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Group Test: Wireless music streamers

Mike Prosser

Remote for the Roku....

Although the name of it escapes me right now, there's some free-to-download third party software kicking about that turns any Wi-Fi enabled PDA into a remote for the Roku, and gives you multi-room control if you've got more than one unit. I'd buy one if I wasn't too skint!!

Reg Standards Soviet defines temperature and force

Mike Prosser

@ Steve VanSlyck

"I *STILL* say we should go back to swallows, oceans, and coconuts. There is no need for all this new math! I shall be writing a very firm letter to The Times tomorrow - and I don't even live in the U.K. So there."


Would that be a laden, or unladen swallow?

Pentagon: Chinese military hacked us

Mike Prosser

Re: IPODs or Freedom?

I couldn't agree more, these kind of breaches deserve an appropriate level of response.

Therefore: The next person who phishes my MySpace, expect to see a B52 over your house in the very near future. It is kill or be killed. The clock is ticking.

Mr and Mrs Renault cannot name daughter Megane

Mike Prosser


...we've got a Joe King here at work. He's a very serious man.


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