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Xbox 360 Elite games console

Mark B

Comparison (part two)

Mark Rendle: "I'll tell you what, though: the Amiga was /way/ better than the Atari ST."

I agree. But are you unfairly comparing the later 2mb Amiga 1200 with the earlier 512kb ST?

Just think, if Commodore had got their act together in the early '90s, they could've really cleaned up on the home computing / gaming front, and we wouldn't be having to put up with all these Sony/Microsoft corporate fanboys ;)

I shudder to think how much I spent on my A1200 though - in one year adding a CD-ROM, 66mhz 68060 accelerator, 2gb hard drive, 16mb RAM. I then sold it all less than a year later and bought a 233mhz Pentium II PC for over £1000... a move which I instantly regretted. Sigh.

I've had all sorts of computer and gaming stuff since then, PC's, Macs, handhelds, consoles.... the most recent being an Xbox 360 which I sold less than a month later as I couldn't stand the racket it made when you put a game disk in - I was hoping the Elite would eliminate the noise issues but no dice it seems. I spent the proceeds on upgrading my PC and now have a 8800GTS which eats every game for breakfast.

There was something quite pleasant about sitting on my sofa with a wireless controller whilst playing Oblivion though. Perhaps I'll wait for the 360 Elite Mk II or III?