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India makes a play to source rare earths – systematic scrapping of its old cars


Re: They need to learn from "cash for clunkers" in the US

The UK was in Afghanistan for almost 15 of those years too. Don't dump it all on the US.


What the fcuk is wrong with you ? You think your Hinduphobic bigotry is a joke ? A coward's exactly what you are.

India's return to space fails after first locally built cryogenic engine experiences 'anomaly'


Ah absolute dollar GDP per capita.

You must be that white guy I saw in Bangalore stridently haranguing the barber saying a haircut cost GBP10 in UK and that's what he was going to pay - in converted rupees. And then went and paid for his chicken curry paying the same price he pays at Nandos - converted to Rupees. And the autorickshaw guy the... yup, you got it.

Absolute dollar GDP per capita is a completely useless construct in India. It just makes you look like you have never heard of purchasing power.

The UK absolute and PPP GDPs are percents apart. Indian ones are like 5-10x apart depending on whether you're looking at what the World Bank says or what your actual daily expenses are like for an average visitor or resident.


Re: Waste of whose money?

As of last week, India's foreign exchange reserves were, hmm $620 billion . 4th largest behind China, Japan and Switzerland, a long way ahead of UK:


About $220 billion of that is US treasuries. Probably $50-75 billion in BoE treasuries last I checked. In other words, India currently loans the UK more money than all the aid ever sent since independence.

I first got on the internet in the late 90s in school. The British press used to talk about 'aid to India' then. Still faithfully uses it as a rhetorical construct.

How about the British aid to China though ? They desperately need money to graduate from bicycles. Read all about it in the Daily Mail.


Re: apparently needed more on the ground testing before putting an expensive payload on it

Insufficient testing ? But then as usual, the author has a very poor command of the facts.

This isn't a new engine just put to use - it's been in use for a decade now, and is the first failure of the engine in about 9 years.

India used up all the Russian supplied engines by the early 2010s. It has been using CE-7.5 since 2013, and it hasn't had a failure since its first development flight, until now. The Russians haven't been in the picture since Obama's first term.

This is the older GSLV Mk 2. Most of the development rupees are going into developing the LOX/kerosene engine for the Mk 3 .

India changes tack and tenders for public-private partnerships to complete national broadband rollout


Re: Teletext

So bringing broadband to every village is all about censorship. As opposed to them not having access to the internet at all to begin with ?

Reserve Bank of India warns against Big Tech's potential to dominate financial services


Re: You do know it isn’t the Royal Bank of India, right?

The writer has no idea what she's talking about. She doesn't know the name of the entity she's talking about. It takes a lot of fluff to convert a dry RBI FSR into a purported "Royal" Bank of India says big tech is out to screw India claim.

She writes about the RTP system in India without mentioning anything - convenient because it would wreck the story if she did.

Summary of the whole article:

* Get the name of the central bank wrong.

* Cherrypick one paragraph within hundreds inside a regular FSR.

* Quote BIS and talk about Amazon, Google etc and not mention what they all run on in India.

* Wave hands around about China doing something else.

How the hell does someone talk about the RBI talking about the real time payments system in India and neither get the name of RBI right nor mention either of the major payments systems, or for that matter who runs them ?

Goes off the rails is putting it mildly.


Re: You do know it isn’t the Royal Bank of India, right?

And that's what happens when you show up late and don't get the joke.


Re: You do know it isn’t the Royal Bank of India, right?

The author sounds more than a little nuts when she goes off the rails in the very first sentence.

Evidence planted on laptops of jailed Indian activists, says forensics firm Arsenal Consulting


So to summarize:

1. The Indian government supposedly hacked activists' laptops 2 years BEFORE a riot they knew would occur, and planted the right evidence to incriminate them activists.

2. Arse-anal somehow manages to get all information off computers that have since been wiped clean and reinstalled with Windows, including evidence that's now in federal custody, i.e. everything in the report is actually verifiable reality... somehow.

3. The Indian government is bad because a plot to assassinate a national leader was handled by a central intelligence agency and not by the state government, or ideally not by anyone at all.

4. Somehow a US based entity claiming to have a lot of detailed access to electronic gear associated with political activists in another country is totally ok, but hey if if was US politics and Russian or Chinese or even Indian agencies, that's also totally ok right ?

5. Indian government is also bad because it doesn't let Twitter have the protection of Section 230, a US law. In India. And any other US laws that Twitter things it desires other countries respect. Unless it's not following that law itself.

Cool story bro.

India to open-source its Co-WIN national vaccination booking platform


Re: Does TheReg have an Anti-India bias?

British news is consistent in this regard, and author's been a twat for a long time. I mean, who describes a character as "Doctor <insert name>" ? What's wrong with the universal Dr ? Worried that people wouldn't get the cool joke about how "Simon" doesn't think the man's a "doctor" ? Yeah, maybe you should have also put it in quotes in bold letters with rainbow colors, too.

This is a tech site, but it doesn't mention what CoWin is, or where to find it, because the author can't be depended upon to do his job description. It's here:



As the dashboard says, there are 340 million odd jabs done to date, and over 350 million have registered on the portal. 120 million vaccinations were done in June, with about 160 million likely in July.

The process for registration is you enter your mobile #, get an OTP, use that to authenticate in and log in with your national ID (Aadhaar). Then you book a spot at one of the local centers and go get your jab. The certificate is uploaded for you automatically, registered against your national ID. You can link it to your passport # too, for travel.

One of the weaknesses of this is lack of push notifications, since the government doesn't want to pass analytics through IIOS/Android ecosystems and wants its own national notification backhaul - a project in development. However, CoWin has opened up the APIs that let developers implement push notifications, and there already exists popular push options for Telegram (and I think Signal). Lots of people used that to get notified.

There's the question of how to do this for those outside the digital divide. India has 1.5 billion registered SIMs in use: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_number_of_mobile_phones_in_use. Of these, nearly 800 million are unique users, out of an adult population of 900m (the size of the electorate in the last general election). Over 550 million have smartphones. It's fair to say they have most of the adult population covered - at least near universal coverage of urban areas that are the most likely places for transmission.

You won't get this from Simon though, even though he's supposed to be a "Journalist".

India seeks ban on e-commerce sites discounting own-brand goods


The UN sends a letter to India and posts it online too ? Where are the copies of all the letter they've sent to NSA, the Russians, Chinese and all other TLA entities ? Would make for interesting reading.

India acknowledges its vaccination-booking API excludes millions


Re: Caste in Silicon.

When I was in London I had the same problem. The bellhop explained that he only carries luggage and would not take my laundry to have it cleaned.

Interestingly, engineers, drivers and tea vendors aren't castes.

The imaginary story about the lead Brahmin and the non-Brahmin sidekicks sounds great when shared between two white people but literally makes no sense to an Indian.

I mean, you CAN make up a compelling caste-based stories, but the first test is that it needs to sound credible to a local.

India has 550 million smartphones in use. There are 900 million adults, of whom 130 million are over 60. That's 550/770 million people who can actually use the site. Yes they could do better, and they're fixing it, but it's not all quite evil wicked Brahmins out to screw everyone else.

Not that you'd ever be able to guess but I'm a Dalit.

Prince Philip, inadvertent father of the Computer Misuse Act, dies aged 99


Good riddance.

The racist old bat finally kicked the bucket.

India boosts space program budget by 46 percent


Re: UK aid budget should go to other nations

I first saw this ‘UK aid to India’ meme in the 1990s. Pretty much any time India does something significant, there’s a kerfluffle “how dare they do that with OUR money ?” The consistency of this Pavlovian response is very interesting.

India’s current foreign exchange reserves are around $580-590 billion, after China, Japan, Switzerland and regularly trading the #4 spot with Russia. $225 billion is in US treasuries as their own data shows. About $50 billion in BOE debt.

In other words India currently lends the US and UK more than all the ‘aid’ ever received by India... ever.

This whining is so out of touch with reality, but hey if someone’s going to hand me money and then complain like clockwork that they just handed me money, I’m not going to care.

Prime suspect: Amazon India apologises for offensive scenes in political thriller


Re: Bad news

Autocracy eh ? Let’s see your own home:


Fawlty Towers

The Mighty Boosh

The League of Gentlemen

Bo Selecta

Little Britain

They were racist, you say ? Homophobic ? Transphobic ? How terrible indeed. Tsk tsk.

Very well, India determines what constitutes red lines for shows want to air in India and make money out of a vast market. Broadcasters either comply or can leave. The terms are exactly the same as in UK.

When youre done returning from your imaginary parallel universe where you permit “free speech” with absolutely no filters whatsoever, with absolutely no something-phobic as a basis, we’ll talk. Until then your precious pearl clutching about authoritarianism isn’t worth a paisa .

India's demand to identify people on chat apps will 'break end-to-end encryption', say digital rights warriors


Re: Hmmm...

Can’t you read ? The very first line says ‘after a 3 year review process’.

Since you know nothing about the farm bills either:


They’re the creation of a 20 year long consultation and experimental process led by none other than the legendary MS Swaminathan .

If you don’t know who that is, seriously just stop talking about Indian agriculture.

tl;dr: a cursory familiarity with the news is a dangerous thing.

India splashes cash to lure telecoms and network kit-makers in need of manufacturing muscle


Re: Enough money already?

British ‘foreign aid’ to India is a joke I’ve been reading for 25 years now. Pretty much every time somethig major happens in India, the British press and commenters respond “oh my goodness is that what THEY are doing with OUR money ??” A very predictable Pavlovian response.

Indian foreign exchange reserves are nearly $600 billion - either the 4th or 5th largest on the planet any given week:


Approximately $220 billion in US treasuries:


About $50 billion in GBP, ie India currently lends more to UK than all aid ever cumulatively received by India from UK.

Meanwhile British ‘aid’ was $100 million last year, about 0.003% of GDP. Money well spent on outraging yourselves like clockwork every year I guess.

Amazon to build its own consumer hardware in India, starting with Fire TV sticks


You’re busy beating up your own straw man entirely unrelated to the original response I made .The original contention was straightforward- “Ayurveda is quackery” . None of what you said has anything to do with it.

What you’re doing is arguing that the only form of medicine is modern medicine. That’s untrue and all those websites prove you wrong.

Your entire argument is about the fact that Ayurveda - and you can apply that same standard to every other system of traditional medicine - does not follow the statistical basis of modern medicine. Well no shit , it’s traditional medicine.

More fundamentally it is still medicine - if it was quackery then NIH, NHS, ICMR, JHU, Mayo Clinic and wouldn’t be listing it with information on how to utilize it. If they were offering informative data on quackery they’d have pages on ‘radium water’ too.


Let me define quackery for you, since you're dancing around it, off Brittanica.com

Quackery: the characteristic practice of quacks or charlatans, who pretend to knowledge and skill that they do not possess, particularly in medicine.

In other words, Cancer Research UK explicitly lists something that the original commentator asserts is quackery. Therefore, if he is true, Cancer Research UK explicitly is ok with listing information about practices that allegedly constitute quackery.

The reality is that the other commenter is dead wrong. He quoted wikipedia, which got its facts wrong. He didn't even read the linked IMA document, which if he did, he did not understand.

Ayurveda, like Chinese Traditional Medicine, is an alternative traditional medicine system that's been around for a few millenia. Its uses and constraints are well known within India, and it is incredibly popular. Passing it off as quackery because one can't be bothered to read the very material they quote is dumb.


Ah Wikipedia! You should read what the IMA link from there actually says:


It says quacks practice various medical activities, including Ayurveda. Did you have trouble with understanding that ? Still going to insist the actual field is quackery ? Fine.

The NIH supports quackery:


And John Hopkins:


So does the NHS:


And Cancer Research UK


Tsk tsk. Got your task cut out for you to convince them otherwise. Use wikipedia. That'll help you.

India on track for crewed space mission, says first test flight to launch in late 2021


Re: Caste

The President of India is a so called ‘untouchable’. So were two of his predecessors . The Prime Minister is a ‘backward caste’ . The chief architect of the Indian constitution was a Columbia and LSE educated ‘untouchable’ whose education was funded by the upper caste raja of his state . I am an ‘untouchable’ .

Stop trying to sound like YOU know anything about caste .

Women are 40% of Indian STEM grads and in just 14% of tech jobs. Not good enough, says VP Naidu


There isn't any 'government target' - there's no reservation in the private sector.


Indian enrollment in IT related engineering streams (>45%, on par with what I've seen in university) vastly outstrips UK (<20%) and US (just over 20%). Even heavy engineering/manufacturing/construction has almost 30% women enrolled vs 20% in UK and under 20% in US. In India, becoming an engineer is a coveted educational goal, for women as much as for men.

If you want to make an argument about composition, then find the data for it.


It’s not clear where the VPs stats come from, but:


Women in Tech: India Leads the Way

“Women now make up 34% of the IT workforce in India, with the majority of these workers under the age of 30. Indeed, the youth of the Indian IT labor force has significantly powered its rapid growth, and the country is now almost at 50:50 gender parity rate in STEM graduates. The next challenge is retaining gender diversity through into middle management and leadership roles. Given Indian government policies, NASSCOM initiatives and some of the inspiring work undertaken by the IT service companies themselves, it will be interesting to see if they can replicate this success at graduate level to maintain gender parity“

This is much closer to what I see. In university level, women are commonplace in STEM, particularly in ‘clean engineering’ fields - electronics, computers etc vs mechanical or mining. 30-40% sounds about right, not 14% , but the number does dip when you go out of IT because there are fewer women grads in heavy engineering fields.

There’s no cultural opposition to women studying STEM, quite the reverse - it is very highly sought after, and humanities grads are seen universally as the ones who didn’t do well in school.

The government enterprises are pretty popular haunts for women since the benefits enable them to balance work and family life better. There are women in engineering leadership roles such as

Tessy Thomas : head of the Agni 4 and 5 ICBM design team at DRDO

Ritu Karidhal: deputy director of the Mars Orbiter Mission program, which was the first time a country succeeded in getting to Mars on its first attempt.


It’s better to just report news instead of trying to opine on constitutional politics you don’t understand. The Vice President of India is an elected position and the person heads the upper House of Parliament. The VP has a very important role in determining how well legislations get through both Houses of Parliament.

The upper house in India looks nothing like the British one and instead resembles the US Senate or German Bundesrat, in that it reflects the states’ presence in a federal republican setup vs a constitutional unitary monarchy where the upper house are a bunch of life peers and appointees.

Indian telco that won Google and Facebook investments flatly denies it’s diversified into farming


It’s not farmers protesting. It’s the middlemen in two states of north India - mainly Punjab. The state has a very top heavy farm procurement system where middlemen outnumber farmers 10:1 , and a rigid fixed price procurement system generates a $2 billion cut to these middlemen every year.

The reforms end the monopoly of this system, allowing farmers to sell to whoever they desire. The protesters are making no headway. They decided to attack Jios cell towers because they heard some other arm of Reliance may be among the businesses buy from farmers. They also claimed the government is using 5G brain altering signals to force the farmers.

iPhone factory workers riot over unpaid wages in India


Re: As of December 2020 Apple has a market cap of $2.081 T

99% eh ? That one percent would be 13 million people. Now let’s look at reality:

The iPhone 11 and SE sold 8 million units just in Q3 - right in the middle of the pandemic. It outsold the popular Samsung Galaxy A51, which sold just 11 million units in the past year. The Xiaomi models sell another 50 million or so a year. Given the massive increase in Q4 consumer goods sales due to a strong Hindu festival season for sales, they’ll probably ship >10m units for his quarter.

There are 500 MILLION smartphones in use in India. 2019 saw 150 million smartphones sold. There are about 830 million unique cellphone users, which is almost exactly the same number as the total electorate of the 2019 General Election. This means almost every adult has a cellphone. There are 1.5 billion cellphone numbers due to many having multiple phones or dual sim phones.

There’s no godly reason for any cellphone to cost over $750-800 at the absolute most. The iPhone 11 bucked the trend of progressively absurd selling prices and therefore was a big hit in India, where it accounts for >70% of the ultra premium segment. Android phones in the $400-750 range constitute the overwhelming majority of the Indian premium market.

Why would you want to spend >$1000 on a phone and then blame Indians - tens of millions of whom are easily in a position to buy an iPhone but won’t - of being poor ? A major market being a price deflator is a good thing for the world - it compels Apple to either sit out or choose to make compelling phones in the sub $750 range to win over that market.

For a long time Apple chose to sit out of India while it’s minimum selling price rose to an absurd $999 for the X . It’s now reversed course and has better options in the 500-750 range. It opened its first Apple Store in India in. September. This is a good thing for everyone - including stockholders.

India to spend up big on submarine cable to sparsely-populated but strategically-placed remote island group


What’s the point of relating the cost against a single years budget when the linked announcement itself says right at the beginning that it’s the estimated implementation plus five year operational cost ? Guess it’s easier to use dodgy math to work up an outrage, hoping no one notices the mendacity.

New twist in H-1B saga as US Senate moves to abolish per-country visa caps


Re: H1-B's by Country

More like $8500 in PPP terms. You think PPP doesn’t matter ? On the contrary it’s what really matters if you want to measure individual purchasing power. Indians play the local cost of goods and services. They don’t pay the GBP price translated into Rupees, which is what the absolute per capital figure implies.

If that were the case the ensure tech wage arbitrage would not exist because a unit of work pays exactly the same sum as expressed in any currency. That’s not been remotely true. You can easily feed a small family in India for less than the GBP cost of one persons meal and drink at Nandos, while still getting an equally filling meal at a decent place.


Re: H1-B's by Country

Eye opening ? All your post says is that you use antiquated terms like ‘third world’ thirty years after the Cold War.

And oh you might want to check that list for that other third world country the UK, which has less than 28% female applicants. Did you stop beating your wife yet ?

Anyone working in tech in Silicon Valley will tell you women are very rare in tech roles - the kind that actually involve H1 filings . If you run into one, they’re overwhelmingly Indian or Chinese women. White / Hispanic are very few and black women are nonexistent in tech. Go over to sales or HR and it’s mostly women. It’s the same in any big company, even the top ones - Google, Apple, FB, you name it.

India seeks chipset manufacturers to make its local GPS alternative fly further into the market


That is the fault of the article - it does not cover the topic in much detail beyond this narrow piece of news and doesn't convey the extent of policy initiatives that have been publicized. They are using both carrots and sticks here. It's been mentioned that phones sold after a certain point of time must support NavIC or the manufacturer risks being denied permission to sell, but they also want to encourage manufacture of chipsets locally.


Re: Anglo-Indian cooperation?

Right now the government seems primarily focused on increasing NavIC adoption rather than spending on widening coverage area. The latest Qualcomm and Realtek SoCs support it. ISRO already has spectrum approval for a 24-satellite Global Indian Navigation System constellation, but has not yet funded it.

The Indian government has never showed any interest in codeveloping this system. As with many Indian dual use technologies, they developed this after being denied access to GPS in wartime. Adding someone else and their motives is just trouble. They already have the technology, the manufacturing prowess and the launch systems, and it’s just a question of future budget allocation. The whole system so far cost just over $300 million. They could get a full global system running for $2 billion.

China 'firmly opposes' India's new round of app bans, says it has violated trade laws


How do you say irony in Mandarin ?

So much verbal diarrhea from the country that bans Google , Facebook and dozens of English websites. And any pictures of Winnie the Pooh for good measure . Dangerous seditious cartoon bears those . Could corrupt tender Chinese youth .

India takes aim at Alibaba with new round of Chinese app bans


You’re not showing any ability to think or read based on that comment. For one, your political estimations are laughable . For another, these actions are driven by privacy and the desire to block apps while fostering local equivalents for payment processing, B2B and B2C , all of which are growing well .

India has 1.3 billion people. They bought 3.4m PCs in Q3


Re: Economics matter

An impressive effort at dumping your Google search result without bothering to read the post you're responding to or to understand what the post contains. At least you learned cut and paste. Well done.


Re: Economics matter

It's not a question of late adoption. India is an early adopter of tech as an economic sector, first having established itself during the Y2K preparatory work a generation ago. *Despite* PC sales / penetration in India being what it is, the country has been able to build such a large economic sector.

India is different from the rest of developing Asia/Africa in that it has an enormous IT/BPO services industry in absolute terms, built over 25 years. This sector generates over $200 billion in exports each year. Covid has hardly affected it, with YTD exports just -5% vs prior year. There isn't another developing country with a workforce and entrenched scale that compares.

"I've described these in great detail to the Indian fraud shops who ring me to let me know that 'My PC is slowing down the internet' and I need to pay lots of money to get it 'fixed'"

Yeah I get it. The only thing you ever think about with India and IT is a collection of stereotypes and anecdotes about what annoy you. The apathy is mutual.


Re: Economics matter

Higher taxes on an assembled finished item with a significant import content is a good thing - especially when there's a parallel government initiative that offers tax incentives to the manufacturers of those components to instead manufacture in India.

This is the same as the duty structure on cars - the greater the local manufacturing fraction, the lesser the overall tax impact. Fully assembled cars continue to be heavily taxed, with SKD and CKDs being subjected to lesser taxes.

I daresay access to education in IT isn't exactly something India has a crying shortage of . The Indian IT worker is ubiquitous and a very common target of western malignment. Last year India had services/IT exports of $220 billion. That's about half of what our entire GDP used to be twenty years ago.

This article would actually be meaningful if it discussed real technical and economic background here instead of saying A buys more than B, with non further context at all. Either the author knows nothing about the topic or is simply trolling. Either way it doesn't look good for him.


Economics matter

The authors reporting is shallow. There are two major factors here:

- PC sales in India reflect the level of disposable income with respect to purchase cost. India has 1.2 billion cellphone subscribers, with approximately 750 million unique users. Thus almost every adult has a cellphone now. There are 500 million smartphones in use. This means income levels support universal basic cellphone adoption and 40% can do low to mid range smartphones. PCs are still multiples of this and incremental value add is not established.

- The high PC price is partly taxes. The government is pushing for local manufacture. It is better economic sense to foster consumption driven by a domestic base, rather than serially import from China. This effectively does not apply to UK because wage levels don’t justify it. Given this, it is no surprise the author doesn’t consider this - it is standard cognitive dissonance to apply western economic imperative anywhere else too.

India racks up seven hundred millionth broadband user, with only 20 million tied to wires


Re: Mukesh Monopoly Much?

You'rre clearly trying hard to virtue signal your distaste, but failing. Be more clear about which of the two entities you dislike, and why.

India to build home-grown supercomputers, from the motherboards up


If you think the goal of the Atmanirbhar Bharat is autarky, you are clearly very misinformed about Indian economic news.

India flies Mach 6 scramjet for 20 whole seconds


Re: Amazing.

British 'aid' to doesn't go into sanitation. It feeds British influence. You can't actually 'pay money into sanitation' as a foreign entity other than an international agency like WB - the funding process needs stability and is budgeted ahead of time under the budgetary overview of CAG, not at the annual whim of some bloke in London. You can't just walk up and write a cheque 'towards 10 toilets' or something ridiculous like that.

All recent gains are planned and budgeted spending. In the past 5 years India has

* increased coverage of access to toilets from under 40% to near universal coverage: https://sbm.gov.in/sbmReport/home.aspx

* electrified essentially every last village in India:


The government's current goal is universal piped water access by 2024, a project that was started with ~18% coverage last year, and is now at 28%:


People wonder why a so called right wing demagogue is so popular in India, winning back to back majorities in a manner not seen in over 40 years. That's because he isn't a right wing demagogue but a social democrat who's been spending tens of billions of the budget each year to ensure the poor have access to every basic need. That's why he's continuously retained an approval rating at or above 70% for 6 years now.


Re: "Pakistan hasn't been a threat since 1971"

For the same reason India doesn't invade Pakistan - we don't want to deal with 200 million people who are poorer and nothing but trouble.

Thank God for partition.


Oh, you can 'attest' eh ? How exactly do you accomplish this awesome feat ? Stand around with a clipboard and pen to note the relative distress of the victims on a checklist and offer a detailed comparison ?

Mind you, I'm not diminishing the crime. I'm mocking your laughable pretensions of grandeur - "Oh I've been to India and I've the self styled right to issue certificates now". Hahaha.

For 400 years, westerners have been making up fantastic stories from their travels. The modern day version of tales of sea monsters and hydra headed serpents, to be fed to their gullible brethren who are only too willing to believe you just because you share the same color of skin.


Re: Amazing.

"Huge amounts of money to help with basic sanitation" ?

Ah the same regurgitated tabloid whine, going strong 25 years later. Let's pretend youre right. What does it tell you about the competence of your own government if they've been throwing money away like this ?

India holds hard currency reserves of nearly $550 billion, of which about $170 billion is US treasuries, perhaps $50 billion in UK debt. In other words, India currently holds more western debt in the form of its currency reserves than all the 'aid' ever sent to India.


The "caste system and untouchables" ?

Most British and westerners in general simply do not understand this.

* Most 'caste conflicts' are not between 'high' and 'low' - it's between 'low' and 'lower' competing for a limited economic gain.

* Almost all caste barriers are fundamentally economic ones now - those who are clearly competent are going to make their way to the top.

* You can cross state borders and change caste 'position'. I am 'low caste' in one state and 'high caste' in another.

* For most people, your caste is invisible until you state it. There's no official documentation. Remove any caste appellation and poof, you're 'generic'.

The current Indian President is an untouchable, and he's not even the first. The Prime Minister is "low caste". The Indian Constitution was drafted by an "untouchable" - who was the greatest legal mind of his time, taken out of poverty by a local raja and sent to study in the US and then UK back in the 1920s.

An untouchable in India can demonstrably get far higher in life than a black in the UK. Fix your own problems first.


Re: Amazing.

So you're belaboring under the misapprehension that the British government actually spends money properly in your area then ? Fix your home before you point fingers elsewhere.


Re: "Pakistan hasn't been a threat since 1971"

North Korea is a nuclear armed state. So what ? You should read history before spouting off.

There was a time when Pakistan threatened India's existence. They were huge, quite a bit richer, better armed, and angry about the partition.

Today, they're just a shell of their former self. Poorer than Bangladesh. India's strategic weapons are designed with China in mind. ICBMs are an overkill against a country whose targets are within artillery or SRBM reach.


Re: You forgot

Pakistan hasn't been a threat since 1971, when they were split into separate halves and have never come close to being the kind of existential threat they were before that.

China has always been the country India viewed as a real threat, even back in the 1950s. There's an ongoing skirmish between India and China right now, as we speak.

China lashes India’s app ban, calls for return to ‘win-win cooperation’


Re: Dont piss off your buyer

The Mumbai - Delhi high speed line IS a Japanese collaboration - it is slated to run E5/E6 series Shinkansens.


Dont piss off your buyer

The Chinese made the mistake of pissing off the country with whom they have their second largest trade surplus (overall #3 behind US and the multi state EU). Only an idiot starts a border war with a country that’s a destination for your finished goods, a source of your raw material, AND a competitor for your manufacturing base. The Chinese, for all their supposed smarts, did that.

The app ban is not even the first round, TikTok was banned a month ago, and stopped working in India the day after the ban. Huawei/ZTE have been banned from all 5G contracts. Chinese construction companies have been debarred from all the expressway and high speed line construction projects (the Mumbai Ahmedabad 515km high speed line is being extended to a 1500km Delhi-Mumbai 350km/h line, plus 6-8 other lines). Chinese goods imports have been hit with mandatory inspection requirement at ports, causing them to pile up for months without clearance.

The loss in exports and business value has probably hit about $25 billion now, with more to come. And to add:

PUBG app ban: Tencent loses $34 billion in value in two days


The best the Chinese have managed in response is to beat up some Indian gold traders in Hong Kong.



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