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$17,000 Apple Watch: Pointless bling, right? HA! You're WRONG

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Re: But what happens a few years down the line

Nope pre owned rolex's retain value and for the desireable ones increase just like a classic Porsche 911 increases in value

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£13K for a watch

That is a starter watch for a young banker after he or she gets their first small bonus :-)

I'm the wire starter: ARM, IBM tout plug 'n' play Internet of Stuff kit

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Re: How much!

ah so in the uk £75 to £200 IBM is never cheap i can by anaudunio clone for chinal for less than a fiver

'Utterly unusable' MS Word dumped by SciFi author Charles Stross

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Re: Confused

The problem is is Charlie is using Office on a MAC which is not as good as the Windows version.

Also Apple is rapidly distancing its self from any serious "professional" use case preferring to go down the Jesus phone fondleslab route - trust me on this I am looking after a mostly mac office and migrating a set of stand alone macs to an OSx server based set up is non trivial let alone moving an outlook user account between macs!

If Bob had to deal with MACS in the laundry verse he would be asking Mo and violin to go pay a visit to Cupertino - and I am sure sure the nazgull would look the other way.

Charlie as an ex pro should know better if your end customer is using windows 8 and Office that’s what you use he should no better to try and do some nonstandard multi os/hardware software lash up MAC -> open office to Windows office and back again to MAC open office is just asking for trouble.

Just buy a nice i7 system and a decent keyboard or run parallels and have an identical system set up to where you deliver to life’s to short to try and force computers to do things they don’t want to do

Nuke-frying raygun 747 all ready bar the raygun

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Er guys its a fraking infrared lazer so all the brasso in the world aint going to help.