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Star Trek XI release knocked back to 2009

Ian Thomson
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Nostalgia ain't what it used to be

I'm with Steven Kraft here. Really you lot should remember your roots - ST really has got a bit too serious for its own good. Dontcha think it would be fun again to have silicone aliens, sets by Blue Peter, Spock mind-melding with a bowl of porridge, Scotty getting down and dirty under the Enterprise's engine, McCoy, Sulu, Uhuru and Chekhov doing what we all love them for and Kirk building a fusion weapon from locally available raw materials, vapourising the communist metaphor/baddie alien, educating the surprisingly naive and childish alien life form in The American Way (TM) and generally having a rip-roaring time.

I like camp! I like gaping great holes in the plot! I like technical goofs an anally retentive geek could drive his Toyota Prius through at warp factor 11! I like Kirk getting the girl! Bring it on!!!

Orange mounts sneaky Freeserve accounts purge

Ian Thomson

They didn't think very carefully about this one did they?

First my sympathies go to the chap above whose business has been affected. Please keep trying, and good luck.

I am personally inconvenienced rather than badly affected - occasionally I get emails from people who only used my old address. Or I used to. Also I have a few buying accounts that I now need to re-register, but that's all.

However my family has 4 Orange phones. But not for much longer.

And did they not realise that the old system of retrieving my account meant I had to visit their website. When I did, I often had a browse, which is good for business and reinforces the Orange brand.

Well this stupid action has certainly reinforced their brand in my mind and I shall go out of my way not to spend money with Orange ever again.

If anyone hears anything, can they please tell us if anyone at Orange loses their job for this cock-up? If they don't then the company is even more arrogant than I could imagine.


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