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INC Ransom claims to be behind 'cyber incident' at UK city council

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Re: The real question

I suspect that most incidents are one of two reasons:

1. The bad guys constantly scan IP addresses looking for insecure kit, if they get a hit on an easy vulnerability (and there have been loads recently)


2. someone opens then wrong email attachment and/or link

and then they are in.

Technology can protect against the first (patch patch patch) , the second is the weakest link

No joke: FTC boss goes on the Daily Show and is told Apple tried to block her

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Re: USA Free Market

Until you print too much money (hyper inflation) or another country tries to replace yours as the "Money Standard", for a long time this has been the US $ but if they ever loose that....then the USA is in deep shit.

TSMC boss says one-trillion transistor GPU is possible by early 2030s

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> but smaller node allows lower power, so going down to 2nm

also no expert but I seem to remember reading that the node size ceased to have much effect on the transistor size some time back as you are starting to hit the minimum number of atoms per gate limit

CEO of UK's National Grid warns of datacenters' thirst for power

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Re: off peak power

> We've all heard of light emitting diodes. Light emitting resistors are quite pretty things too!

But don't let the magic smoke out

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Re: off peak power

>> though it's pretty simple to argue that a system that delays that analysis to overnight wouldn't adversely affect outcomes

Bring back Batch Processing - all is forgiven !

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Re: More energy needed?

> Solar farms are wasteful and pointless

You can still have sheep grazing underneath them

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Re: More energy needed?

> It seems that you're not quite at that stage yet in the UK, so listen to the warning signs and act upon them.

Around here for the last 4 years they have been digging up the roads left , right and centre to lay new distribution cables as all the new housing and business parks have overloaded the infrastructure

BOFH: So you want more boardroom tech that no one knows how to use

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Re: Don't give Microsoft ideas...

> Special K is 2-(2-Chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)cyclohexanone.

I initially misread that as (2-Chernobyl)-.....

Micron bounces back as AI drives up memory prices

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AI Tulips

And when the AI bubble bursts....????

The last mile's at risk in our hostile environment. Let’s go the extra mile to fix it

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Re: "Stop putting cabling in easy to reach, easy to breach ducting"

>> Cables and pipes can be "moled"

As long as the mole keeps in a straight line and there are no unknown services in the way.

Nvidia turns up the AI heat with 1,200W Blackwell GPUs

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>> I added an extra zero onto the end of things, so it is KW, not MW.

Stick a 1000 of these into your AI DC and you will have your MW.

These things are just becoming insane

Developers beware, Microsoft's domain shakeup is coming soon

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Re: WHY?

Remember they need to find simple things they can change in a single "sprint" because, you know Agile and all that.

Anything more complicated like fixing the bugs and flaws in their products just gets kicked into the backlog and left to rot there.

Kremlin accuses America of plotting cyberattack on Russian voting systems

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So which is right?

>> "We never interfered in elections in the United States," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. "And this time, we do not intend to interfere

That sounds more like "we did interfere last time but this time we won't"

UK and US lack regulation to protect space tourists from cosmic ray dangers

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Water is the best shield, hence the idea that long duration missions should have stuff like water and food reserves spaced around the exterior walls of the craft (inside obviously!)

Justice Dept reportedly starts criminal probe into Boeing door bolt incident

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Re: And another one today

One reason you should always leave your seatbelt on in flight unless you really have to leave your seat

Intern with superuser access 'promoted' himself to CEO

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Re: April Fools!

>> April Fools!

One hopes that the March numbers were a bit better !

HP print rental service seeks more users to become subscription addicts

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Re: A fool and his money

>> If they try an above-inflation price rise, then the contract is void

I think that is wishful thinking...this is not an OFCOM regulated product like phone contracts

Watchdog calls for more plugs, less monopoly in EV charging network

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Re: It is still not as simple as pulling up in a forecourt and filling up a tank

>> used to 80TWh less than 2005 in fact. That enough for more than 40 million EVs.

Problem is that they have been shutting down the older Nuclear and just about all the coal power stations, so that capacity has shrunk to match

Copilot pane as annoying as Clippy may pop up in Windows 11

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Re: Can someone please tell them to stop?

> W11 for half a year now, and it's fine(tm)... You can configure it to remove most of the idiot things

But that is the problem for any version after Windows 7 - you have to thrash it to within an inch of its life to make it palatable /usable - AND YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DO THIS!!

Micron New York mega fab faces an environmental exam

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Re: "Think of the frogs"

In the UK it would be the Great Crested Newt that stops the plan in its tracks

Change Healthcare attack latest: ALPHV bags $22M in Bitcoin amid affiliate drama

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> $22 million will buy Putin plenty more bombs and missiles to use against the Ukraine

That is assuming they can change it into equiv $$$ or find someone who takes bitcoin in payment...

Incoming wave of AI is making buying PCs riskier for businesses

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Re: Nobody needs to buy an AI PC

>> people are going to wait longer in between upgrades

I think this is mainly aimed at Corporate users who lease laptops on a 3 or 4 year cycle

It's that most wonderful time of the year when tech cannot handle the date

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Re: First they came for the leap seconds, then they came for the leap days...

> Earth does not rotate around its own axis a whole number of times in the time it takes to complete a full turn around the Sun.

So we either need to push the earth closer or further away to shorten (fixed 365) and lengthen (366) the number of days it takes to get around the sun

As the planet is getting warmer I suggest we push it out.

And there is another variable - the moon is gradually slowing the spin of the earth down just for good measure

City council megaproject to spend millions for manual work Oracle system was meant to do

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> where are the job adverts for all this extra work that's needed?

It will all be agency staff

If we plug this in without telling anyone, nobody will know we caused the outage

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Re: The sure fire 10p investment...

> Royal Canadian Mint stopped producing and distributing pennies in Canada as of February 4, 2013 due to rising costs relative to face value

Same happened to the UK half penny (decimal), amazed our 1p has not gone yet

Microsoft adds more AI to Photos in Windows 10 and 11

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Re: Paint Cocreator requires a Microsoft account

> convert your local accounts to an MS one

Not seeing that but maybe its because I use Open Shell to give me a classic win7 desktop and/or ShutUp10 gagging it

Some Intel Core chips keep crashing, game devs complain

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> The solution to this issue tho is pretty easy

Get the power consumption down, then you need a less beefy power supply.....I mean...4kW peak loads...sheesh....

Crowning glory of GOV.UK websites updated, sparking frontend upgrades

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Re: If they *really* want to improve the experience....

The website is just a front end to a printer in an office that prints out a change form

Vietnam to collect biometrics - even DNA - for new ID cards

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The QR code will be tattooed in an appropriate place when you come of age

British businesses told: Compliance with EU AI law will satisfy UK guidance

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Re: Hold your horses!

> it's cheaper just for UK businesses just to follow the higher standard (whoever has it, although given the direction of travel it's probably the EU)

Also known as the Brussels effect

Dell staff not alone in being squeezed to reduce remote work

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> the freight loads itself

Have an upvote just for this!

Worried about the impending demise of Windows 10? Google wants you to give ChromeOS Flex a try

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Re: Gluts can be good

The big corporations will lease them anyway with a 3 year replacement cycle

Cybercriminals are stealing iOS users' face scans to break into mobile banking accounts

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Re: Facial recognition

> Apple are stupid (IMHO) for dropping TouchID on their phones apart from the SE model.

Which is why that model will eventually replace my iPhone7 one day

Moving to Windows 11 is so easy! You just need to buy a PC that supports it!

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Re: cool beans!

> Mine goes from powered off to Windows login screen in roughly 1 minute

Thats because windows 10 + by default don't shutdown when you ask them, they go into hibernation. That 1 minute is the time it takes windows to reload itself from where it left off when you did "shutdown"

At work they have disabled that so that the laptops etc really DO shutdown

If you want to find out how long it really takes do a restart

Bumblebee malware wakes from hibernation, forgets what year it is, attacks with macros

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>Or just spoofing their address?

My thought exactly, most spam that makes it through at home has spoofed addresses

Southern Water cyberattack expected to hit hundreds of thousands of customers

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Re: National insurance numbers?

Employees?? My NI number is on my payslip, so how else would they pay them?

Angry mob trashes and sets fire to Waymo self-driving car

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Re: A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a thing that doesn't know it exists.

> If all the cars were robots then they could tell each other what they are about to do before they do it

And there is one problem, each group is developing **their system** which does not talk to cars with another system in the hope of becoming the dominant group - if they are going to allow these vehicles on the road then it should be law that they talk to each other at the very least.

AI PC hype bubble swells, but software support lags marketing

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Re: Who are they?

> They're anyone who can read the news, regurgitate it and persuade someone to pay good money for the result.

Is that not what AI does? regurgitate from the data sets based on the question?

In that case theirs will be the first jobs to go !

Leaked memo: Microsoft employees should be using Copilot too

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> regurgitates an irrelevant "solution" ?

Like scandisk /f /r ????

US starts 'emergency' checks on cryptocurrency power use, citing winter power demands

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Re: Here we go again...

> Load-shedding is already a thing. It has been a thing since forever.

Totally agree, I can remember days back in the 1980's where the company I worked for at the time was offered incentives to reduce power on "bad" days, they basically ran the standby generators in parallel with the grid and stopped whatever they could (including production areas) to get the power demand down to as close as zero as possible.

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> LV distribution system (Underground/overhead cables and transformers etc.) are going to become the issue

Hence why they are forever digging up the roads around my town (and probably everywhere else) putting in new conduits/cables for local power distribution.

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Re: Crazy power consumption

> So why hasn't consumption come down substantially?

More people, more stuff to power

FBI confirms it issued remote kill command to blow out Volt Typhoon's botnet

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Re: Explain again to me

> (IDE) and we were quoted over £500 for a replacement. ............like unicorn droppings (very rare and hard to find)

I have a box of IDE disks (some well used!) , nice to know they are gaining in value!

OpenAI's GPT-4 finally meets its match: Scots Gaelic smashes safety guardrails

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Re: Back in the day

> At least three of HM Battle Cruisers blew up in large

I though it was due to bypassing all the baffles and interlocks that stopped an explosion in the turret flashing down to the magazine - all in the race for a faster firing rate.

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Re: But ... I thought computers didn't do Scottish

> pretty much everyone who says "down South"

South of the M4, everything else is Up North

X hiring 100 content cops in bid to tame Wild West of online safety

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Re: X

Struggling to decide if I should upvote or downvote the post

Akira ransomware gang says it stole passport scans from Lush in 110 GB data heist

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Re: There we go again - Passport scans are routinely collected

> Problem with filing cabinets is that they have security issues of their own

Easily solved by a basement, no stairs or lightbulbs, and a leopard

Energy breakthrough needed to build AGI, says OpenAI boss Altman

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Re: Doctor heal thyself

Infinity is where the universe says "You got it wrong"

The 'nothing-happened' Y2K bug – how the IT industry worked overtime to save world's computers

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Re: Fudge time!

> (Clipper anyone?)

Oh yes, I remember that well...many an unofficial database got created using that!

Microsoft touts migration to Windows 11 as painless, though wallets may disagree

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Re: Why?

> So far i've managed to stick to Win7

Same here, where 10 is really needed I have a couple of VM's ready for when I need it. And 10 is beaten to within an inch of its life to make it usable.

Just give me the Windows 7 aero desktop - not much to ask!