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Best Buy calls copper on unsatisfied shopper

Grayson Berry

hooray for Alex

definitely an own goal by the shop policy police. I hope it makes national headlines in the US of A.

Mr and Mrs Renault cannot name daughter Megane

Grayson Berry

what a fuss about nothing

Why should legislators decide what I call my kid? The world has become a global village, we are all more exposed to other cultures and ideas, and that ought to be reflected in our world society. If I decide my child should be named after an ancient Chinese sage (eg. Confucius), a Bible character (Hosea), or a famous musician (Symbol), what of it?

I myself have an unusual name, I have only met two others, and I pretty much revel in it. Better still, I would have loved to have been called "Moonunit" or "Solarflare", but not "Frodo" or "Stinkbomb".

But then there's could be www.changeyourname.com to the rescue!

When I was working for a Microsoft Outsourced partner, a guy called in 'cos his server wouldn't register. His name kept on being rejected by the MS servers ... it was a banned word. I won't say it here ... i might get banned meself.

Finally, I know two brothers, one called Wayne King and the other called Bourne King. hmmmm. bet that generated laughs at school. they both have the reputation of having turned out normal balanced individuals. i guess they took it on the chin, and the experience just might have been character building.

where will all the nanny legislation take us?


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