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Euro ISP club: Sure, weaken encryption. It'll only undermine security for everyone, morons


"We must find a way to balance the need to secure data with public safety and the need for law enforcement to access the information they need to safeguard the public, investigate crimes, and prevent future criminal activity,"

When have they ever been concerned with securing data? There is no way to secure a backdoor, it just proves that they don't even understand what they are asking for. The translation for this is simple: do as I say, not as I do.

Stop us if you've heard this one: IBM sued after axing older staff, this time over 'denying' them their legal rights


Coming soon...

Age is just the first problem. They should also have to post how many H-1B visas are working at the company. IT companies in the US are bringing in H-1B workers at lower wages and have the added bonus of holding that over the worker with the treat of getting sent home. Saw that one first hand as I was replaced by one. Sadly the only safe job seems to be the lawyers protecting this crap.


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