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New old Windows bug emerges, your 'strong' password is anything but, plus plenty more


MX-Linux worth a look.... and I really am a Linux noob.

Install is not as simple as others which simply ask 'Install alongside Windows'... so use something like Partition Wizard (free) to create partition first, presuming yer going for dual-boot.

After that, it's all good.... whack Vivaldi and LibreOffice on it and yer good to go!

If you have a spare HDD to install to, all the better while you suss it out.... use Windows to download and burn to a dvd (I've yet to make a bootable USB that doesn't end up fekd... DVD's work just fine for me!).. unplug all other HDD's and install... have a fiddle with it... then start questioning loyalty to Windows...

I haven't yet left Windows7.. (8 & 10.. pfft!).. but the day is coming

Are you sure you've got a floppy disk stuck in the drive? Or is it 100 lodged in the chassis?


Re: Ex apple genius.....

does this apply if you are naturally cack-handed?

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Re: Ex apple genius.....

Doesn't matter how long it takes.. or how much the guitar cost (eg a Gretsch or Gibson semi-acoustic).. yer gonna shake it till ye get yer plectrum back as if yer life depends on it. Done it.. :-D


Re: Fiscal responsibility.

bet you've dined out on that anecdote a few times....

Children of Wales to be prepped for the vibrant world of work with free Office 365 ProPlus


Re: Libre Office

Speaking it is not stubborn... FORCING it upon those who have no use nor care for a minority language that sounds like the wrong-end-of-a-blow job is left-wing minority fascism.

It makes road-signage a serious problem for a start... no fucker wants to play scrabble at 70mph.

They speak Gaelic in parts of Scotland.. but the authorities don't insist on it... there's a fucking huge difference. They moved on with the rest of the UK rather than stuck in the mindset of being 'special'.. there's nothing unique about Wales or anywhere else.. the only thing that is 'special' about Wales is the low mean IQ..

I am born, bred, and unfortunately residing in this dysfunctional country.


Oriface 365

Just a pity that LibreOffice has yet to get [CTRL]+[R] for 'Fill Right' working in their spreadsheet...

Soon as they do that (why haven't they?).. I can gladly jump the M$ ship

The whole 'ribbon' thing does not work for me... at all..

'It's full of beer!' Miracle fridge reveals itself to pals tuckered out from cleaning flooded cabin


G'n'T x5 is better

Prodigy dancer and vocalist Keith Flint found dead aged 49


Re: At his cremation,

cheap joke at someone else's misery...


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