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Astronomer slams sexists trying to tear down black hole researcher's rep


I honestly feel bad for Dr Bouman. She was made the face of this project when she really wanted the science to be the face of it. Journalists and people desperate for a win for women have made her the face of something awesome to see, but are also ignoring the other people on the project as well including people that contributed the vast majority of the code and techniques used to do this. Dr Bouman deserves credit but not all the credit she is getting.

They live: The US government is not killing its zombie servers fast enough say its auditors


My understanding is that a lot of virtualization is going on so old servers can be shutdown.

IBM, Oracle JEDI bids weighed, measured and found wanting: Amazon, Microsoft last standing in Pentagon cloud race


I'm not sure Google turned into peaceniks so much as they didn't want to spend the money in the short term to do everything the JEDI contract would require them to do so. AWS has spent a lot of money in the run up to have nearly everything in place for the JEDI contract so they can hit the ground running. Azure is behind, but not that far behind, AWS in the run up. Everyone else is very far behind and wouldn't be able to go hit the ground crawling, much less walking or running.

Oracle spaffed $30bn on buybacks over the past 9 months, but analysts warn it can't last forever


Re: Ok, ok, so i'm no George Soros

The stock buy backs on the open market. It comes down to that when people want to sell the stocks, the company is there to buy it first.

Amazon may finally get its hands on .amazon after world's DNS overseer loses patience


I'm kind of waiting for Amazon to say to heck with it and go for .amzn and be done with it.

Sure, we've got a problem but we don't really want to spend any money on the tech guy you're sending to fix it


Re: Driving staff away

Never trust sales people. Had a married couple would take clients to a restaurant owned by their family and purposely run up tabs and be charged for things they never got including for an extra person that was never at the meeting, sometimes thousands a week.


Traveling on other people's dime is fun.

I was working as a contractor for a company here in the Washington DC metro area. After about 3 months onsite for a US government client, I was asked to go up the Newark, NJ to over see some testing of new systems they were using. Well, the company's rules state that travel has to be done using a company credit card and I'm not allowed to have one because I'm a contractor to the company being contracted out to the client. Fun times. Manager gets me a room and pays for a full tank of gas for me, including a $200 pre-paid gas card to use with his favorite gas station chain. All good to me. Get up to the hotel, get checked in, everything is good. Only supposed to be there for a couple weeks, no big deal. Week two comes, on Wednesday the client asks if I could stick around for another week. No problem. Another week after that? Not a problem at all. A fifth? Sixth week? Sure! All approved by my manager.

By the time I was ready to leave, my manager's company credit card had been maxed out. Six weeks of hotel rooms plus eating on the company's dime had maxed that sucker out. I couldn't leave the hotel because they needed it to be paid off. My manager had to drive up with another manager and split the bill between two credit cards, and they couldn't do that without the credit cards there along with the people who signed the bill. And it was funny as hell to me because my manager and his co-worker had to 5 hours, thanks to traffic, and 4 hours back to get me out of the hotel. They desperately tried to do everything over the phone, and I damn near got arrested because of it. All company credit cards had their limits double the next Monday because of this to, which was hilarious to me.