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California accuses Tesla of false advertising over Autopilot

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Huge surprise

Autopilot turns itself off less than a second before the wreck, Tesla says, "Not us!"

US-funded breakthrough battery tech just simply handed over to China

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Re: "socialism"

"It's "corporate socialism" because profits are privatized, kept, whilst losses are socialized, allowed to be written off or at the least as a deduction allowance."

Not exactly. Profits are taxes, and a limited amount of losses are deductible, but a large loss can be deducted over several years.

Can't argue with the rest of your post though.

Enough with the notifications! Focus Assist will shut them u… 'But I'm too important!'

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Could be worse - an application I have to use at work does just the opposite. It's an alert that says the app is starting and it won't proceed until you hit OK. The app hides this box under everything open on the screen so to run this you have to minimize everything, click this one box, then bring everything back up again. Annoying as hell.

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Re: The mysterious beep in the night....

The birds learn. Back in the 90s a lot of cars had aftermarket alarms that would sound a series of 6 different alarm tones in a set order. For a time, birds were duplicating it. You could be in the middle of nowhere, no cars nearby, then hear a car alarm going off up a nearby tree.

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Evidently the sogn still works though, if it's bringing in new customers.

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I have the opposite problem

A recent Android update messed up Do Not Disturb. It used to work flawlessly, only allowing my set alarms and favorites to ring through when on, but now it randomly shuts all sound off with no warning. Haven't figured out the cause yet, but the goal seems to be to convince me to not use Do Not Disturb so spam calls and texts can ring through. Annoying as hell, it is.

Obscure Asian fintech AMTD Digital becomes the new GameStop

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I imagine that the plan was to make it appear to be the next GME to draw people in "before the moon shot." Not everyone on the Ape bandwagon is on Reddit. For example, I have a few bucks of playing around money in AMC but don't track anyone's site. Anyway, they imply it's Ape-driven which implies that the buyers are holding for a short squeeze, draw in suckers at these high prices, then next month the stock hits 10 a share again. The scammers make their pile, then leave the company to deal with the pile of shit they left behind as burned traders file malfeasance suits against the company. The company's doing right hy announcing loudly and publicly that there is no reason for the price, alhough if the company were smart they'd be selling shares into it right now.

Google asks workers for ideas on being 'more focused and efficient' in internal survey

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Re: Pichai

Not anymore. Now that I see it, I can't unsee it.

Amazon's carbon footprint spread 18% in 2021

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Nice prediction

Amazon likely won't be in business anymore in 2040.

The US grid is ready for 100% renewables, says DoE

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Ready for greenwashed power?

Sure. Ready for 100 percent greenwashed power? Not a chance. Power usage is growing in leaps and bounds, as fast as greenwash power is going in, only now the older solar panels are reaching EOL and when they reach the end there's nothing to be done but replace them. When they get deep into it, they'll be replacing old worn panels as fast as they can make them. No, we'll be burning fuel for decades to come unless someone makes a quantum leap discovery on power generation.

None of this addresses the amount of electrical storage needed, which has barely been touched. Heavy industry is going to need more than a Tesla Powerwall.

US regulators set the stage for small, local nuclear power stations

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Re: @Dr Syntax - "more radioactive"

It's OMG 35 TIMES MORE RADIOACTIVE! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! Makes for a great scare.

Wonder why they're not going with a breeder reactor, which reprocesses spent fuel into new fuel, and eventually converts 99 percent of the fissile material into electricity instead of 1 percent like the reactors to date. There's no reason they can't keep a few reactors going to generate nuke bomb material, or radioactive medical materials, but still generate the bulk of our energy with breeders.

For those supporting greenwashed power like wind and solar, remember all those panels that have been sold over the years? They are now reaching the end of life and as they are worn out, must be replaced. Only 80 percent recyclable. And all those windmills? The blades aren't recyclable at all, and being made of fiberglass must go straight to landfill. And yes, they do wear out. There's aot of flex stress on the blades, and bird strikes at 100+MPH cause damage. These two forms of generation may not make much pollution during actual use, but generate tons before and after especially when you consider that only over the last few years have solar panels reached a point where they make more power over their lifespan than it takes to make them to begin with.

Congress finally passes $52b subsidies for chip fabs on US soil

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Re: Reservoirs

Not sure what Arizona plans but Texas builds desalination plants when they need water. Other states like California demand that states with water should be supplying their water to California.

Google postpones Chrome's third-party cookie bonfire yet again

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Re: "wouldn't be making billions if they didn't do the tracking."

Let me be the first* to dispel that notion then - targeted advertising DOES NOT WORK. I already bought a car. I already bought a washing machine. I already bought insert-item-here. I won't be buying another one for years to come. What I need to see is an ad for something I don't know exists, not for something I already own. Targeted advertising specifically does not show me what I haven't already searched for and probably bought 5 minutes later.

* More llke the billionth, not first.

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Re: Dear website owner

I've never found that the huge blank spaces in the middle of stories to be a problem. Huge distracting ads in the middle of a story, on the other hand, coupled with huge download delays...

On the other hand...I've missed out on stuff and never been back to the site again, because the ad overload was so bad I couldn't get what I was there for to begin with. And make no mistake - if I don't get what I want from a site, I WON'T BE BACK and if I'm not seeing your ads, you aren't getting paid to display them. Go back to the sidebar ads that don't interfere with content, and I won't bother blocking them. Hell, I might even click on them although the next time I click on an ad will be the first time. But as long as the ads are intrusive, I'll block without a second thought.

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Re: Dear website owner

Wrongo. Car dealers want to sell cars. Washing machine sellers want to sell washing machines. Advertisers are only selling ads. It's a happy accident to them if an ad results in a sale for the person buying the ad but make no mistake - once the AD is sold, the ADVERTISER'S job is done - he's been paid. What happens afterward is no concern of the ad seller, so long as there is someone to buy another ad.

This credit card-sized PC board can use an Intel Core i7

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Re: Fahrenheit?

Yes, and if I needed a 5mm hole drilled, I'd use a 5mm drill bit. If I needed a 9/64 hole, I'd use a 9/64 bit while you'd use your nonexistent 3.571875mm bit. Advantage, SAE nation.

Mind you downthumbers, I'm not making a superiority claim for SAE, just saying that being SAE has advantages, as we have access to and use both.

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Re: Fahrenheit?

The US uses both SAE and metric. We have no issue using either. Being officially SAE, like most things in the US, only matters to folks who pay attention to such things, which really isn't many people at all. Most of us do it for fun. I, for example, will fight to the ends of the Earth to keep the US as an SAE nation, but only because it's amusing. In practical matters I can use either system.

If anything, staying SAE has advantages over the metric system as it's far more precise. People raised using SAE can use both because metric is intuitive and less complicated, but people raised using metric have a hard time with SAE.

A character catastrophe for a joker working his last day

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Used to work withba former Navy radar tech. Said more than once some jerkwad would put the fuse/circuit breaker* in to start the antenna rotator, without wondering why it was pulled, while he was working on it. He'd ger about 5 seconds warning before it would start spinning and if he wasn't out in time anything above the hatch stayed while everything below... didn't. Got to where he'd put the fuse/circuit breaker in his pocket before putting a personally owned padlock on the box.**

* I can't remember which, been too many years

** Could have been talking bollocks, he was the type, but it made for an entertaining story. It became especially entertainibg to think about how nice it would have been had he not made it in time, because then he'd never have been inflicted on me. One of THOSE kind of people.***

***Annoying as hell, if I wanted upbeat I'd have been on day shift.

Software issues cost Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess his job

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Re: That stood out to me too

Same here, which is why I'm building my own. The way I'm buildingniy, when EVs are viable, converting it to electric will almost be a bolt-in job. Viable means solving the multi-hour recharge problem and getting infrastructure in place so I can charge on the road like I can buy fuel today.

Microsoft warns Windows 10 patch broke printing for some

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I only even turn my Win10 laptop on at tax time. In the meantime, my Win7 machine still does the job, although I've been booting Cinnamint from a USB for the last few days. Going to play with it for a month or two and if I like it, I'll make it permanent.

Aviation body wants views on rocket plans of Virgin Orbit

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Freakin Limeys

First they drive on the wrong side of the road, then they cut their meat with the knife in the wrong hand, now they're launching their rockets in the wrong direction!

Apple v Chicago streaming service tax battle ends in hushed settlement

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Big Brother

This is a HUGE surprise

Chicago's so far in the hole they hear Chinese below their feet. It was a given that a jidge from Chicago was going to rule in favor of the tax. That tax will help pay his pension in a few years. Apple needs to appeal to a court that's not based in Chicago because no court in Chicago is going to rule against a tax.

Chinese chipmaker workers told to sleep at their factories

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Re: If you're still

Actually you can, wirh a parity labor cost tax on inports from nations known to use slave labor. If the tax forces the product cost to be the same as made locally, then the import becomes more expensive with shipping added in.

Or, everyone makes the decision to not buy made in China goods. The most expensive product in the world is the one nobody will buy.. I already do my level best to avoid Chinese imports. If everyone did the same there would be a short, painful period while corps try to sell, then when they lose money on Chinese imports they'll move. It depends on everyone holding firm though.

Automation can only go so far as well, and is not a good move by corporations. Going full automation gets you factories that churn out goods until they run out of raw materials, that then collect dust because there are no customers. If comsumers aren't earning, corporations aren't selling.

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If you're still

buying Chinese junk, perhaps THIS will show that you're supporting modern day slavery? The only real difference here is slave owners used to provide food and housing for their slaves, in China they give you enough cash to provide your own. Otherwise there's no difference. You'll do as you're told 24x7 or it's off to be reeducated. Most anywhere else in the world you can tell your enployer to get stuffed and go find a new job.

Let it cost more, buy only from nations that don't employ slavery.

Your job was probably outsourced for exactly the reason you suspected

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My job as a data circuit tester at a rather large US telecom was outsourced to the Phillipines. When I did the job, circuit failures were troubleshot within 15 minutes and usually repaired within a few hours due to field techs needing time to drive. I now do the same job with another rather large US telecom, and have to deal with the same people that took my job over, so this means they have 10 years experience doing my job. Those same repairs now take a minimum of 2 days to fix, and more typically a week to complete repairs. Oftentimes it takes referring the problem to them severalntines, because once their trouble tickets have been escalated high enough they get closed as "camr clear while testing." Never came up, but now they have a new, unescalated ticket.

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Yes, fonix only becas aceracy isnt neeeded wen u no wats ment, rite? Were aceracy maters is wen u ned 2 no detals on

I can't do this. Grammar and spelling are VERY important to know what is meant, not what is being spoken. Many words have different spellings for the same spoken sound with each spelling having vastly different meanings. Teaching using phonics never should have happened.

Huawei under investigation for having tech installed near US missile silos

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Re: Message to the world

Yup. I'd ask you to tell me about your nuclear vessels but we've already got the locations, schematics and repair contracts.

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Re: Mass paranoia

Except that the equipment is set up perfectly for spying. It's how it works. Telecom gear from all makes allows for protected circuit paths, and has the ability to do 1:1 duplication allowing the recieving equipment to decide which path to use. It wouldn't take anything at all to duplicate the data to a third path without anyone knowing provided the spy purchased a circuit of the same size to shunt traffic to. Vendors also have their own backdoor access to equipment for vendor-assisted troubleshooting and upgrades, and it wouldn't take much to slip in an unreported account to allow them to get in without anyone seeing.

So yes, Huawei can absolutely allow China to spy on any nation using Huawei gear. So can any of the other telecom providers. Just a matter of deciding which nation you want spying on you, and it's best to go with one most aligned to your national interests. The only alternative is design your own equipment. Juet don't think your own goverment won't jump at the chance to spy as well.

Just because you are paranoid does not mean they aren't out to get you.

Amazon buys US healthcare chain One Medical for $3.9bn

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What I'd LOVE to see -

Now that Cramazon is a healthcare provider, all customer data is now subject to HIPPA restrictions. If that were to happen, watch them drop this new biz like it physically burned.

National data privacy law for the US clears first hurdle

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Wise of Congress

to not allow states to go above and beyond on their own. California has already proven that they will take mile after mile when given an inch.

That being said, California is right that the law needs to be stronger, and enforcement needs to have razor sharp teeth backed by the jaw of a Rottwieler. When big data slurping corps can't control themselves they need to be slapped down hard, with much pain attached. Like perhaps fines in the double digits and based on net global gross income, not profits. Or better than fines, let's see some C-suite execs in fashionable new pumpkin orange jumpsuits with numbers on the back for a few years. Corps change when they feel real pain, not when they're fined 32 seconds worth of profit.

Icon's as close as we get to orange jumpsuits around here.

DataDome looks to CAPTCHA the moment with test of humanity that doesn't hurt

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Unless I'm required

to sign into a work website with a captcha-like system, I won't do it. A US-based automotive performance parts company associated with mountaintops routinely expects me to prove I'm a people just looking for parts. As soon as that screen goes up I close the window and send them an email detailing how much I just spent with a competitor. This year alone it's cost them 5,000USD in sales just from me. It's not my job to stop bots, it's their job, and I'm not doing it for them unless they want to pay my short-term contractor rate.

After 40 years in tech, I see every innovation contains its dark opposite

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Re: Once again, convenience

Doesn't work on everyone though. When I can't find what I need at my regular store, in its customary location, I assume they no longer carry it and go elsewhere. Shopping is a freakin' chore, not a fun thing to do, and stores that make my time there take longer hoping to make more money off me eventually loses my business altogether.

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Re: a planetary-scale "ignorance amplifier"

I've not actually had that problem. When I need information I just put "forum" after my search and it generally finds whatever sort of site I want which is usually a gearhead site of some sort.

Is Microsoft going back to the future on release cadences?

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As long as

they don't stop the weekly security patch reboots. I've grown accustomed to the weekly half hour forced paid break from work. It's not even a bother to spend another half hour setting back up, nor does The Boss whine about it anymore.

And before anyone says anything about being able to set a time for the updates, our company IT department keeps the computers locked down tighter than a duck's arse. IT works 10AM to 4PM, and sets the time when it won't affect their workday. Those of us in a 24x7 shop just have to deal with it.

DoJ, FBI recover $500,000 in ransomware payments to Maui gang

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And THIS exactly

is why we won't see a switch to all electric money anyime soon. It can be traced from the source to the destination, and taken back at any time. No politician is going to support a money system that lets anyone track down who bribed them and when, especailly when the bribe can be taken back. Paper money, ironically, leaves no paper trail while electronic money leaves a very clear paper trail.

Icon, because politician is Latin for "man who steals from city," polis being city, and "tic" being a blood sucking parasite.

Security flaws in GPS trackers can be abused to cut off fuel to vehicles, CISA warns

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And might this system

be used on any armoured vehicles used for transporting rather large amounts of cash for banks? Asking for a friend...

James Webb Space Telescope looks closer to home with Jupiter snaps

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Re: photographing a turtle

We all know that Discworld is the only world in the cosmos that occasionally requires an elephant to lift a leg to allow the sun to pass.

Dev's code manages to topple Microsoft's mighty SharePoint

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Re: Exchange

Please no, not the 10 monkeys again!

M.V. Lipvig Bronze badge

Re: Exchange

Every year, my company gives document training. The training is simple, all documentation, including email, can potentially be supoenaed for a court case. Therefore, it is not transitory, each email is a stored document. There are even document destruction rules we are supposed to follow.

I don't follow them though. I maintain as little paper as possible, and have most of my email set to autodelete after 90 days. If the company wants it retained they can do it. After 30+ years, evidently I've not been important enough to matter because nobody has ever complained. Nor can I be accused of hiding anything - my email rules were set up shortly after starting and I never change them beyond adding an occasional "delete all email from @domain" rule every time IT wants to do a phishng test. They only use a few domains so it didn't take long to stop their obvious tests.

And that's a whole different pisser there. Once I reported a suspicious email that turned out to be a real, legitimate, not spam email and they tried to make me attend a bunch of training on how to recognize spam.

Their emails and training clearly say "report anything even remotely suspicious." What they actually did was train me to stop reporting anything. You give disciplinary training to the guy that clicks the link that loads the virus, not the guy that reports something suspicious that turns out to be a false alarm. Better the occasional false alarm than a ransomware lock.

BOFH: Would I lie to you, Boss?

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I've always thought this could be used to protect a phone, only use the fingerprint reader as the trigger. You can be compelled to unlock a phone this way, so it would be effective. Have everything you want protected in one folder, program overwrites that folder a dozen times when triggered.

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Re: I’m guessing that if…

Having gin and tonic's a bad idea as well, as tonic water has quinine in it and will cause a false positive for heroin use.


Why $52b chip subsidies are being held up – and what the White House is doing about it

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Re: Freakin' Democrats

Oh, I'm pretty sure I said both parties do this, but both parties do not do this every freakin' time. Republicans will occasionally move quickly and concentrate on the business at hand.

M.V. Lipvig Bronze badge

Freakin' Democrats

treat EVERY critical bill as a path to push agenda and stuff these bills full of unrelated crap. What we really need is a bill to be signed that doesn't allow unrelated garbage to be added. If your proposal is worthwhile it should be able to stand on its own.

Yes, both parties play this little game, but one side tacks all their crap to every bill going.

SCOTUS judges 'doxxed' after overturning Roe v Wade

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Re: The left no longer understand what democracy means.

Except that it's not just one person's body being affected, not to mention that the law has already spoken on whether a fetus is a person; killing a pregnant woman earns you TWO murder charges in any state.

Rape, incest, life of the mother, viability of the child, legitimate reasons to abort. Oops, the condom broke and it's not a safe day, perhaps she should have said no that day. Deal with it. Don't want the child, plenty of other people will, and they'll pay the costs.

Smart thermostat swarms are straining the US grid

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Re: fully manual

You forgot one other problem that is far more likely than all that for a residential system - a tiny leak. An air conditioner will also freeze up when the freon* is low. Maintenance guy fiddles with it, tops it up, tiny leak keeps leaking, then it freezes up again. I just went through this on my home system, had to replace the evaporator as the leak was very tiny, and apparently there.

*I know, but the word freon is like the word Coke. "Hey, grab me a Cole. What kind? I dunno, orange I guess." Univeraal, not quite correct, but everyone knows what you mean.

M.V. Lipvig Bronze badge

Or, on-off-on-off-on-off-on-off-on-off-on-off-CLACK! and there goes the grid for a week.

FTC suddenly gets very stern about not-really-anonymized anonymized data

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Re: Excpect the Supreme Court ruling that the FTC can't regulate that...

Everything you mentioned was state of the art for the time, and freely available to everyone. Private citizens also owned armed warships, cannon, and fortresses. The modern equivalent would be private ownership of armed aircraft, carrier groups and nuclear missiles. Strange how you leftists think that Americans wanted the world to stop in 1789 just because we want our government to stick with its mandate.

M.V. Lipvig Bronze badge

It's amazing that it takes the desperation to kill children before birth to get the US government to take privacy seriously.

Hive to pull the plug on smart home gadgets by 2025

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And once again

my initial distrust of depending upon a company's willingness to provide support after the sale is proven. My Honeywell thermostats continue to work with no idea an internet exists. The only internet connected items in my house are my router, 2 laptops and 2 cell phones.

I wonder how the cops will feel about this, considering they're piloting a new law allowing access to privately owned internet cameras. Will they charge companies that stop supporting IoT cameras with obstruction of "justice?"

FYI: BMW puts heated seats, other features behind paywall

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If it comes on the car

as something I pay for it had better work for the life of the car, or they'll never see me again. Not that BMW has had to worry about me since 1989, when I was driving a new rental with less than 1000kms on it. Drove about 200kms, and the freakin' driver front blinker was gone, as in no longer on the car, large hole where it was. I didn't hit anything either. All I recall was being in the passing lane on the Autobahn running about 190kmh, and I saw a yellow flash between me and the guardrail. No impacts or anyrhing. If that's the best they do at putting them together, PASS.



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