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If there's 5G connectivity but no 5G devices on it, does it make a sound? Wait, no, that's not right


Re: Bristol has a 5G testbed

The Surrey University 5G testbed showed remote driving of an Audi Q7 around the Guildford campus, over 5G from London in 2017. This and the live orchestra demo at Bristol show the main value/promise of 5G - low latency not high download speeds. I believe 5G aims at sub millisecond latency.


Not so fast AI Doctor, the FDA would like to check how good you really are at healthcare


Adaptive learning

If an adaptive algorithm is one that adapts its training in real-time (versus a 'locked' algorithm that is trained using a fixed set of data prior to deployment) then I'm not sure it's correct to say deep learning algorithms are adaptive. Most deep learning networks are trained once and fixed for deployment. Very few if any deep learning algorithms can learn on the fly in this way because of the computational overhead (GPU time) needed to train or update the neural network.


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