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Giant megaships to suck 'stranded' Aussie gas fields

Neil Croft

Standard Units Please. It's Friday

El Reg standard units please. It is beer o'clock after all.

Texas goes large with supersize SSD

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Paris Hilton

How much?

It says how much the opposition is. How much is it?

Paris, 'cos she knows the value of hard currency.

Wanted: Gordon Brown's fingerprints, £1,000 reward

Neil Croft
Dead Vulture

biometric revocation?

Is it only me or does the thought of having my fingers cut off and my eyes gouged out not alarm anyone else?

Veggies a 'perversion of nature': Official

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Paris Hilton

Source of Marmite

I went on a brewery trip to the Marston's brewery in Burton some years ago and they were shipping excess yeast off to Marmite.

Most fizzy beer (certainly Tetley's at Leeds) use finings to clear bear. It's made from fish's swim bladders.

Yeast is alive in real ales too.

The leather jacket with the McShake in the pccket please.

Hardcore Dalek builders plan galactic domination

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No Dalek fiction?

"we don't 'do' Dalek fiction"

Erm, unless I've missed something major isn't everything to do with Daleks fictional?

Plan for 20mph urban speed-cam zones touted

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No Worries

"target of no more than 1,000 UK road deaths annually by 2030". No problem then. The oil's gonna run out in 2012 so there won't be more than a handful of milkfloats around in 2030.

Texas Instruments stands out with 3D TV

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I do wear glasses. No use to me at all.