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Roses are red, Facebook will pay, to make Uncle Sam go away: Zuck, FTC in $bn settlement rumor


"Pleged", nice of them. I plege a charity to make a donation

EasyJet boss says pre-Chrimbo Gatwick drone chaos cost it £15m


Re: £10m In Customer Welfare Costs?

Worded carefully. 'Welfare' != Compo

Welfare = hotels, meals, drinks and probably includes airline staff to coordinate 400 flights worth of passengers receiving the welfare

The Iceman cometh, his smartwatch told the cops: Hitman jailed after gizmo links him to Brit gangland slayings


Re: Proof once again

Keep us updated with what happens, your doors will probably come off their hinges in the next few days

Tech giant to spend $500m dealing with housing crisis caused by tech giants


25 years from now we'll be hearing about the microsoft lease hold scandal