternate use, it's just another way off ripping off dumb american proles. not that that's a bad thing lol

NASA boffins resist intrusive security probe


did Aldrich Ames have a security badge?

typical yanks deluding themselves that a badge makes them safe

I hope by pissing off their own citizens (er hello, these are the ones that want to improve the country), the US govt produces more dissaffected people who are willing to sell out their morally bankrupt country

iRobot unveils new Roomba auto-vacuums


whats with the crappy random wandering?

get some of that improved SLAM location recognition tech announced a while back, I can't abide dumbass robotic servants

Eurostar inaugurates UK high-speed track


Budget airlines killed the regional Eurostar

All the carriages actually lie un-used in sidings somewhere, as the emergence of low cost flights ruined the business case originally put forward at the time