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Lawyer's Microsoft email snafu goes from $1.75M lawsuit to Ctrl+Alt+Settle


Re: A little confused...

I think the main problem he had is that he couldn't get into the court system (as it emailed a verification code to the registered email address, which he couldn't get into).

He probably could have changed it, if he could have logged in, which he couldn't....

Social media is too much for most of us to handle


Re: American spelling

"culla" surely (at least in this bit of the midlands!)

Will Flatpak and Snap replace desktop Linux native apps?


Since before some of you were born....

...downloaded in 1991....

Oh crap I'm old aren't I....

Thunderbird email client is Go for new plumage in July


Re: See me after class

I find it even harder to believe that Outlook is only 4% with the strangle hold that Office and Exchange has over business email!?

**EDIT** Ah AMBxx got there first.

Wow, turns out cloud sales can slow down – eh, Amazon, Google?


Growth Sustainability

It always amazes me how growing less than last year (note not a loss or even no growth, just less of a growth) is seen as a disaster and requires $changes.

What exactly is wrong with continuing to make billions in profit? Guess that's why I'm not making the big bucks!

Artificial pancreas successful in type 2 diabetes tests


Not being Picky but....

I think this is also being rolled out to certain Type 1 patients as well. At least the hospital I attend as an out patient for Type 1 is saying so...

I have been tempted to try the home brew method of this ("looping" with OpenAPS) but having an android phone calculating doses of a drig that can kill me is a step to far for me (probably comes from working in IT!) A lot of people do have great success with it though more info here if anyone is interested https://openaps.org/ (would make a link but i'm in a rush!)

Heata offers free hot water by mounting servers on people's water tanks

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Re: Just how hot do these servers get?

Thanks, learnt something there


Just how hot do these servers get?

I've never really had much to do with this type of tech focussing more on small business IT type stuff but just how hot do these things get if they can get water hot enough to do the washing up and heat your house!?

Icon for obvious reasons....

Patients wrongly told they've got cancer in SMS snafu


Re: Is this common?

I think you're spot on. Quite possibly the only thing saving the person who sent the message their job is that the message didn;t have the patients name on it....

Being one of the 1% sucks if you're a Rackspace user


But not quite yet.

About 4:59pm on the 24th December is looking good at the moment...

Feel Luckey, punk? Oculus designer builds VR murder headset


An area of gaming that has not been ecploelred

Hmm wonder why!?

Kakao CEO quits, South Korea hits emergency button after dire datacenter blaze


Re: A fire at a third-party datacentre - would you be happy to lose your job for that?

I guess it depends on what their options were... If they could have had backup facilities in another location and chose not to (too expensive etc...) then it is his / thier own fault. If on the other hand they couldn't put it anywhere else then it's not really their fault. (I don't know how many data centres are in SK, I would be very surprised if it was just one though).

Datacenter fire takes out South Korea's top two web giants


"Reg readers expect their apps and online services to just work 24/7"

I think Reg readers are among the few who *don't* expect that actually.... Unless I missed the sarcasm...

Hospital giant's IT still poorly a week after suspected ransomware infection


Completely agree...

good luck on the extradition request though..

Lapping the computer room in record time until the inevitable happens


(for that is not is not his name)

... So his name *is* Ben then?!

If you didn't store valuable data, ransomware would become impotent


...(and regularly test)....

Oh look at you with your actual budget..

Wi-Fi hotspots and Windows on Arm broken by Microsoft's latest patches


Re: Testing?

Unless I've misread it (quite possible) I think it's the ability for the PC to turn itself into a WiFi hotspot, not the ability for it to join a WiFi network that is broken.

About half of popular websites tested found vulnerable to account pre-hijacking


Re: Password managers

You kind of can...

Have the same basic password for each site (complexpassword@$% for example) and then add on the website / company to it for each site so for example Registercomplexpassword@$% etc etc).

Then have a dedicated one for your email / bank.

Should protect you from one site being hacked (the same password with your email address won't work on any other site) but is still easy to remember.

Obviously if enough sites get cracked and someone compares all of the passwords associated with a given email then you may be in trouble....

Kaspersky, China Telecom, China Mobile named 'threats to US national security'



Have you looked at ESET? We've been running it for years and it seems to be doint the job (touches wood).

Russia's invasion of Ukraine tears open political rift between cybercriminals


Re: Thick as fucking mince

It kind of depends if they are actually "third party" hackers or "employed by the FSB" hackers....

Enterprise IT finds itself in a war zone – with no script


Want to get out without breaking contract?

Simply change your login landing page (if it's a cloud portal then it is the company you are siging in to that controls that page) into something that shows images of the latest Russian War crime. Then make sure that anyone signing in from Russia has to re authenticate at least weekly.

I'm pretty sure the company will be banned pdq from the customer end and you have done nothing that you could be taken to court for.

US exempts South Korean smartphones from Russia export bans



Samsung phones are (almost) 100% android, which is made by Google... Which is american. That might have something to do with it?

It's entirely possible that the washing machines have US made components in them as well I guess (even the non "smart" ones).

Samsung reveals new smartphones, tablets... and yes. The S22 Ultra is undeniably good


Re: Happy with my S10+

Have you installed the one ui 4 update yet?

I've been holding off as I'm assuming the update will basically knacker the phone / drain the battery faster / have other unwanted impacts... I'd be interested to hear how you got on with it if you've updated though..


Have you tried restarting? Reinstalling? Upgrading? Moving house and changing your identity?


Re: A is for a certain online bank

Maybe they use mailchimp for their mailings. They have a list of addresses that you can;t send to (admin@ sales@ etc...)

No, I've not read the screen. Your software must be rubbish


Re: Simples...

yep, auto format it, that'll learn em :)

IPv6 is built to be better, but that's not the route to success


A fully working DNS...

It's when DNS is not fully working that remembering a few key IP addresses is quite handy...

UK government has 'no clear plan' for replacing ageing legacy IT estate, MPs report


Re: Vulnerable

...and that is of itself one of the problems. The old systems (and i'm not just talking about government here, a lot of businesses have them too) just keep going and going so it's very hard to convince upper management to spend the big bucks to replace them.

In the mean time the cludges and fixes needed to get the old systems talking to newer systems that are also being brought online (and newer user desktops which fail and need replacement much more regularly) get more and more complex and likely to fail. That's where the real weakness usually is.

Foreign Office IT chaos: Shocking testimony reveals poor tech support hindered Afghan evac attempts


Re: "fewer than 5 per cent of these people have received any assistance"

Probably so that they could prove to the squaddie guarding the door to said plane / gate to the airfield where the plane was taking off from that they were one of the people that we thought would be murdered and not some random chancing their luck.

But yes I know what you mean.

Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover protocol found leaking hundreds of thousands of credentials


Probably would if you havn't got the autodiscover domains set up correctly in the DNS records of whoever you get your (external) domain from and in your internal DNS. I would have thought you'd know about that though as nothing would work...

Unable to test every tourist and unable to turn them away, Greece used ML to pick visitors for COVID-19 checks


Keep misssing the same people?

How would it know about people that it didn't select for test and who were actually asymptomatic but had the virus?

Microsoft doles out Office Long Term Servicing Channel for cloud refuseniks


If you're using Exchange 365 then at some point older versions of Windows are going to be cut off.

There are ways around this of course (OWA etc..) but many people like Outlook (well need, nobody likes Outlook).

I suppose there are also security considerations as well if you have a fleet of PCs to look after..

Ransomware-hit law firm secures High Court judgment against unknown criminals


Re: Actually

Would this mean that if port of the information showed that Famous Person A was doing "a bad thing" it would now be illeagal for news papers etc from publishing it? That might be the reason for the case?

Apple's iPhone computer vision has the potential to preserve privacy but also break it completely


Re: Blackberry moment

I think that (and I may well be wrong on this) they are not looking at a photo and making a decision on whether that is child sex abuse or not. I think what they are doing is generating a signature of the photo in a standardised way and then comparing that signature against signatures already made (in the same industry standard way) of known sex abuse images. If the signatures match then that should mean it is the same photo. I don;t *think* this is designd to catch new images just flag up the presence of old already known and flagged ones.

London class-action sueball against Google is a lot like Epic's case except fandroids might win enough for a pint


Re: Vice-like grip

Must admit I was wondering the same thing. You can load an apk from anywhere as long as you change your security settings to allow it? so not sure where they think their case is?

Ordnance Survey to take a poke at Pokémon-style gaming with outdoorsy AR adventure


Re: GEocaching?

Agree geocaching works. unfortunately (near us at any rate) there are only about 4 within the walking distance of a 7 year old. Once we've done those then you're into travelling further and further afield.

Ideally this would be something that you can take on the same walk over and over but give different results to keep young'ens entertained...

A hotline to His Billness? Or a guard having a bit of a giggle?


Hunt Groups

"Back in the '90s," Alessandro told us, "a 'hunt group number' was a special number that grouped a number of phone numbers.""

Pretty sure that's still true in 2021..

Today I shall explain how dual monitors work using the medium of interpretive dance


Re: IT managers were always the most difficult

As an IT manager (also only IT person in the business) I respectfully disagree. Marketing / Sales Managers on the other hand....

Russian gang behind SolarWinds hack returns with phishing attack disguised as mail from US aid agency


Wonderful Suggestion....

"Admins: give your users plaintext email.

Or filter out all links that don't point at local intranet, eg. your sharepoint etc or other whitelisted stuff."

Is a great suggestion and would solve the problem. However the first time a (legitimate) customer sends a link to an urgent order they want to place that is not on a whitelist (their Sharepoint or Google drive for example) and you as the one person who can send it through happens to be off for the day then the stuff really will hit the fan..

Security and useability are always going to be at opposing ends of the see-saw. The trick is getting the blooming thing to balance..

Google employee helped UK government switch from disastrous COVID-19 strategy, according to Dominic Cummings


The roll out side of it is little to do with them.....

Probably why it's going well!

Google and Samsung merge their wearable OSes, tease Fitbit baked into the combo



Should probably have waited a bit longer before dipping my toe in the wearable water before buying a galaxy watch last week! (I would hope the new os gets pushed to newer models but well...)

Microsoft OneDrive for Windows 7 drives off a cliff for business users


Re: TLS 1.2

This sorted it! No idea how long it will stay sorted though....


Re: TLS 1.2

That is odd. We don't use any security software like that (just standard AV - ESET) we do use a cisco firepower but it still didn't work when I brought one of the affected laptops home so bypassed that completely...

It's definitely lit a fire under our windows 10 roll out, part of me wonders if that was the plan!

Take Note: Samsung said to be thinking about killing off Galaxy phablet series

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Re: Well, when I said the 20 would be my last note, I didn't mean this...

Thanks for the tip, that app is really useful.

Is it Iran or Russia's hackers we need to worry about? The Russians, definitely the Russians, says US intelligence


"urging people to rely on local governments, and other trusted sources such as top-tier media, for election news and results"

Finger on the pulse of public opinion I see...

0ops. 1,OOO-plus parking fine refunds ordered after drivers typed 'O' instead of '0'


Re: good grief

Having a format of some sort instead of random letters / numbers does help a bit in avoiding conversations such as:

And what was the number plate of th car that plowed into the group of kittens Sir?


Utilitarian, long-bodied Nokia 5.3 has budget basic specs - but it does cost £150


NFC is useful sometimes


Fairly specific use case though I admit..

Cool IT support drones never look at explosions: Time to resolution for misbehaving mouse? Three seconds


Re: Switching on the "monitor stand"

I've never been employed as first line support but apparently having a technical bent and being in proximity to anything with a power supply immediately makes it my problem...

Indeed, my favorite was being asked to fix the coffee machine "because it has a log in code on it..."

CSI: Xiaomi. Snappy Redmi Note 9 Pro shows every fingerprint, but at least you get bang for your buck



...for some reason I thought the Trump trade embargo was on all Chinese products not just Huawei. No idea why I thought that....

Paris Hilton

!!Stupid Question Alert!!

As both Xiaomi and Huawei are both Chinese how come the Xiaomi has Google Play services?