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Post-quantum crypto cracked in an hour with one core of an ancient Xeon

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Re: Supersingular Isogeny Key Encapsulation

Sort of like out Current US Vice President.

The mind set is this: Use meaningless smart sounding words and phrases, repeat the same phrases with slightly different words, Don't say anything specific and absolutely don't make any commitments, throw in some emphasizing hand gestures, then finish with a flourish if absolute gibberish!

This is supposed to make you feel, that when you absolutely failed to understand what the speaker said, that you will be too embarrassed to question the speaker for fear that others will see you as stupid for not understanding.

China's 7nm chip surprise reveals more than Beijing might like

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Re: Power of words.

China calls themselves Communist but in all reality they are a Fascist country. They operate more closely to National Socialism than to the traditional Italian/Spanish Fascism. This is even more evident now that Xi has become the de facto Dictator (leader). A strong singular leader, government support and control of corporations, highly nationalistic and anti-foreigner policies, these are all tenants of Fascist/National Socialist governments!

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Re: Impressive

Of course it won't take them 20 years to achieve it! They will just steal it!

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Re: Ours

"Correct. On the other hand, capitalism as currently practised, especially in the US, tends towards monopolies, or at least monopolistic and cartel-like behaviours. "

And this is created by who? Y'all like to lay this blame on the Right but it is the Left who continuously creates the conditions that favor corporatism and consolidation! It is the Left that wages a literal war on small business, regulating and taxing them out of existence. The whole 'Tax the rich, tax the corporate fat cats!" is all a big lie and the Left knows it! This taxes are easily passed on to customers or offset by lay-off in big corporations but they cannot be offset easily in SMBs.

Labor laws like minimum wage laws (which only make some jobs illegal) push jobs overseas where these anti-work laws don't exist!

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Re: Ours

No more of an idiocy than calling CO2 a pollutant! Considering CO2 is a required molecule for life to exist on this planet!

Burning Methane produces CO2 and that most dangerous chemical dihydrogen monoxide! Better known as Water!

Outlook email users alerted to suspicious activity from Microsoft-owned IP address

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Microsoft vs Microsoft a tragedy that never ends!

"We're working to resolve a configuration issue causing some customers to receive these notifications in error."

How many times must we hear this excuse!

Unfortunately we are stuck with Office 365 but we will NEVER place any of our critical infrastructure in Azure for this and many other reasons.

Over the last 2 years there have been multiple outages and oddness in the Microsoft world that were caused by some Human(s) making a change that caused the problem! One would think a company of Microsoft's size and scope would have quality change management in place, but apparently that is too much to ask!

Dev's code manages to topple Microsoft's mighty SharePoint

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Re: Exchange

They got rid of it because it was a problem! Single Object Storage (appropriate acronym SOS) was a major cause of Exchange database failures. Not to mention the overhead of keeping track of Attachment changes.

By the time they removed it storage was becoming cheap. It just wan't worth the headaches to keep it!

Get over it: Microsoft is a Linux and open source company these days

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Re: Optimist or pessimist... what am I supposed to be

Visual Studio is not available on Linux, it would be rather useless as it is very Windows centrist. You can run VS Code on Linux and build just about anything that will run on Linux,

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Re: Parasites

They are not alone in this. But this is a different form of evil thn the Gates/Balmer "dark side" evil!

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Nothing with Windows OS or Office is forcing anyone to move to Azure! We are a 95% Windows infrastructure and 99% of our cloud compute is in AWS! There is nothing MS is doing that is "forcing" us to move into Azure. The only thing we have in Azure is SCCM because the SCCM Gateway is an Azure service and it just made more sense to have the other parts of SCCM in Azure.

Re: Office 365, until someone comes up with a viable alternative, and let's face it, there really is not viable alternative, then corporations are going to move to Office 365. But Office 365 in no way forces any company to move their cloud infrastructure to Azure! NOTHING!

Your statement has no basis in fact and is just fear mongering nonsense!

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Re: 'The Evil Empire' hasn't been evil for about eight years now

What RedHat and IBM did to the CentOS community was nothing short of Evil!

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Re: 'The Evil Empire' hasn't been evil for about eight years now

If your job is to manage a predominantly Windows environment (and lets face it, if you're in a corporation that is not an IT firm, you're going to be predominantly Windows) Then the tools they have for Linux work just fine. Teams on Linux works perfectly well, yes you don't have all the features of the Windows version but those are just fluff, they are not required for day-to-day functionality. The Outlook PWA is just fine for email, does 95% of what Windows Outlook does. Office works in the browser but Libre does 85% if what you need! PowerShell can do a lot on Linux and what you cannot you can do through PowerShell Remoting. They have even just released a new version of the Exchange Online Module that works on Linux. It's "officially" only supported on Ubuntu but works just fine on Fedora 35. Lastly, VS Code on Linux if functionally the same as the Windows version.

Obviously MS is not targeting Linux as a desktop replacement for Windows but they are keenly aware that there are a lot of IT administrators out there that would prefer to run a Linux PC as their daily computer and are providing the tools so they can do that. On the server side you can now run SQL Server on Linux and it is functionally the same. This is a huge cost savings on infrastructure! Sure SSMS doesn't run on Linux (yet) but Azure Data Studio does. It doesn't have all the GUI admin functionality but you can accomplish those tasks in T-Sql.

Its time to realize the "Evil Sith Lords" no longer hold control of MS. Does that forgive them of their past sins? No! Today it is not so much the Evilness of MS but the incompetence encountered every day. Changes without notice, the unexplained performance problems in Azure Instances, etc.

Meta asks line managers to identify poorly performing staff for firing

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Do your job or you go!

Well, I certainly see the Euro-centrist attitudes in here.

If you not performing at the level the company requires. and you are not improving after the company makes an effort to get your production up to requirements, then you have to go! Coasting employees just drag everyone else down! Other people have to work harder to cover you, making them less productive. The problem with a lot of corporations is they make this process some big secret! They are afraid of "hurting the little brats feelings!" Of you make this process public and up front from the beginning if the hiring process, that you WILL be evaluated and your performance at a certain level IS required and if you fail to perform YOU WILL be let go then the whole idea of being a slacker is crushed from the beginning! If you don't like it then don't take the job! Then there is no surprise when your let go and no calling the lawyers because you "feel" you were treated unfairly!

Tech world may face huge fines if it doesn't scrub CSAM from encrypted chats

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The new mantra of the Tyrants

"We must protect the children (so we can trample on your rights)" is the 21st century mantra of the globalist tyrants!

Microsoft rolls back default macro blocks in Office without telling anyone

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Re: Tired

Yes, VBA is exploitable! So is JavaScript via NPM! So are a lot of things. If your creating these things, or If they were created in the past and you just HAVE to have them then pay for the cert and code sign them! Don't pass the blame to MS, it is YOUR responsibility and if management is unwilling to pay for the cert the they take the risk! All this is doing is delaying the inevitable! MS WILL remove this functionality by default and only signed macros will work!

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The title should be, Microsoft rolls back change because customers are stupid!

If you are creating these macros for business purposes and you have not been code-signing them that's on you! You should have been doing this a long time ago.

Macro enabled office documents should be blocked from email EVEN within the organization. They should only be accessible over other resources such as network shares and they MUST be code signed! Security is YOUR responsibility! Yes it cost money!

Totaled Tesla goes up in flames three weeks after crash

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Re: thinking outside the box

Or stop making these defective, toxic products all in the effort to avert a made up crisis!

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Re: So when one of these things is junked ...

And where did those hazmat barrels go! Are you 100% confident they were disposed of properly? That the contractor who bid on the disposal is doing all that very expensive work to make sure this is all done right?

Well, I'm not!

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Re: Deja vu again

The problem is disposal! These batteries are expensive to dispose of! Do you really think Joe-Bob at the junk yard has the capabilities to dispose of the battery? Do you think he's going to pay $1000's to dispose of the batteries in a car that was dropped off to him? No, he'll do what this guy did, just stash it on the yard!

If you believe that every one of these batteries are gong to be disposed of properly your naive! We can't even guarantee the proper disposal of current toxic and electronic waste! There will be black market battery disposal operations that will just illegally dump these batteries and they will leak into the environment!

And all you hypocrite greenies just want to close your eyes and act like this isn't a problem!

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Re: Deja vu again

A lot! These wastes get into the ground water, even in dry areas this can be very harmful, it is a major contributor to cancers like leukemia!

This is why I get so furious with the anti-CO2 crowd. You want to reduce the substance that keeps oue planet warm* while in the same effort contaminate the planet with deadly materials. You won't allow mining of rare earth metals in western countries with safety and labor laws but your fine with them being mined in Peru, Columbia, Chile, and the Republic of Congo where much of it is done with child slave labor! All these operations are destroying the local environment for the black and brown people you claim to care so much about!

Hypocrites, one and all!

*During the early Eocene epoch CO2 levels were as high as 700-900 ppm and life flourished on this planet, the Earth was literally ice free! We are currently at 400 ppm, we could not burn enough fossil fuels to produce that much CO2 in a million years! Even if we could life on this planet would survive! Lowering CO2 levels to 375 or even 350 ppm could have devastating consequence. One or two large volcanic eruptions (there are several very large ones that are overdue, i.e. Yellowstone) could plunge this world into a cascading ice age!

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Re: Deja vu again

And toxic waste seeping into the ground water!

Intel demands $625m in interest from Europe on overturned antitrust fine

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Anti-Competitive or just stupid competitors

Chip maker: Hey system maker, we'll give you a 10% rebate if you use our chips.

System Maker: Sweet! Thanks

Chip Competitor: Hey system maker, why are you not ordering our chips?

System maker: Well, Chip Maker is giving us a 10% rebate.

Chip Competitor: That's not fair, call the lawyers!

And no one wins, no one gets more business and the only ones making the money are the lawyers!

Why didn't the other manufacturers, i.e. AMD/ARM just offer an equal or better rebate! That's how competition works. But no! We can't use common sense, can't use negotiations, we have to immediately go to the lawyers! That's the major problem with the world today! TOO MANY LAWYERS!

Elasticsearch server with no password or encryption leaks a million records

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Re: Why do Governments

Yeah, what are they thinking! They should just hire consultants! What could possibly go wrong!

Nothing says 2022 quite like this remote-controlled machine gun drone

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Re: Fortunately Useless

This would probably be more useful in an urban situation than in an open field battle. It could see this being used to clear buildings out of the last remaining combatants.

SpaceX staff condemn Musk's behavior in open letter

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Shut up and do your job!

I don't get where these woke little children feel they have the right to tell their employer what to do or say! Well, they DON"T!

If they want to have a say in the company buy enough stock to become a voting shareholder, then you can have a say! Otherwise SHUT UP AND DO YOUR JOB!

Musk should tall his COO to issue an edict that of anyone doesn't like where they work or who they work for they can walk out the door. If anyone signed another "open letter" they will be shown the door!

And what was his crime? Declaring he was voting Republican!

End-of-life smartphone? Penguins at postmarketOS aim to revive it

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Re: What a breath of fresh air !

Your wrong, and the primary distro that proves your wrong is Fedora! I've used Fedora for years (along with the other Redhat derivatives) and bugs do get fixed, especially major breaking bugs. Some may take time, some are based on other open source projects but they do eventually get fixed or the problematic application get replaced! i.e. PulseAudio with Pipewire!

The problem is people want their particular bug that they reported fixed immediately! No matter how much that affects the overall user community or effects the overall OS. Bugs have to be given a priority and your bug just might not rise to the level you think it does!

If you don't like that then run a commercial OS like Windows or pay RedHat to run RHEL.

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Re: 'we' actually do need the profit companies make by making people consume more than they need

"First of all, what we need is companies that pay their taxes."

What an ignorant statement! Companies pay the taxes they owe! To not do so will land you in jail! A lot of companies pay more taxes than they owe because they don't have the expertise to understand exactly what they owe! I work for a large international company and several times we have had tax consultants come in and go over our previous tax filings and get us refunds for deductions we didn't know we could use.

The propaganda that corporations don't pay their taxes is just that, propaganda! If you don't like the tax laws then lobby your government to change them!

The bottom line with Corporate/Business income taxes is that "Corporations don't pay the tax, their customers do!" Taxes are a cost of doing business which needs to be offset by revenue! Just like the cost of materials and the cost of labor. Corporations offset taxes by 2 means, raising prices or lowering expenses, the primary expense that is lowered is LABOR!

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Re: 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste

Which should inform you that all this "save the world, nonsense" is just that, nonsense. We are being told that CO2 is going to turn the world into a smoking cinder in 12 years (9 years no according to AOC), which is a flat out lie! Yet these same people will dump millions of tons of toxic materials into the environment. Electronics, batteries from e-vehicles, etc. If you believe these things will be disposed of properly your a fool living in a dream world. Its expensive and someone, many someones, will offer a less expensive alternative disposal service that doesn't follow the law! It's been that way for decades! As someone who grew up in an area with a high degree of toxic industrial waste I can personally attest to the damage it does. Cancers are a regular thing up there. Childhood leukemia is higher than anywhere in the nation (benzine in the ground water).

But the greenies just don't care because saving the world in not their true agenda!

The PainStation runs Windows XP because of course it does

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Re: Pain

While the performance problems with Vista were real, IMO that was not the reason it failed, at least in a corporate setting. We immediately shuttered any plan to move to Vista because of that abysmal touch oriented interface that you could not change back! The crash in productivity and the subsequent increase in Service desk calls would have been monumental! Windows 7 returned to an interface that people could somewhat understand.

I see the same problem with Windows 11 but thankfully MS has allowed for that to be changed.

Dear Europe, here again are the reasons why scanning devices for unlawful files is not going to fly

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Re: Porn's effect on real life

Whether that is true or not makes no difference. Alcohol does significant damage to some peoples lives and the lives of others. Violence, anti-social behavior, drunk driving, etc. These factors were the primary drivers that pushed America into Prohibition and we all know what a disaster that was. Laws that punish everyone for the behavior of a few are never right nor effective. Just like drugs and alcohol, pornography can have a serious detrimental effect on some people, but others are not adversely affected by it. Legalizing the production of pornography in places like California has lowered the forced exploitation of women into the business. That's a good thing.

Children and adolescents should never be exposed to it! Just like they should never be exposed to alternative sexual lifestyles like homosexuality and transgenderism, yet we have people actively pushing for this in schools.

Do I want "sex shops" in my neighborhood? No, but that is what zoning laws are for.

Nothing gives the state the right to trample the rights of people with the excuse that "it may stop some individual from committing a crime!" If you give them a little they will take a lot.

Those who would give up their liberty for security deserve neither!

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If you have nothing to hide!

Here we go again! Soon some bureaucrat will use the same tired old argument! "If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear!"

This just shows the laziness of our government officials and elected leaders! They can't come up with ways to solve complex issues so they result to trampling on the rights of all their citizens! It's the same approach used towards crime and violence. Instead of using methods that work, methods that have proven to work lets just trample the rights of law abiding citizens with gun control legislation that will have no real effect on crime! NYC in the 70's and 80's was a very violent place, in the 90's it was not! Why? Stop and Frisk! But people called that method racist! It wasn't racist at all, when you take into account the 90% of the gun violence was committed by young black men, well, common sense tells you those are the primary people you should 'stop and frisk!", it worked. The same holds true for child exploitation, trampling the privacy of everyday law abiding citizens will not stop this crime, only real, effective police work will.

It also is ironic that these people claiming to care about child exploitation are the same people who support grooming kids with homosexuality and transgenderism in schools! So I'm sorry I don't buy into their concern! This is just another method to increase the surveillance state so they can root out their political enemies!

The New World Fascist Order is coming, either resist it or be subjugated to it! The choice is yours!

Sick of Windows but can't afford a Mac? Consult our cynic's guide to desktop Linux

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Re: Control Your Own Upgrades

That is NOT a requirement with Fedora! I have successfully upgraded from versions of of Fedora in place and It's not that hard and Never had it crash!

That is a "preference" I have seen people so, if it makes them feel better about their upgrade them that's fine for them but it is certainly NOT a requirement!

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Re: If only it were that easy...

Fedora will support the latest hardware unless it is critically bleeding edge and that will probably be in the next release. Fedora is NOT unstable no matter what people say!

Would I run Fedora as a Server OS? No, that IMO is not what it is for. That's what Rocky Linux (formerly CentOS 8) is for!

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Re: Desktop Linux in Workplaces

I use Linux as my primary workstation, I can manage most of our estate as it is predominantly in AWS and we use Meraki Networking as a Service. I use Powershell installed on my Linux workstation for a lot of things.

The things I cannot do are Active Directory, Exchange Online in Powershell as they do not support Powershell Core. That is not a Linux restriction it is a MS restriction, As the company DBA there are some things you just need SQL Server Management Studio for, and that only runs on Windows. So I use AWS Workspace running Windows to do my required Windows stuff.

As far as day-to-day apps. Teams runs on Linux, I use the Outlook WPA version (works fine), and Libre Office is sufficient. Are there some Excel things I can't do in Libre Calc? yes, then I use Excel in my Workspaces.

Why Linux if there are these caveats? Because if I need to get into my systems to fix something during off hours I can power up my laptop and be ready to work in under 30 seconds, not the minutes (the many, many minutes) that it takes to start up a Windows desktop. Then fire up the Remmina client and I'm in my servers and fixing stuff!

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Fedora: Not as bad as people think!

Frankly, Fedora is an excellent Distro even for the novice. Yes, it updates ALOT! And yes, some applications will lag behind the next rolling release. But Fedora is FAR from unstable! I've been using Fedora as a desktop since 25 and I've never had any major issues.

Like I said, some software will lag behind, in my situation it was always VirtualBox. I used to use VirtualBox a lot (I don't any longer). So at one point I got tired of not being able to update, I also was disappointed that AWS doesn't distribute a Linux version of their WorkSpaces client for anything but Ubuntu (I have since found a way to convert and install it on Fedora), So I switched to Ubuntu, it was an unmitigated disaster!

If you have very recent hardware you will find the LTS release of Ubuntu difficult! My very new work HP laptop with its Thunderbolt dock was extremely problematic! My brand new Bluetooth headset just did not work (note: I don't blame Ubuntu for that, pulseaudio is a steaming pile of dung!).

So I switched back top Fedora which uses PipeWire for audio and has support for pretty much all new hardware. Is it perfect? No, there is no perfect Linux distro and there won't ever be until someone decides to make one that you have to pay for and that's not going to happen because you can't charge people for Linux!

Oh BTW, it's Fedora with the Cinnamon Desktop! Why? Because I want a Bleepity bleepin' Start menu on my Bleepin' desktop computer! It's not a bleepin' tablet!

Amazon investors nuke proposed ethics overhaul and say yes to $212m CEO pay

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Fact is, if your not reading the reviews and you getting crap that's your problem. Yes some of the reviews are fake and some of them are just stupid people buying the wrong thing or being unable to assemble, install, or use the product, but most of them can help you make the right decision. remember, not everything sold on Amazon "come" from Amazon!

Prime is a waste of money, it is only for people who must have instant gratification (next day delivery) and yes the streaming service isn't worth it!

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Re: Inevitability

I work for a British company, and what I've seen is y'all have WAY to many accountants! WAY to many!

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Re: Don't rock the boat

How about telling you employees to do their damn job and stop bitching! We have come to a point in America where people just don't want to work and they want to be paid well for hardly working! Now we have these morons in the Democrat party talking about $30.00 minimum wages! They have no idea that they will put the most needy people out of work! Which I believe is their who plan!

Let me tell you a story my child! The US Postal Service loses millions of dollars every year. I used to do IT work for the mail processing center in Jacksonville Florida. One of the managers told the story of a certain female employee, who was recorded on camera spending 6 hours a cay out side smoking! It took 9 months and multiple meetings with the Union before this person could be terminated! Even after her termination the union filed a law suit to reinstate her employment of receive compensation for "unlawful termination". Luckily the judge never let this go to a jury and threw the suit out!

Its one thing to treat your employees fairly, provide them with help care, vacation, and sick leave. Its another when those employees refuse to do the job they are assigned as is required and your viewed as the ass hat when you let them go.

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Re: Don't rock the boat

Sorry, I don't know where you live but this is just not true.

If you looking for everyday items then yes, you can get them locally but let me give you an example.

We have roll-up blinds on our screen patio, we purchased them at Home Depot. Over the last 5 years we've had them the end cap tie down attachment on the blinds have broken. (yes, they are plastic and in the Florida sun plastic deteriorates and becomes brittle) Home Depot does not have them in the store, does not have any way to order them, Their answer? replace the blind at a cost of $69.99.

So I go to Amazon and find a full replacement set of end caps, bungee tie downs and tie down connectors for $14.99. I was even able to replace my crank wands that Home Depot does not sell. They were a little pricey as $24.00 each. So for a little over $100.00 I was able to fix my blinds instead of replacing all four instead of replacing them all for almost $300.00.

That is the value of Amazon. You can find hard to find items for a reasonable price.

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Re: And next week

Why is it, in a free society, acceptable for a Union, that has invested $0.00 (risked) can some into a company and effectively organize an extortion operation within the company. Any effort of the company to resist the extortion operation is viewed as union busting. Once the extortion organization in entrenched within the company, any effort to remove it can now be a violation of labor laws, no matter how uncooperative the union becomes.

Unions in today's world do 2 things, generate revenue for the Union to promote itself and its political agendas and restrict the earning power of the employees. In a union shop you get paid the same as the slacker next to you and your job performance means noting when it comes to your earnings. When there is a down turn at the company and staff must be reduced, your job performance means nothing as the unions require seniority be considered, no matter how poor the job performance of the senior staff.

When you compare OSHA reports of companies like Walmart, Target, etc. to Amazon their safety record is relatively the same. If there are egregious violations of safety it only takes one report to OSHA to start an investigation, Injuries MUST be reported to OSHA, that is not optional!

As someone who has worked in the construction industry for 20 year I can tell you that OSHA violations are no joke and can cost a company millions of dollars and operations can be shut down for months. Serious violations can cause people to end up in jail!

The majority of the BS reported on Amazon is just that, BS. It is the same for Walmart, both these companies are routinely vilified because they refuse to be extorted by unions!

Safari is crippling the mobile market, and we never even noticed

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Re: mobile screens too small?

Maybe this isn't Electron/Teams as much as it is Windows.

I am running Teams on Linux currently and currently (idle) using 0 CPU and 808MB of memory. Even in video conference It does not hurt my CPU performance.

I know when I used to run Windows Teams would kill my performance.

VS Code on Linux is the same performance.

Supreme Court urged to halt 'unconstitutional' Texas content-no-moderation law

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Re: Gaping hole

First off, if you knew anything about our Founders you would know that labeling them "Christian Men" is a gross generalization and does not reflect at all upon their beliefs. Yes, they called themselves Christian but Jefferson specifically DID NOT believe in the deity of Christ. He believed the teachings of Christ were very good guidelines for how to live ones life but he did not believe that Christ was the living embodiment of God on Earth. This was a belief held by many of the men who founded this country. So to label them as some form a "Religious Zealots" is not only erroneous it is absolutely ignorant!

I also find it increasingly insulting when Europeans point their crooked finger of disdain at American history while at the same time ignore the centuries of human suffering that is European history.

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Re: Gaping hole

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

How much more clearer do you need it!

The first 5 words say it all! "Congress shall pass no law". For most of that 231 years the US people and their leadership did not need anymore "protection" and understood what these words meant and lived by them.

It is only in the last 1/2 century of more that one political movement, knowing that the majority of Americans are not going to buy what they are selling has engaged in a campaign of censorship and disinformation!

In the 1950s, "there are no communists infiltrating our country and Sen. McCarthy is just a paranoid fool" That statement is now proven to be abjectly false and those people questioned by Sen. McCarthy were in fact either communists or Soviet agents!

In the 1970's, "we will run out of oil and gas by the end of the century!" The so called peak oil crisis. Spread by the Carter Administration and this caused untold damage to the US economy and peoples lives. This was proven false by the early 1980s.

In the 1990s, "the world in going to end because of carbon dioxide emission from energy production. i.e. Global Warming" Another falsehood that is being spread worldwide. This was so discredited in the early 2000's that they had to change the name to Climate Change because their "theories" consistently never materialized. They have been caught "faking" the numbers several times yet they call these revelations of their own doing "Climate Denial disinformation".

In the 2010's - 2020's, "The Trump Campaign colluded with Russia!" Spread by all of Social Media and the establishment media. We now know that this was a deliberate disinformation operation funded and implemented by one (Democrat) political party against another (Republican political party) and President. In 2022 evidence is revealed of the son of the Democrat candidate was engaged in a massive operation of influence peddling for money that involved his then Vice President father and current Democrat nominee. Yet the establishment Media and Social Media suppressed the story calling it Russian disinformation. Which we now know was a lie!

You can bury your head in the sand all you want but if the Left is successful suppressing and then removing their opposition, then they will have the freedom to do things that "you" don't like and then you will not have the right to speak out against them.

Remember the old saying. "When they came for the Jews, I said nothing..."

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Re: Balkenisation?

Fact: The Buffalo shooter specifically called himself "Left Wing"!

Fact: There has been a 15 year campaign (starting with the Election of Barrack Obama) of hate speech directed at white people. Do you think "that" might have motivated this disturbed young man?

Fact: The FBI had this young man on their radar, they had already interviewed him, he had already been under mental evaluation. Yet, he somehow passes a background check to purchase a firearm!? Why did that happen? Was the FBI just incompetent? Did they not put anything on record of their contacts with this young man? Or did they deliberately not record that information and put one of their "paid" private operators in contact with this young to encourage him on, i.e. the Whitmer Kidnappers!

Twitter, Facebook, the Media et. all deliberately censored a story (now proven to be true) that was detrimental to the candidate of one specific political party. While at the same time promoting a story (now proven to be false) detrimental to an opposing political party and President.

You can spout off that the "outrage" that conservative opinions and stories detrimental to the Left are not being suppressed but the facts are increasing showing that they are!

The Left is even abandoning the pretense that they are not censoring or that censorship is not what they want. I.E. The DHS Disinformation Board!

If roles were reversed, and it was the Left that was being censored and suppressed, well, the screams would be deafening!

Another ex-eBay exec admits cyberstalking web souk critics

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Its a great gig if you can get it!

Get hired on as a CEO of a corporation, brought in with great fan fare that you are going to be the savior of all things. Spend 3 or 4 years totally screwing everything up! Then you "leave to pursue other interests" with a golden parachute. Move on to another company, rinse, repeat!

We can bend the laws of physics for your super-yacht, but we can't break them

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I've sailed the waters off Scotland in an Aircraft carrier and flown mission while there. Who anyone would consider sailing this waters for fun is beyond me! Riding in an aircraft trying to land on the deck in that roiling mess probably took a few years off my life!

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It's not just the top dogs! It can be anyone in even the lowest position of power.

When I used to sit in the back seat of a Lockheed S3 sub hunter. One day a Lieutenant Junior Grade sonar operator was throwing an absolute fit that his screen was not working! Ranting that the screen was absolutely black and he needed to fixed right away. So a technician is summoned up on the flight deck (no small request as it is quite dangerous up there) to climb into the cockpit and "fix" the problem. The tech, pokes his head into the back of the cockpit, reaches over, and turns the brightness up. Then quietly leaves the aircraft.

That was the quietest 7 hour flight I've ever been on.

Ransomware the final nail in coffin for small university

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Re: I really love dead trees

"Some of us old folks still see the value in paper checks."

All the information a criminal needs to steal all your money is on a paper check.

Routing number and account number! The most dangerous thing you can do is send a check through the mail or give one to someone you don't absolutely trust!

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Re: The Real Problem

The real problem is not Windows! It's the humans looking out the windows.

In many of these instances it is either that 1 person or persons as access to ALL the organizations data. It is most often someone who absolutely should not! Some executive level person who only has that access "because they be impotent!" Or it is that inter-computer security is lax or broken. Once after a merger it was discovered that the company we merges with had a Group Policy that made Domain Users administrators of EVERY computer. When I said "This must end" i got an argument that I didn't understand that there are applications that cannot work without Administrator rights. To which I called BS on that and even if you need it you make the USER administrator, NOT EVERYONE!

It's not just having backups. It a complete security posture. But if you don't secure your biggest risk, YOUR PEOPLE, then you have no security at all!

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Re: could I be hearing Queen singing?

Its not about "keeping the poor people down"! The university system in America has become a massive gravy train for the Privileged Academia! Every time the government creates another grant or loan program the cost of education goes up! Add to that we've had 40 years of this "everyone needs to go to collage" nonsense in the US coupled with a deliberate decline in the quality of public education. A high school diploma is worthless in the US. We have eliminated all trade training in high schools. Causing this training to be moved to expensive secondary trade schools that 60% of them are crap scam schools.

The push to get every child into college has resulted in 30% of students dropping out and many of them with debt they have no degree to earn money to pay it back. This isn't some "evil rich corporation no paying their fair share" problem. It is a deliberate policy of the left that funnels money into one of their biggest constituencies and saddles vulnerable people with crushing debt.



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