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San Francisco cops can use private cameras to live-monitor 'significant events'


Re: Huh?

"So isn't the underlying issue how many privately owned cameras are pointed at publicly accessible areas?"

Nailed it.

BT CEO orders staff: Back to the office or risk 'disciplinary action'


Excellent summation. Get back to work, you whiners.

Merge shifts Ethereum to full proof-of-stake, price slumps



Just read the article and came to conclusion 1)

Ex-Broadcom engineer asks for house arrest over IP theft


Re: What he said isn't relevant, what he did is.

jail time please.

Lenovo launches face-mounted monitor


Re: The best headmounted display

Can’t wait to try it and see if it works ‘good enough’ for me. I design, build and troubleshoot (not my designs, of course) control systems for machinery. So, I frequently wind up in the field whether literally outside or in a cramped room somewhere. It’s a total PITA to try and tape up a drawing in the wind or try to prop up a laptop somewhere with a PDF blown up to 200% scrolling around trying to locate wires and components. I’ve often longed for some kind of heads up display where I could see the drawings in front of me. Even if I would have to lift the glasses up or hang them from my neck to see the actual work and go back and forth I’d bet it would be better than what I’m doing now.

Musk tries to stall Twitter takeover trial following whistleblower claims




California to phase out internal combustion vehicles by 2035


make 'em yourself if you're smart enough

No problem. Just hire some Cubans. Their ingenuity at machining parts out of nothing to keep old classics running is nothing short of astounding.

California accuses Tesla of false advertising over Autopilot



Glad to see the CA DMV pointing out that the emperor has no clothes. Hopefully more states wake up and join the bandwagon. Autopilot-what BS.

It's on: Twitter vs Elon Musk trial to start October 17


Re: I don’t have a dog in this fight

I was thinking the same thing as I read the article. This is one time I wouldn't mind the lawyers getting all the money.

Carnival Cruises torpedoed by US states, agrees to pay $6m after wave of cyberattacks



Been on several Carnival cruses and had a blast every time. Fortunately, we had to postpone our last attempt several years ago or we might have been aboard the ship that lost a generator and had to be towed ignominiously back to port after a few days of hell for everyone (whew!). So, if they got my info it’s seriously out of date.

But, it points to a very depressing situation: It seems like every major company, no matter what the industry, is run by imbeciles. As I’ve lamented before, it’s a Beavis and Butthead world now and they run the show. It’s also another reason I don’t bother chasing cell phone or ISP providers or OS systems in an attempt to go with a more honest or environmentally oriented corporate structure. They all suck. Pick one, hold your nose and get on with life.

Wi-Fi hotspots and Windows on Arm broken by Microsoft's latest patches


Where have all the coders gone?

Once again, I have to ask: Is this sh*t way too complicated now or have all the pro code writers been retired (shoved out the door) and replaced by incompetent idiots?

Never fear, the White House is here to tackle web trolls


Re: Finger-Wagging

First of all, it sounds like he’s joking. Second, even if true, nowhere does he imply he’d shoot someone he was arguing with. Third, and most importantly, he’s in an apartment-if he’s not using the correct ammunition he’s going to shoot his neighbors-they’re the ones who should be nervous. Hope he has his s**t together on this.

Intel delivers first discrete Arc desktop GPUs ... in China



I'd think that Intel would be happy to get a 16 year run of its A380.

Toshiba says it's talking to 10 suitors about possible sale


Re: "discussions are under way with §0 parties"

That's what they did to my company.

Pentester pops open Tesla Model 3 using low-cost Bluetooth module


living in a fantasy

In my world I don’t need keys because nobody steals anything. I can write Office macros to be productive because no one hacks anything. But, since I’m living in an unreal world I have to be careful. It starts with using a phone to make phone calls and little else.

Apple's return-to-office plan savaged by staff


What is "work'?

I guess we must define “work”. If “work” means typing on a keyboard all day long with occasional conversations or emails, then one can work anywhere. Back when I was coding, I dreamed about sitting on a beach with my laptop while writing brilliant programs as a freelancer. If “work” means doing stuff with your hands and tools (as well as computers) then you have to be there. I ran a product development lab where we prototyped and tested product ideas (lots of in house automated testing with code developed by myself-great fun). Access to the equipment and collaboration with colleagues was essential.

Then, there was the submission phase to UL, CSA, VDE, etc. for testing and approval of our proposed product. One can only imagine the head butting that would occur when they’d say “you can’t do that” as we tested the limits of their standards (safely, in our opinion). It became obvious to me early on that it was far better to meet with them in person than phone/ video/email communications methods in terms of hammering out a resolution. This was borne out one day during a meting we had at the UL office. “We sure get a lot more done in person” one of their engineers said.

Of course, this was back in the day before all the greedy bastards shipped manufacturing off to China. So, perhaps its best to forget what I just wrote. The world has changed and I’m an anachronism whose time has passed. Thank God I’m not looking for a job.

Insteon's vanishing act explained: Smart home biz insolvent, sells off assets


Re: Insteon wasn't always cloudy

"Why would common Wifi/Zigbee/RF devices require gobs of wiring everywhere?" You're confusing wireless devices with a control system using existing electrical wiring. Gobs of wiring means running switch legs to the new locations and/or running new wires between switches if controlling lights (or plugs) from more than one location). Of course, if adding a new light you have to at least get power to it by wire but even then, switching that light can get complicated. Been there, done that 1000 times over.


Insteon wasn't always cloudy

As an IT website, the focus here is the reporting of computer based shenanigans including the pathetic abomination referred to as IoT. Not sure how Insteon became entangled into the (not so)SmartHomes cloudy endeavor but it was a very good stand alone product for many years. Similar to power line networking (but preceding it, I think) It used the power lines to communicate between modules. This enabled switching and controlling lights/receptacles, etc. without running gobs of wiring everywhere (and tearing up walls when adding things after the fact). Other than local control, if desired here could be a master controller plugged in somewhere. Insteon was a great improvement over the similar, but somewhat buggy, X-10 system. Insteon hardware solved thorny problems for many of my clients and I, for one, am saddened to see it going down in flames.

Europe twists YouTube's arm to get better cookie consent popups


Re: Cookie banners-why cookies at all?

"...GitHub, which in late 2020 stopped presenting any cookie notification banner because it abandoned non-essential cookies..." Why are cookies necessary at all for a website to function? If you want your information saved (searches, etc) why can't you just make a profile which the website could access when you visited the site. In other words-bake your own cookie when you want to.

Fintech platform flaw could have allowed bank transfers, exposed data


re Defensive programming

This is how I used to write code. Guess it went out of fashion. My code to validate user input was always longer than the function code. This would be followed by several days of users testing the forms by entering nonsense and alphabet soup into all the input boxes to make sure everything behaved.

VMware reveals a swarm of serious bugs – some critical


here we go again

Once again I have to ask: How does this keep happening (serious flaws in almost every application)? Are coders really this bad or are these applications so complicated that these scenarios are impossible to avoid? If they’re so complicated how come other people keep finding these vulnerabilities? If someone else found them why didn’t the company in question have its own bug finder on staff? I just don’t get it.

Feds slay dark-web souk Hydra: Servers and $25m in crypto-coins seized


Re: Here's an idea

They break into your house because, being illegal, the s**t is so expensive. Removing the huge profit margins will make your house far less likely to be burglarized (by a drug addict, at least). Trouble is, the ‘war on drugs’ means lots of money for cops also so it’s unlikely this mess will go away anytime soon.

It's time to delete that hunter2 password from your Microsoft account, says IT giant


Re: "in a safe place"

Had a spare car key tucked under the fender in a magnetic key holder box for “that occasion”. Locked my key in the car one shopping trip, reached under the fender and felt around where the box used to be. It was shocking how quick and easy it was for a helpful onlooker to unlock the door with a coat hangar.

More charged in UK Lapsus$ investigation


It all makes sense now

Couldn’t understand why Micros~t, aka ‘King of Holey Code’ started issuing in depth security warnings to the world a while back. Where did THAT come from? From its buggy software team it seems. Being hacked by the NORKS? the Russians? China? Nah, just a handful of teenagers.

IcedID malware, in the hijacked email thread, with the insecure Exchange servers


I never open attachments from unknown parties. If I do know them, I call them so see if they actually sent me anything and, if so, what is it? If it’s something they’re just passing along, I don’t open it.

Nvidia outlines subscription-fueled journey to $1tr revenue


Re: Paying $£¥€ to keep hardware I bought to keep doing what it did when I bought it

Depends. If the car I wanted was offered at $10,000 less without the autodrive “feature” enabled I’d buy it in a second.

Hackers remotely start, unlock Honda Civics with $300 tech


Me too. My high school nickname was “keys’. I walked around looking like the school janitor and it continues to this day. But, those keys opened up many interesting cars and fun places to hang out.


How is the faraday cage idea supposed to work? Don’t you have to take the fob out to use it? Maybe it could be specially shaped with a hole in it to let the signal out? What a mess.

Ford to sell unfinished Explorers as chip shortage bites


Re: Thank god for small favors

Heated car seats are creepy. Every time my wife surreptitiously turns mine on, it feels like I just peed my pants. However, sitting down on a freezing crapper seat in the middle of the night is another thing entirely.


liking the new normal

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone started driving around and realized they could do without all that extra crap? Less s**t to breakdown, less distractions while driving. Nah, they're all too spoiled. Autonomous driving anyone?

Cow-counting app abused by China 'to spy on US states'


Holy cow, Batman!

Microsoft engineer fixes enterprise-level Chromium bug students could exploit to cheat in online tests


enough already

Arguing against a method that forces the little buggers to give answers from what they’ve learned instead of cheating seems depressingly familiar to the arguments of selfish three year olds railing about their “loss of freedom” because they’re told to wear masks and get vaccinated to help us all get through the pandemic.

US carriers want to junk three times more Chinese comms kit than planned


Re: Now, where can I buy that old kit?

Exactly-I wonder how inflated their replacement estimates are. After all, it's "free" money.

Trio of Rust Core Team members take their leave


My cat likes pancakes.

Lost your mouse cursor? Microsoft's PowerToys 0.55 has you covered – with a massive crosshair


Can't find it

PowerToys was very handy back in the day and I’d like to try it again. But, where is it in the App store? A search for PowerToys brings up 15 apps for a dollar or two each but nothing is named PowerToys.

Sophos: Log4Shell would have been a catastrophe without the Y2K-esque mobilisation of engineers


Re: I have a question

Not looking for a job and I hate gaming.


I have a question

Was thinking of studying Java.

“…JAVA that requires you to copy 100s of versions of the same class on a single asset instead of having one local respository…”

What does this mean? Is this true? If so, is it really a bad thing?


Microsoft rolls out Files On-Demand with tighter macOS integration – but it defaults to 'on' and can't be disabled


gone and forgotten

Didn't realize one drive resided as a program on my windoze machine. Just found and deleted it before it could wake itself up and do something.

Less than PEACH-y: UK's plant export IT system only works with Internet Explorer


Why does any program “need” a browser to work?

I used to have problems installing Quickbooks for clients (I HATE Quickbooks) which needed IE5 (or some such version) to work but IE7 was out and so everything would crash and workarounds were needed. So, I’d wonder-why would ANY program tie itself to a browser much less a SPECIFIC version of a browser in order to work? I thought it was short sighted in the extreme. Could someone explain this? Thanks

Smart things are so dumb because they take after their makers. Let's fix that


Who's running the show?

Ever wonder where Beavis and Butthead ended up? Check out the Board of Directors list of several major IoT companies. I’ll bet they’re on most of them.

Server errors plague app used by Tesla drivers to unlock their MuskMobiles


it can happen

Becoming suspicious of such a scenario, I tested this auto unlock “feature” with my wife’s 2017 Honda where if you’re close enough with the key fob the door will unlock. What if you placed some papers and your key on the roof and drove off? Or, in my case with the key snapped to my backpack, what if I put it down and left? Sure enough, the key could be close enough to start the car but not in it and off you went for a one way drive. Something like this actually happened to a friend. My wife always asks “did you lock the door?” as we leave the car. Another unintended consequence is that, if you have the key you can’t check this because the door will open when you check it. I’ve chucked the keys down the parking lot more than once in an attempt to try the door handle.

Magnanimous Apple will allow people to fix their iPhones using parts bought from its Self Service Repair program


Re: Fair?

I've been soldering for 50 years also and I still suck at it.

What a clock up: Brit TV-broadband giant Sky fails to pick up weekend's timezone change, fix due by Friday


Re: I hate DST.

Changing time REALLY REALLY fucked with my sleep schedule as well. Fortunately, I live in Hawaii now where DST is not observed so the agony of switching back and forth is a fading memory.

Want to support Firefox? Great, you'll have no problem with personalised, sponsored search suggestions then


me too

Count me in. I'd pay good money for a good browser.

One-size-fits-all chargers? What a great idea! Of course Apple would hate it


you are lucky

As well as “off brands”, my wife and I also have had two or three Apple cable failures and these cables just rested on the counter between use. (My wife likes Apple kit so I’m forced to have an iPhone so I know how get her going when things go awry).The problem is not so much the cable but the poorly designed lightning connector with its exposed contacts. Who ever thought that was a good idea? Look at yours (with a magnifying glass if necessary) and you might see black oxidation (or whatever) shorting out pins or other general funkiness. I have “fixed” some by cleaning but it never lasts. I, for one, will be glad to see the demise of the lightning cable.

Pi calculated to '62.8 trillion digits' with a pair of 32-core AMD Epyc chips, 1TB RAM, 510TB disk space


Re: Sponsorhip Deal

you are right. anyway you slice it, that's a lot of pi.

THX Onyx: A do-it-all DAC for the travelling audiophile


where's the music?

For good music, CD ‘quality’ is a minimum recording standard. A few years ago when I was lamenting the infestation of poor quality mp3s into the music scene in a discussion with my stepson he remarked “true, but today’s music is crap anyway so it doesn’t matter”. Sadly, this holds even truer these days.

Malaysian Police crush crypto-mining kit to punish electricity thieves



Awesome. Now, where are some politicians?

See what's on the slab: Apple reportedly mulls stretching the iPad Pro to 14 and 16 inches


Re: I still find

“A tablet is a consumption device” Exactly. For doing real work-forget it. Typing and poking on a touch screen to get anything done-you’ve got to be kidding. Or, maybe it’s because of many years of playing the bass or many more years of manual labor. Either way, my fingers and touch screens don’t get along.

Russia spoofed AIS data to fake British warship's course days before Crimea guns showdown


back to basics

Good thing I kept my sextant handy.



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