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RTFM: Wireless Broadband Alliance squeezes out 40-page ode to the joy of Wi-Fi 6


True, I also use wired connection for any "real" work (homelab and workstation are on 10GBE).

The point I was trying to make, is that both 802.11ac and 802.11ax boasts with multiple gigabits per second shared over several connections, they are all limited by that measly 1GBit WAN port and sometimes weak SoC that can't push all that data.

At home, my WiFi mainly serves a couple of laptops and cellphones. One of my laptops is powerful enough to be able to run several VM's at once, and copying files to/from it would be nice to be able to do at >1GBit when snuggled up in the couch while the missus watches a movie next to me :-)


My biggest problem with 802.11ax AP's in the consumer market (prosumer?) is that most of them only have 1GBit interface on WAN unless you go for the premium models or products aimed at the professional market (with a price tag of "number of kidneys").

You can get prosumer models with 2.5GBit WAN without giving up a whole kidney (TP-Link Archer AX6000), but the WAN will still be a bottle neck with many clients..

Where there's a will, there's Huawei: US govt already eases trade ban with 90-day reprieve


I would not be surprised at all, if this trade block for Huawei stems from daddy Donald contacting them regarding backdoor access to devices on behalf of other three letter agencies and getting laughed at.

Domestic vendors (Fruitphone, Crisco and so on) may not be allowed to say anything, but I trust them about as much as Bookface to keep my data secure and to not share information with anyone.


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