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Android users in 12 US states cleared to sue Google Play



Your article claims 12 states but only lists a few of them. Come on, don't do poor reporting. What are the remaining states?

And it's go, go, go for class-action lawsuits against Equifax after 148m personal records spilled in that mega-hack


Re: But whose data was lost?

Do what we are doing and file a small claims case against them. Here in Texas you can even ask for a 6 member jury. I plan to start out asking them (hypothetically, of course) how much they would sell their unchangeable digits and other confidential information for. Then I plan on putting them in my shoes and tell them the defendants GAVE it to hackers who have likely created a database with it on some dark servers somewhere.. I expect to get the max judgment ($10k) which is almost double what I could get elsewhere. If you go the class action route, the company would go bankrupt before paying out more than $100 pp.