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US man blasts stubborn wheelnut with shotgun


But did he get the wheel off

This is clearly half a story, we don't know if the approach worked?

Xbox 360 wrests US sales lead from Wii


Wiiii're bored

Everyone I know that managed to source a Wii got bored of it within a couple of months, the nice thing about it though is due to the shortage of new ones you can sell yours on for what you paid for it!

Digital Switchover: town to lose BBC 2 tomorrow


But no HD

Can't say I'll miss the analogue signal however having bought new 'HD Ready' TV's with built in DTV receivers I'm a little annoyed to have to buy a HD Freeview box in order to watch HD content!

The RIAA will come to regret its court win


@Robert Hill

Although I agree with you to an extent, there's a whole army of indie bands that have thrived in recent years due to the internet & word of mouth, they've not needed a big record label or an expensive marketing campaign to be successful, sure you might not have a repeat of the super groups & mega album sales of the 80's but with direct sales and marketing, a larger percentage of the royalties goes to the makers of the music and without all the overheads it's far cheaper for the consumer. The days are numbered for the big labels & new bands are no longer that interested in getting signed to one.

OpenSUSE 10.3 opens for business


@Ian Michael Gumby

The only thing missing if you download the (DVD) ISO is the manual and the free 30 day support.

Been a Suse fanboy since 6.2, it's never let me down nor have I found a feature on an alternative distro that I would find advantageous.

I think Novell/Suse are doing a sterling job of raising the bar for Linux, long may it continue.

Novell punts world's most expensive Linux distro


I've just ordered my copy

Think Novell have been an awesome contributor to the world of Linux. Amuses me when you get folk turning their noses up at them because of MS so they use an alternative distro that uses source code that comes from the Novell camp.

Microsoft shouts 'Long Live XP'


if you're looking for an upgrade

openSUSE 10.3 is released on Thursday the 4th.


If you look how much money you have to fork out on hardware and software for the Vista experience for it to do half what Linux does for free it's criminal that so many people are blindly walking into PCWorld with their hard earned cash for this!

I've run Linux on my desktop for 8 years, the only thing I've found that it can't do that Windows is good at is catch viruses & spyware!

China spots 42 new glaciers



Is a lower density than water, that's why it floats, it displaces pretty much the same amount of water than it contains. That's why your glass of coke doesn't overflow when your ice-cubes melt.

361 million square kilometers of the Earth is covered in water, to raise that by 1CM you'd need to add 3,610,000,000,000 Litres of water (if I've worked it out correctly).

Given that this floating ice is only 60,000 KM2 where's it going to get all the additional water from?

BBC cans Planet Relief special


Never stopped them before

The BBC have been peddling this nonsense every day for years now. They publish everything and anything that supports the idea of man-made global-warming (now referred to as climate change as the world has been cooling since 98).

In April the BBC had all these experts predicting that 2007 would be the hottest and driest on record yet when it was cold and wet the same scientists were brought out to show how CC could cause it to be colder and wetter too, so basically CC causes weather! Jeez thanks for that, and how much are these scientists on?!!

I thick that the MMGW movement is slowly becoming unraveled as folk realize the 'well it must be' argument & automatically attributing any kind of strong weather to CC doesn't hold much weight. The BBC are right to calm down or risk looking stupid.

Wii named fastest-selling console in UK history


Console gens

I think it's the 3rd generation of 3D consoles.

So 3rd = 360/PS3, 2nd PS2/Xbox/Cube & 1st PS1/Dreamcast/N64 etc.

Don't think the Saturn was technically 3D.



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