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Steve Jobs uncloaks the 'iPad'


Exactly Rolf

But you even forgot 1 thing: duties which are applicable on invoice price and shipping, then VAT is added to the cost incorporating the duties! In a funny way, it is cheaper in Europe...

Bing passes Yahoo! in Google runner-up stakes


Flawed paid for results

There is a major flaw in the business model me think.

To the right of the first natural results is an 'expanded' result box. I can see the point of it but the displayed text is quite not relevant and have no clue how their algo built it, so it need major improvements.

However the point is that it completely hides the paid for search result!

As an advertiser, would that infuriate me? Guess...

French court fines eBay for sale of counterfeit handbags


Not so sure really!

"So the whole thing is a load of crap because no ones loosing money.."

Not so sure really!

If a brand is overly copied and dumped across the world, it starts loosing its appeal and therefore revenue...

Airbus delivers first A380


Airbus delivers 1st A380 in .... Toulouse

Bit like when you buy a Vauxhall then... you need to collect your A380 at the dealership... with empty tank(s) I presume...

Eurostar inaugurates UK high-speed track


"I just don't understand why everything is so expensive and so difficult in the UK"

Very simply because in these countries, railways are still state owned and therefore state funded.

Either you pay HIGH taxes and enjoy great railways or you pay much less taxes and suffer underinvesment and high rail prices...

Personally, I chose 10 years ago and don't mind paying high high rail fares...