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Electric cars can't cut UK carbon emissions while only the wealthy can afford to own one


Whatever we do on our tiny island with only 0.88% of the worlds population is not going to do squat for the environment absolutely nothing (but its good for government taxes). Until China, India the US etc are on board keep buying combustion.

Age checks for online pr0n? I've never heard of it but it sounds like a good idea – survey


working in infosec and being the registered DPO for a number of companies it is going to be so much fun going after the AV companies, the biggest of which is owned by Mindgeek who own pornhub and it has been compromised more than just a couple of times and will actually be the UK's official AV.

One giant fluster cuck

Accused hacker Lauri Love loses legal bid to reclaim seized IT gear


Hmmm the chain of custody seems to have broken down somewhere, total agreement that nothing at anytime should be powered on once in custody, or turned off during or after a raid until examined. A disk should not even be placed in a caddy for general read purposes, it should be copied at bit level on a duplicator to an exact copy of the disk it is coming from and if known the same firmware.

The mention of TrueCrypt means nothing, we now it was broken by a US agency which is why many branches of the software where created, so someone in the NCA who work with GCHQ could easily have accessed a disk. Encryption kicking in half way through copy, highly unlikely unless custom firmware was written in which case why is he not being groomed into a government role if they keep saying they are low on talent.


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