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HPE court witness subjected to own LinkedIn page


That could be due to recreating their page on moving...

Hey, those warrantless smartphone searches at the US border? Unconstitutional, yeah? Civil-rights warriors ask court to settle this


Re: As a non citizen..Nothing new. Its always been that way. Everywhere

"But I suppose that's what we get when we think it's a great idea to teach our children something about the world... by teachers with guns strapped on in front of a class room"

The reason schools get shot up can be distilled down to two very basic factors

1) Most schools are no-gun-zones. The shooter knows they won't be taken down quickly.

2) The media make heroes out of the shooters by showing their faces and splashing their names around.

What's worse is that law enforcement won't interfere and keep the kids safe. This has happened in a number of places, Parkland being one of the more recent where the Police and FBI knew about the upcoming shooting and didn't take action. Not once, not twice, over 49 times police were given warnings and FBI were begged to intervene. When the event occurred, the police stood outside in safety while allowing the children to be shot. The excuse being that the shooter had a more effective weapon at their disposal.

In this case, as in many others, teachers have stated that had they been allowed to have their legally licensed firearm in the school, the shooter would have been stopped. This has been evidenced in other locations that shooters tried to start up, and isn't it funny how those cases don't make the news. You'd think there's an agenda going on there...


Re: As a non citizen..Nothing new. Its always been that way. Everywhere

Here, the terrorism stats are summarized nicely: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrorism_in_the_United_States

Shootings you need to cross reference multiple FBI reports since the media conflate the numbers significantly. If you want it I'll go root them out (or see if there's a summary), but quite frankly you seem disinterested in facts and figures, so I really don't feel like bothering to appease you.

The simple fact of the matter is, a lone idiot with a gun is a lone idiot with a gun. He targets "no-gun-zones" because he knows on average he'll be taken down fast if he starts shooting up a well armed populace, as happened in Texas and a number of other places that shooters got put down, fast.

The person who believes Allah wishes all unbelievers in the west to die horribly, is far worse for a number of reasons. Biggest being, they use bombs and other incendiary devices that often cause not just death, but multitudes of injuries that cause dismemberment and disfigurement - if you're lucky. If you get shot in the leg, you'll have a limp if the surgery goes badly, and are highly unlikely to lose it. Get blown up in the leg, and you're permanently maimed. Secondly, you try convincing a suicide bomber that he doesn't need to do it when he believes his god wants him to proceed.

You might argue: well, that's just a small minority. It's not representative of the whole nation of 2 Billion. To that I would ask why then, in countries controlled by that particular nation, do they vote in militant governments that put atrocities into law? And they proceed to support these governments.


Re: As a non citizen..Nothing new. Its always been that way. Everywhere


Lets look at the statistical data available to us. I condensed the numeric data using Wikipedia and validated a sample of their resources; since the number matches what the FBI and other federal sources report, I'm comfortable that the number reflects a reasonable level of truth.

Since 2000, there have been over 3200 deaths on American soil due to terrorism with an overwhelming 95% rate by Muslim extremists claiming to do so in the name of Allah. An additional 6656 seriously injured on top of that. More if we add in attacks on embassies and other American businesses, but lets focus on America.

Since 2000, there have been a total of 650 deaths in total for mass shootings in the USA. Add 1063 for injuries; which given that they're gunshot wounds do NOT include blown off legs, arms, etc.

I applaud your fearlessness, but to me those statistics are good enough to make me less scared of an idiot with a gun (who I'll shoot) than a terrorist with a bomb, who doesn't care if they live or die. IMHO.


Re: downvoted for "black Americans"

And here's the fact-based rebuttal of the same SJW-fueled report, which is riddled with poor presumptions:



Re: As a non citizen..Nothing new. Its always been that way. Everywhere

"Black Americans to be shot by police when they are unarmed and walking away"

Much as I despise the corruption in the force, this is simply not true. Yes, there are a minority that are racist and do horrible things. Yes, there are times that an individual oversteps the mark. But NO, this is not the norm. White people are statistically (published statistics) more likely to be shot in a police altercation.

"It is that thinking based upon unsupported bias"

Hmm, well considering the majority of the race has made it clear that they want the end of America, and enjoy evil things (based on how they vote in the countries they own), it's neither unsupported nor bias but reasonable precautions.

"Back to the original racial profiling part, are you more likely to be killed in a violent act in America by a Muslim Terrorist or by another means?"

Statistically? I couldn't care less about school shooters, mass shooters, etc. because they're typically scared little wimps who can't get it up long enough to cause me or mine any problems. I am shit scared of terrorists who believe their god has ordered a Jihad for them to cleanse the earth of all western civilization.


Re: As a non citizen

"The organiser of the congress tried to clarify and apolise"

No, no, no. The organizer should have raised a stink, claiming racism, religion-ism, and found an LGBT spokesperson to speak on how they seemed to also be prejudiced against gay people. Climate in this place right now you probably would have gotten a public apology.


Security guards with big ego

Is pretty much all they are. It's one of the reason their badges are larger than normal. The problem is this causes a massive ego trip on their part.

Taylor drift: Finally, a use for AI emerges? Cyber-smut star films fsck-flick in Tesla with Autopilot, warns: 'I wouldn't recommend it'


Re: Peeks or perks?

I wonder if he's considered a position in the church...

Daddy, are we there yet? How Mrs Gates got Bill to drive the kids to school


Dear Cthulhu save us

Women are not equal to men, and men are not equal to women; that doesn't suggest that one is inferior to the other, or that we need to somehow "equalize" them. This is something that deeply disturbs me, the suggestion that because two things are different, one has to be inferior to the other. If you're paying attention, and read the statistics coming out of the schools and jobs industry, women in STEM fields are starting to overtake men in education, and already earn more than men in those fields when comparing same roles. However a woman that got their degree in lesbian dance theory isn't going to earn as much as a male VP at Microsoft. That just isn't going to happen, and big shock: it's got less to do with equality, and more to do with life and career choice.

As for this bull--it about "unpaid work", what reject kind of parent cries about unpaid work when it comes to rearing children?? You discuss with your partner what the best plan of action is, and you proceed according to your best ability. Any parent griping about their kids being unpaid work should have their children taken away from them.

Ok Google, please ignore this free tax filing code so we can keep on screwing America


Re: Shut them down

Slow down there, Stalin, Mao is getting jealous.


Re: I'm assuming that the USA is where the game is rigged.

Yeah even the "more tax than they should" is still significantly less than EU taxes. By a large margin



I just went to the main site of those listed and the free one was there for the taking, some of them on the home page. Not sure why this is a problem?

Gather round, friends. Listen close. It's time to list the five biggest lies about 5G


Re: Chinese law

It's funny how the pompous writer doesn't get it. In China they are required by law to assist in spying on the west. All companies and private citizens are included in that requirement.

I mean seriously, you can put your head in the sand all you like, facts remain facts either way.

FYI: Yeah, the cops can force your finger onto a suspect's iPhone to see if it unlocks, says judge


The problem though, is that cops over here have the opinion that everyone is guilty of something until proven otherwise, and if they feel you're guilty enough will find evidence of that fact regardless of whether said evidence really existed in the first place.

Now, sjure, not all cops are that way. You get the rare gem that actually takes their job seriously and doesn't overstep the mark. But those are extreme minority and not in any way representative of the group as a whole.


Re: Authentication factors

The only reason is that they cannot get the "something you know" through any other means than you giving it to them. If you're hard headed enough, nobody is getting that password.

This law will change when they figure out how to extract it by force from your head, but until then as long as you have a hard head, it's safe.

IT sales star wins $660k lawsuit against Oracle in Qatar – but can't collect because the Oracle he sued suddenly vanished


Given the sliminess of Oracle Sales Reps in general

I don't have any problem with them getting screwed over here.

Huawei thanks US for 'raising 5G awareness' by banning telecom kit giant's wares


"Show us the evidence."

Does Huawei break the law in it's home country of China? Unless it's an honest yes, there's no way to trust the organization of not implementing spy technology in everything it sells.

Let 15 July forever be known as P-Day: When UK's smut fans started being asked for their age


On the other hand, some 60 per cent thought it was a great idea.

60% of what amount?

Good luck getting people to hand over drivers licenses or other private data to get their tickle on. What an excellent way to provide ID thieves everything they need.


Why Qualcomm won – and why Tim Cook had to eat humble Apple pie


New modems in XS and XR

"Some" issues, "some" complaints? Jesus, I'd hate to see what they call a catastrophe.

US: We'll pull security co-operation if you lot buy from Huawei


REMEMBER this if you're wanting to call out the US as a bully...

In China there is a law which calls on everyone - companies and citizens included - to assist in the spying effort. An analysis of the law states:

"The Intelligence Law… repeatedly obliges individuals, organizations, and institutions to assist Public Security and State Security officials in carrying out a wide array of “intelligence” work. Article Seven stipulates that “any organization or citizen shall support, assist, and cooperate with state intelligence work according to law.”"

(SOURCE: Dr. Murray Scot Tanner, Lawfare)

It is not unusual or even unsurprising that China spies on the west. Certainly, you only need to look at the latest copies of the phones, laptops, or other tech to understand that the law there is somewhat different to the west.

What the US is doing here is making a stand and saying that, no, we won't support you writing a law that requires every citizen to be a spy. We won't buy from your companies that we've caught embedding spy technology into their products. And we will reach out to our allies and request they behave the same.

Starz, meet the Streisand Effect. Cable telly giant apologizes for demented DMCA Twitter takedown spree


You all can screech all you like

Starz won't need to worry, because people you know - perhaps even yourself - will continue watching Starz content. Sure, they may see a dip briefly in their viewership stats, but that's a little ripple in a big ocean.

Lets take a leaf from rabid liberals here in the US: if you really want to teach them, boycott everything they produce AND companies that advertise on their channels. Demand your cable/satellite provider remove Starz from your lineup. If it says it was even related to Starz and it's on a different channel, boycott that channel until they remove it.

As long as there's fibre somewhere along the line, High Court judge reckons it's fine to flog it as 'fibre' broadband


And thus the problem

Judges are intricately familiar with the law - and how it applies to claims. The problem is that, when they are faced with technology, most (being older, more mechanically minded) have no freaking clue what's going on. This decision is correct when it applies to mechanical process, but fiber delivery means something specific in terms of technology: it means you need a certain type of receiver, you can expect a certain quality of connectivity; in general it means your service will be at a level. Now mix in copper, and you don't get "better than copper, but less than fiber", you get copper delivery with all the downsides that it represents. This is the problem that this judge clearly has no clue how to understand, therefore cannot address the case appropriately.

Ex-Mozilla CTO: US border cops demanded I unlock my phone, laptop at SF airport – and I'm an American citizen


"As a matter of policy, CBP can’t comment on pending litigation", A cheap cop-out if I ever heard one.

Here's the bigger picture issue: if this had been an ITAR, SECRET, or TOP SECRET classed device, they would in essence be breaking US law. Never mind the fact that they refused to allow him to legally get the permission to avoid being sued by Apple. I think it's very telling when we see that the request for lawyers got the issue resolved... clearly not a legally sanctioned behavior.

UK taxman plans to, er, Crown Hosting boss. Who'll take £115k to be its champion in HMRC?


Jeez, way to underpay. I think I was earning more in a network manager role a decade back. Pay more and ensure you take someone from the private sector if you want a) something that works and b) something that's cost effective.

Take that, America! Huawei flips Trump & Co the bird after reporting double-digit % rise in sales and profit


Yeah, filled with the government-mandated spy software. No thank you.

Disruption is back, baby! 'We've all taken a dramatic base pay cut' beams boss of Intel's tech cash-injection wing


"We've all taken a dramatic base pay cut," explained Wendell

Right, but in your case (and the executive team I dare say), that pay cut is significantly less impactful than, say, an advisor. This is the problem with these sorts of plans - everyone on board with them tends to be either unaffected, or be in a position to not feel the pain.

UK.gov flushed away £15k defending pupil nationality data slurp – then canned scheme


In these cases, I firmly believe the minister should personally be billed for projects like this that are just canned.

But we hired a consultant, cries UK pensions biz as it swallows £40k fine for 2 million spam emails


@localzuk the amount of laws on the books that have no place in today's society are staggering. You'd be surprised what is and isn't illegal. Just so happens that the stupider ones aren't enforced; that doesn't mean that they're not laws or have been repealed since.


Lots of people get legal advice before doing something. It's embedded in the phrase "legal advice". Businesses get this before firing people, advertising something they're concerned about rights, etc. The problem isn't that they sought advice, doing so is normal, but that advice was faulty.

TV piracy ring walks the plank after Euro cops launch 14 raids and shutter 11 data centres


Re: whack a mole

I don't know what idiot would down vote you, since what you're saying is not only correct, but is the same thing we've all said for decades. Instead of waking up and realizing the market is changing, the law sides with them here despite the fact that they actually have not lost anything. Please go ahead and argue digital rights here if you dare. Netflix, Hulu, etc. are a good example of how reasonably effective you can secure content while not screwing your customer base over.

Instead of competing better, they went to daddy to fix the symptoms; instead of introspectively understanding what went wrong, they covered it up at the public's expense. That is bollocks.

We fought through the crowds to try Oculus's new VR goggles so you don't have to bother (and frankly, you shouldn't)


Re: Been waiting...

"You would be spending 4-8k on the headset and 5-10k on the PC lol"

See this aggravates me to no end. NO, you do not need to spend even 1k on a system that is well capable of VR. You can get the headset, fully capable pc, screen, etc - all under 1350. 1500 if you want a reasonable screen too.

I built my VR rig over three years back with off-the shelf kit . Built a PC for under 700 that is still running current VR games at full resolution. The key is how you spend that cash, not how much.

Super-crook admits he nicked $122m from Facebook, Google by sending staff fake invoices for tech kit


Same question... like seriously, I'd do 9 in a cozy democrat-governed jail for even 10% of that.

Croydon school rolling in toilet roll after Brexit gift deemed unfit for the Queen's Anus Horribilis


Being serious for a moment...

Most of the world has kinda been laughing up its sleeve at the whole Brexit movement.

Meet games-streaming Stadia, yet another thing Google will axe in two years


After the fourth service elimination...

I've stood by as Google shut down service after service, and most recently when they decided to kill inbox - probably the most advanced email client out there for free and paid services alike - I drew the line. I have a few things left to extract, but pretty much have moved away from Google now as an entity for day to day tech needs.

You won't get Huawei with this, America! Chinese giant sues US government over 'unconstitutional' ban


Funny one. Should we start by talking about how the PRC laws around spying, tracking, monitoring of it's own people, let alone the west? How about, oh I don't know, the fact that the US is a sovereign state and can choose who it buys stuff from?