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Change Healthcare’s ransomware attack costs edge toward $1B so far


If it's like my previous employer, then the constant drumbeat was "cut costs" and "switch to Microsoft monoculture".

Broadcom has willingly dug its VMware hole, says cloud CEO


Re: Alternative to Player with USB support?

I've had generally good luck with VirtualBox. Perhaps it'll work for your use case.

Microsoft warns deepfake election subversion is disturbingly easy


The Stainless Steel Rat . . .

. . . for President.

It was done in fiction, decades ago.

Ex-White House CIO tells The Reg: TikTok ban may be diplomatic disaster


A while back I bought Pimlical through the Google Play store. Pimlical is the current offering from the author of the long-ago popular Palm Pilot app Datebk3 and then Datebk4, which I also used back in the day.

I changed phones, and didn't use it for a while, then decided I wanted to try it again. Gone from the Play store, because the author didn't want to play Google's games any more.

No recourse but to buy it again, directly from the author.

No, thanks.

Singapore improves the AI it uses to detect smokers


Re: Version numbers...

"Multitronic units one through four were . . . not entirely successful."

Linux for older phones postmarketOS changes its init system


Re: without it (also) running as a systemwide init thing?

I choose zero modules. Why won't he respect that?


Replacing one friction with another

"On the other hand, by supporting systemd, we reduce the friction and problems that KDE and GNOME developers face currently, they build their UIs to work with systemd and so we can run them as they intended to. The APIs provided by systemd are actually needed to run a modern smartphone UI on Linux: there isn't really an alternative out there."

systemd is friction incarnate, keeping me from controlling the hardware I own.

FOSS replacement for Partition Magic, Gparted 1.6 is here to save your data


I used GParted in the latest Knoppix (now several years old) to resize an EFI Windows 10 installation to make room for that wonky update that needed more room for the recovery partition. It went fine.

How to weaponize LLMs to auto-hijack websites


But can it teach matchboxes to play tic-tac-toe?

Someone had to say it: Scientists propose AI apocalypse kill switches


Re: One word ...

A few years later, though, you'll need something like Colossus to protect you from an interstellar threat.

Please install that patch – but don't you dare actually run it


Re: We dont go for "uptime" records

I reboot my home Linux boxes at least as often as when anything in /boot is updated. I don't want a borked update to the kernel or initrd to cause trouble later.

250 million-plus reserved IPv4 addresses could be released – but the internet isn’t built to use them


Where's my share of the sale?

To the author: I've been a licensed ham for 34 years. I didn't receive anything for the partial sale of 44/8.

The New ROM Antics – building the ZX Spectrum 128


Re: Lovely

I never had a 6809-based system, though did lust after the CoCo series.

It's too bad the 6809 fell out of production, as I think it would have made a better retro computing platform than the 65C02.

Still, I find the Commander X16 appealing.

Microsoft suggests command line fiddling to get faulty Windows 10 update installed


Cinnamon beats Windows for UI quality.



I doubt it will work with Veracrypt, either, which is how my old Macbook Pro's Windows installation is encrypted.

I did the manual resizing steps in my Win10 VM, and they worked, but I haven't yet decided to try it on the MBP, because I'd have to unencrypt first.

Edit: I did have to move the EFI partition after resizing the C: partition, as this VM was converted to EFI after initial build. I used Knoppix+Gparted for that. . . .

After that, there was enough room to make a new, bigger, WinRE partition.

Mike drop, DXC-ya later! Lawrie immediately ejects as CEO from IT outsourcing giant


This didn't age well

Will there be a Mike number three?

As lawmakers mull outlawing poor security, what can they really do to tackle online gangs?


Is this just a modest proposal?

Issue letters of marque and reprisal.

Windows 12: Savior of PC makers, or just an apology for Windows 11?


> You know they'll never introduce a W13, don't you.

They'll call it W15. SuSE skipped 13 and 14.

HP exec says quiet part out loud when it comes to locking in print customers


Re: Honestly....

I have an HP inkjet printer that was bundled with a new iMac in 2008, from Apple.

When the ink ran out, I continued using it as a scanner, and it still works that way, despite dried-out ink supplies.

I don't see buying any more HP kit, either.

Bank boss hated IT, loved the beach, was clueless about ports and politeness


Re: Every single time

I had an iBook G4. As I no longer have it, I had to check Wikipedia to confirm my memory:

10/100BASE-T Ethernet

56k v.92 modem

Integrated AirPort Extreme 802.11b/g

Optional Bluetooth 1.1

2x USB 2.0

1x FireWire 400

Audio out mini-jack

Microsoft likens MFA to 1960s seatbelts, buckles admins in yet keeps eject button


Is it MFA if it's not Microsoft?

I wish that Microsoft didn't consider _their_ MFA to be the only MFA.

Where I work, when they say "MFA", they mean Microsoft's offering. Any other MFA is (insultingly) called 2FA or less, no matter what it actually offers.

Tenfold electric vehicles on 2030 roads could be a shock to the system


Re: Not Just Charging Issues, Transport Infrastructure Too

In my state, they are charged road tax - an exorbitant annual fee on top of regular registration. It's a flat rate that punishes those who don't drive a lot, and subsidizes those who do.

Instead it should be based on distance driven, as fuel taxes (indirectly) are.

Public chargers here have surcharges that also go (allegedly) to road repair funds.

Microsoft gives unexpected tutorial on how to install Linux


Re: WSL 3

Wine is far better now than it was on day one.

Today it can run quite a number of games very well.

This is how I use it, via the Lutris wrapper.

Outlook's clingy 'reopen last session' prompt gets the boot


When Outlook does reopen my windows, it gets them wrong, every time.

Oh, the inbox is fine, but the calendar and to-do list pages aren't how I had them customized.

How's this for X-ray specs? Wi-Fi can read through walls... if the letters are solid objects


They've reinvented RADAR

Nothing to see here.

Pokémon Go was a 'success disaster' and Niantic is still chasing another hit


Pokémon Go probably wouldn't exist without Ingress, but the article mentions Ingress only once and Pokémon Go ten times.

Seems Niantic squandered its opportunities to make Ingress more profitable, in part with the way they rolled out the v2 client.

Then there's Niantic's hostility to rooted phones.

I wonder if the games will work with GrapheneOS.

Version 5 of systemd-free Debian remix Devuan is here


Few troubles, mostly Just Works

I've used Devuan since "Jessie" - I migrated from Debian before Debian forced systemd.

My Ship-of-Theseus file server-slash-MythTV box has been running fine on Debian, now Devuan, since 2006.

My desktop, after many years a Hackintosh, has been on Devuan since 2021.

The article author is welcome to use a bloated systemd/Linux distro.

Quirky QWERTY killed a password in Paris


Re: All your QWERTY belong to us...

Default or no, D/M/Y still sorts badly.

AWS to expand Ohio bit barns to the tune of $7.8B


You don't remember this documentary? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salvage_1

Storing the Quran on your phone makes you a terror suspect in China


Re: The plague of idolatry

All religions are made up. Yours is no more true and right than any other.

EU legislates disclosure of copyright data used to train AI


Perhaps the Democrats would rework the "Daisy" ad (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daisy_(advertisement)) to use against today's Republicans.

The end of Microsoft-brand peripherals is only Surface deep


I'm on my second Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard, and have a third in storage for when this one fails.

I've had a hard time finding something as good without paying an excessive price.

NASA wants a telescope on the far side of the Moon


This is an eventual reason for humans to be on the moon long-term.

Build huge telescopes of all sorts on the far side, with cables (fiber-optic?) to the near side to relay stations for quick transmission of collected data to Earth-bound scientists.

This sort of thing was in fiction decades ago.

Sick of smudges on your car's enormo touchscreen? GM patents potential cure


Where will those compounds go?

I picture this process sublimating those smudges into the car's interior air. Where will they redeposit?

Will other surfaces eventually become grimy and sticky from what is driven away from the touchscreen?

Go ahead, be rude. You don't know it now, but it will cost you $350,000


Re: You get what you order

If you can get the police to show up. Here, it seems to me that they don't like to be bothered with anything that doesn't include blood.

Darth Vader voice actor James Earl Jones allows AI to take over the role


Re: Awesome

"This is Newsmax".

A match made in heaven: systemd comes to Windows Subsystem for Linux


Re: Better idea.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a UNIX/Linux guy at heart, but there are good solid reasons for running a Windows server and desktop system

What are they?

NASA builds for keeps: Voyager mission still going after 45 years


Re: Technology Perspective

Who's "we" in regard to the number of space stations?

There were at least six space stations in the Salyut program.

There was Mir.

There was Skylab.

There's the ISS.

And there's Tiangong, and its two predecessors with similar names.


Re: Multiples of less

Yes, Reg writers, please stop using phrases like "three million times less memory" or "38,000 times slower".

If you mean 1/3000000 or 1/38000, say that.

Otherwise just give actual values for memory or data rates - they're more useful.

China 'must seize TSMC' if the US were to impose sanctions


Or perhaps _The Years of Rice and Salt_:


Engineer sues Amazon for not covering work-from-home internet, electricity bills


Is Amazon required to pay for commuting costs for office workers? Clothing costs? Unlikely.

Are those higher or lower than the $50/month requested for home internet and electricity?

Paying for home internet and electricity seems a fair trade for the wasted time and resources spent commuting and dressing up to be in a communal office.

No day in court: US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court rulings will stay a secret


Re: finger print and retinal scan

You've never had a comprehensive eye exam? They photograph my retinas every time, to watch for potential disease.

This is your final warning to re-certify, Red Hat tells tardy sysadmins


Re: If and only if ...

The RHCE exam is a practical exam - receive a broken VM, fix it in ways that the check script can detect. The NDA and the haze of years prevent me from giving much more detail than that.

It is definitely not a mulitple-choice test.

Still, RHEL 7 is still current, and my cert for it expired a few years ago, presumably because Red Hat consider the certification arm a profit center.

I am not interested in renewing it with my own money. If someone wants to pay for it on my behalf, I'm listening.

Having trouble getting your mitts on that Raspberry Pi? You aren't alone


Re: zero stock is zero from day zero

Did autocorrect get you, or is DRM a new amateur digital mode?

Russia tells UN it wants vast expansion of cybercrime offenses, plus network backdoors, online censorship


Perhaps Russia is, a bit late, trying to start the Codominium.

Microsoft loves Linux – as in, it loves Linux users running Linux desktop apps on Windows PCs


Re: So when will we hit the "Extinguish" phase?

For me, the point is that Windows shouldn't be in direct control of hardware I own. It takes far too many liberties.

Windows should be completely limited to userspace, either via WINE or running inside a VM.

Fortunately, the games I want to run are supported under WINE.

Banking software firm tiptoes off to the cloud with MariaDB after $2m Oracle licence shocker



Should that be "RAC" instead of "rack"?

Samsung slows smartphone upgrade treadmill with promise to support three Android generations on Galaxies


Re: Who needs a new phone when 2018-vintage kit still packs a punch?

VoLTE (another upgrade treadmill)?

US cable subscribers are still being 'ripped off' by creeping price increases – and this lot has had enough


Re: Taxes and fees

That encryption for the basic tier is why I ditched Cox for TV.

After moving, I ditched AT&T for DSL (was using an excellent virtual ISP, but AT&T bungled the physical service move), and am back with . . . Cox, but solely for Internet.