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Among those pardoned by Trump this week: Software maker ex-CEO who admitted hacking into rivals' systems


In most democracies a politician in government that would have only a whiff of the idea that he done anything like Trump would have been enough for his resignation. Only in a f'd up political system like the US could someone have survived getting caught inciting foreign governments to corruption with an official policy in place that means to prevent corruption.

And meanwhile I don't hear anything about the involvement of Rick Perry and the possibility of delivering NLG through the three stooges, which without the Nordstrom2 pipe would be more feasible. And how much will Koch inc. etc. have made through warmongering increased oil prices in the Hormuz straights? Thank you Don for being such a pal. Take from the poor and give to the rich. What you see and hear isn't true. Believe me.

Every tweet made markets jump and how much would it take to make disaster Don react? If the taped conversation at the lunch with Trump is anything to go by all you need to do is whisper the right words and off he goes... Take them out with a tweet! Sweet short tweet and rake in the rewards! The useful idiot of corporate America and fraudsters worldwide.

Now,.. if I didn't perceive the dwindling of the devil we know a bigger evil than the emergence of the CCP as economic titan with Chinese characteristics (ruler for life, happy eunuchs, nepotism, red envelopes, new speak, etc.), I wouldn't mind the total meltdown of US political influence around the world. However, with an ongoing existential crisis popping up, I would like some type of positive international effort on that issue.

Capitalist mind control with waspish characteristics, Chinese, Mark's, Jeff's or Rupert's, it hardly matters in this Orwellian distopia we managed to create. It certainly becomes more difficult to make sense of it all, the question here is if the D wants to create prezzidense as they are all big money fraudsters or psychopaths. Hey,.. if he can pardon them,... Right!? President is always right. Pardon's for sale!

Obviously Trump was targeted from the start for impeachment. That is to keep them honest is the idea as explained in the "Trias Politica" concept. I can recall Clinton's investigation veering of to cheating and lying about it in then puritan US. Oooh,... Blame Monica for it and let's get over it. Mitterand in France said "Soit?" about his offspring in France at that period, so it seemed a rather weak case. He lied,.. about cheating on his Hill. Duh,... Even I can envision picking Trump over her as well in that respect. But admit a mistake when you make it.

Trump might however not have given a plurality of reasons why impeachment might be a good idea though. Obviously he feels invulnerable to get away with anything as some die hard RNC's dancing around Ruth to get her spin dizzy. The goals merit the means,...

The US as a whole lost in any perspective you place it and I fear more to come. The constitutional crisis is far from over.

Meanwhile lush banana groves keep sprouting from the land of corn, commerce and geriatric crackpots running for president.

We're all doooooomed: Gloomy Brit workforce really isn't coping well with impending Brexit


Damned if you do...

And damned if you don't.

If straight after the ref the position had been taken that half of the pop wanting out and half in, the obvious result should be to have some half assed result like a Norway option, there would probably have been a majority support. Instead May wanting to keep the anti immigrant voter inside decided to play that ball first. Considering her role in the whole affair with the deportation of people that arrived in the late 40's to help rebuild the UK, that may have been expected. Instead of building bridges and a compromise on the whole sorry Brexit thingy, the British position has been to play the underbelly. Considering the latest polling stats, it seems to work from a party power aspect, but I severely doubt that the aspects of a hard Brexit are well understood.

Meanwhile hundreds of companies are leaving Britain and investment is negative. I hope your sovereign un-prorogued parliament gets its act together together with the elected Tory leader, House of Lords and Queen. Ehm,.. right.

Au my bog: Bloke, 66, on bail after 'solid-gold' crapper called 'America' stolen from stately home


Deep shit man!

Taking a crap on America in Winston Churchills apartment. It actually travelled the world to get crapped upon. And now, shit happens or is someone taking the crap out of us? Now that's a real turdbender.

Researchers peer into crystal ball to see future where everyone's ID is tied to their smartphone


The singularity is here!

I guess AI has gone singular already and cooked up this idea from the fact that his machinery always has a parasite attached to it. No doubt an anonymous e-mail with big boob attachment to it or something similar catered for the dimwitted recipient did the job. Assimilate!

Google's Fuchsia OS Flutters into view: We're just trying out some new concepts, claims exec


Open Source may be the way to prevent disruption

The orange swamp thing has recently shown how vulnerable the economic use of foreign technology can be. Imagine the Trump admin telling Microsoft to stop doing business with China. I was in China in 2008 when Microsoft killed all the pirated XP machines.. That was interesting. Me and my colleagues were the only ones with working XP machines on campus. The disruption of Huawei and causing it such damage is due to the vulnerability of the rights to use being related to foreign law. In a way exactly the game China has played with foreign companies for quite some time, also basing itself on national security. But the idea that China will open its borders to Western tech companies and an end to censorship which was rumored to be the case is pretty deluded. 90 Million Chinese depend on that system for their privileges. They will stick it out till 2020 and if need be longer.

One thing that open source has to offer here is the lack of political sources of disruption. Considering the increase of disruptors and disruptions worldwide, it may well be the obvious economic choice for the industry.

Google open sources standardized code in bid to become Mr Robots.txt


Gripes (plural)

I think my gripes with Google have only increased with their success in dominating the web. Especially now with android and the inevitability of the app store for nearly anything. Yeah,.. F-Droid is an alternative or anything else as slurpy, but smaller. In all it is a rather sick ecosystem by now. Just as the microsoft domineered one was. Still sicker are the "social" media sites and the software that relates to them and their scope on our society.

When it comes to open standards, Google has long since lost its innocence, so some healthy scepsis is required. On the other side, they could have gone unilateral and force the issue. I guess that is often how software gets open sourced. In case of the REP, I think it can use some form of standardisation, but wouldn't be surprised to have Google say, "Thanks for the input, we've incorporated some of them in our new proprietary product that we will be pushing up your (*) .. All you people are belong to us!"

Cyber-IOU notes. Voucher hell on wheels. However you want to define Facebook's Libra, the most ridiculous part is its privacy promise

Paris Hilton

So what is the blockchain for?

In China both Alipay and weChat pay are widely used for years without a need for blockchain. So why add such a ecologic monster to it? Or can we mine them as well? Will be fun once quantum computing or other new exiting tech gets a hold of the encryption as well.

But yeah,.. no doubt this will become a success if you consider that Facebook is promoting something for it's own benefit. Considering how little influencing it took to get Trump elected, it can only be so. Soon we'll all pay to the Zuckerbots with Lubera.

"Lubera,.. your rectum,.. our pleasure.."

We're doomed I tell you... DOOMED!

Paris,.. for obvious reasons.

Hongmeng, there's no need to feel down: It's patently obvious this is Huawei's homegrown OS


Obvious solution.

This is an interesting development. It turns out that a bunch of aggressive white house employees can easily destroy your business by telling your proprietary software supplier to stop doing business with you. Well,.. that was possible before, but it was seen as not done option. I'm waiting for Trump loudly and publicly scratching his balls before shaking some presidents hands next time to get back at him.

I think this should give another incentive to start using open source at all levels of their products. I think it would be a nice slogan for them. "Politics Agnostic Design"

Use an 8-char Windows NTLM password? Don't. Every single one can be cracked in under 2.5hrs



NTLM? I can recall brute forcing NTLM pw from sam files in 1997 using L0phtCrack for NT3.51 and NT4. Any characters above 7 were discarded in the challenge so brute forcing it with a derelict 486 took me a night. Is this another NTLM or is this the still basically the same? For many years hacking MSos was kidsplay if you had access to the .sam file (as any user on running machine would).

Worried about Brexit food shortages? North Korean haute couture has just the thing


The usual suspect

No doubt when the UK goes to crap all parties involved in the making of this disaster will blame it on the EU and the other 27 countries in it. Especially the pesky Krauts that were unwilling to get those 26 others to rewrite the treaties that make up the EU and let the pea eaters have all the nice things they wished for. That after all is what they been promised by their Tory overlords and other madmen who are now expected to deliver. Blaming the EU having basically been the problem with in UK politics all the time as none of those were brave enough to go against the power of Murdoch for the past decades nor would they take responsibility for their own actions.

Now I wonder if there will be any that will be brave enough to avert certain doom this year, cancel Brexit to save the UK, make serious work of the EU and change whatever EU rules would be more prudent to try and do it all over once things got worked out. No doubt there are some populist in Europe that will gladly sow the seeds of future trouble by supporting the Brexit effort if only out of spite. There are plenty of fascist movements to support the destruction of the socialist abomination that is the EU.

If not I gather that illegal immigration to the UK will soon be a thing from the past and that mainland Europe and other horrible places can expect an influx of starving Brits and warzone refugees from the borderlands of Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Manx, much like in the olden days. After that period in which England is only populated with coarse peasants who have managed to survive the harsh realities of their cake, the wider EU if it hasn't been occupied by the Chinese yet, may attempt to recolonise the island and bring it back to civilisation.

Nah,... what probably will happen is that the UK will gladly flaunt any WTO rules about inspecting stuff at the borders, claiming to be incapable to comply due to a lack of customs officers and failed IT projects. And people have to eat, get their medicine and have holidays abroad. The cost of these legalities however seem to cost vastly more than whatever the UK ever contributed to the EU and just when you thought to have moved all the bureaucrats to Brussels they'll have to be reinstated at home.


Re: Ahh...

No,.. he probably means ale, the English version of beer... well,.. sort of.


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