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US prof undermines foundations of Aussie firewall

Mike C


Why is it that Australia cannot get a communcations minister with an ounce of intelligence. Look at the history..

Richard Alston, famous for his incompitent handling of the adoption of Digital TV.

Daryl "do nothing" Williams

Helen Coonan, #1 Telstra fanboy, and all round IT klutz ( no hoper )

Stephen Conroy, pig headed obstinant idiot who will plough on regardless.

If Conroy is allowed to ram this BS through, then Australia may as well get out the tin cans & string. No doubt they'd still find a way for bloody telsta to extract a pound of flesh out of that outcome too.

Symantec plans layoffs as sales fall short

Mike C
Paris Hilton

Also not surprised

Bloated $#itware, perfectly describes what symantec products are.

How can anyone be surprised that sales & revenues are falling.

Even Paris would know enough not to install anything that comes in a yellow box with the N word on it.

Oz watchdogs howl over 'Cyber-Safety' net filter

Mike C


Speed, what bloody internet speed.

Australia continues to suffer under the Telstra/Optus duopoly, ensuring that its citizens only get pathetically low data speeds and allowances @ an exorbitant price.

As for this B#llSh#t filter thingy. The only thing that does is prove, yet again, how useless and incompetent politicians and beauracrats are.

Downing Street rejects 'Clarkson for PM' petition

Mike C

Top Gear

Yet again, ambitious but rubbish.

Oz carrier Primus blitzed by DDoS attack

Mike C
Paris Hilton

2nd to last

Primus 2nd to Tel$ra......bullsh$t

The only thing primus is second to tel$tra in is bullshit and crap service..the pair of them make wonderful bedfellows

Paris ..... cause she fu#ks everything she touches just like Telstra

Western Digital uncages ferocious VelociRaptor data hunting drive

Mike C
Paris Hilton

Worstern Digital has WORST reliability reputation of the top 4

"Worstern Digital has WORST reliability reputation of the top 4..."

Who are you trying to kid???

in nearly 10 years of assembling, configuring etc PC's as full time paid employment I can honestly say MAXTOR is the worst of the 4 major brands with respect to reliability and premature failures. The fact that they have been taken over by Seagate in recent years has not done them any good, in fact the opposite is true in that it seems that some of Seagates' lower spec/ size drives are now no more than rebadged Maxtor bits of rubbish.

Just my 2 cents

Paris, because she's just another dumb blond with nice tits.

Microsoft takes a shine to Logitech?

Mike C

Ohh NO

Logitech the purveyor of quality peripherals. Features that stand out strongly include....

1] Excellent concepts and sound design & engineering

2] Excellent build quality

3] Reasonable price

Let Microscum into the mix and what do you get

1] Me too concepts.

2] Cheapest nastiest build quality engineered down to the lowest possible cost

3] high prices

4] THAT BLOODY DISGUSTING LOGO STARING YOU IN THE FACE DAY IN DAY OUT ( at least for the first week and a half till the piece of crap hardware fails )

Logitech get this message very clearly, let Microscum in the door and it WILL spell the end of your reputation, your product, and your company.

BBC confirms Doctor Who series five

Mike C

More than 1 episode with the singhing budgie...

you must be joking...

the only thing getting smashed would be me...

ohh the agony of putting up with that grating female........


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