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The Wrath of Amazon: JEDI wars rage on after US Department of Defense affirms Microsoft contract


Re: Let's be honest - they are the leader

Actually, for reasons I don't quite understand, I'm rooting for Microsoft. As for the single vendor concept, I'm for that also-it eliminates any finger pointing at "the other guy" when the s**t hits the fan.

Geneticists throw hands in the air, change gene naming rules to finally stop Microsoft Excel eating their data


Re: User Error

Hi Jake,

My Snap On dealer once told me a story about a Ford production line where the car came down the belt with metric on one side and English on the other. True? Who knows, but funny. The argument about Excel (or any other program) being appropriate can easily be made (especially when a database should be used instead of a spreadsheet). However, in the real world, people use what’s at hand or what they’re familiar with. And, since most are not really skilled, the subtleties of controlling the formatting are not evident. But, even with me paying attention, I have had many bad experiences with Excel formatting.


Re: User Error

I am an excellent mechanic. While it’s true that good mechanic doesn’t blame his tools, I have held plenty of crappy and badly performing tools in my hands. Excel’s auto format (and for that matter Word’s and most cell phones spelling auto correct “feature”) have caused me much grief over the years as these programs try to do my thinking for me. Sorry Winkypop, it IS the tool that is causing the problem.

Ransomware crims to sell off 'scandalous' files swiped from Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Puff Daddy's legal eagles


Re: Scandal!

Her first album was excellent. After that, ouch!

Windows 10 Insider wondering where Notepad has gone? Fear not, Microsoft found it down the back of Dev Channel


format removal-who knew?

Wow! Was I glad to find out that Notepad is a great washing machine for removing crapped up text formatting, background colors, etc. I've just cleaned up several documents. This is why I read the Reg.

P.S. As an appreciative reader, I offered to let the Reg serve up some ads. But, every other page/session/different browser keeps asking again. So, I just say no now. I emailed the Reg but never got a response. Guess they're better at writing stories than websites.

Apple launches incredible features everyone else had more than a year ago – this time for the 'smart home'


I'm out

Oh Boy! More farcial recognition. I'm going to cut off my head.

It looks like you want to browse the internet with Chrome. Would you like help? Maybe try Edge? Please?


it's no joke, it's a funny truth

Of course. Faced with a clean windoze you fire up Edge and install Chrome. That's what I do (and all this time I thought I was the only one). I think it's rather polite that M$ provides a path to the web on a new machine so you can easily go and get what you need. Thanks, uncle Bob.

Wailing Wednesday follows Patch Tuesday as versions of Windows 10 stop playing nicely with plugged-in printers


no updates for me

I'm running 1803 with updates turned off. Everything works. I'm terrified of trying anything newer until microshaft grows a brain.

Franco-German cloud framework floated to protect European's data from foreign tech firms slurpage


Looks like they got their copy from here


Astroboffins peering back in time with Hubble find stars may have been flickering into life even earlier than thought


seems backwards

How come the earliest start are labeled PIII and not PI?

Not just its VCS console that's MIA, Atari is a no-show in court, too: Reborn biz ignores hardware architect's lawsuit over unpaid wages


All things don't always come to he who waits


I feel your pain. Can’t tell you how much money I’ve left on the table because of late billing or patiently waiting for the check(s) to arrive. We’ve got to get better at this.

eBay users spot the online auction house port-scanning their PCs. Um... is that OK?


Re: TRUST is a two way street

Unfortunately true. I'm stuck in the same boat over here.

GoDaddy hack: Miscreant goes AWOL with 28,000 users' SSH login creds after vandalizing server-side file


O for the good old days

Danica! Where are you now that we need you!

It has been 20 years since cybercrims woke up to social engineering with an intriguing little email titled 'ILOVEYOU'


Lucky or smart?

I used to think I was smart. As I get older, I realize that most of the time I was lucky. Like when, I avoided the love bug. In order to run my lab, I had become the unofficial Access/VBA guru of the company and was fairly proficient in coding useful time saving procedures. Seeing the value in this, several people would pop in from time to time wanting to “learn code and make a db” such as Steve, our purchasing agent. Meantime, I had learned to set the Office “file contains macros” warning. A few days later, I received an email from Steve with an Excel file attached concerning pricing or something. When attempting to open it, I received the warning that the file contained macros. At this point, I stopped to think things over. It had only been a few days since we spoke with no follow ups. Plus, we were talking about Access not Excel. I decided something wasn’t right and didn’t open the file which, of course, contained the love bug. Within a few moments everyone in the office was freaking out and our fledgling IT dept. was running around like crazy. It took two or three days to clean up the mess as I smugly watched from the lab. Ah, foolish youth. I still haven’t been bit yet but I now know it could happen to anyone, even if you’re careful.

Guess who's back, back again. SE's back, tell a friend: 2020 reboot looks like an iPhone 8 and even shares components


Disappointed-it's too big

Was going to help Apple out and upgrade my old SE to the new one-until I discovered that it was really an iPhone 8 sized monster. FAKE! So, I'm keeping my old one-which is still too big but I deal with it.

Australian digital-radio-for-railways Huawei project derailed by US trade sanctions against Chinese tech giant


Ex CIA George Sr., MAYBE. Luckily for “Bring it on!” Jr. he was spared the ignominy of going down as the stupidest president in US history by the fortuitous early arrival of the Orange Man.

Bombs Huawei... Smartphone exploded in my daughter's pocket, seriously burning her, claims dad in lawsuit


Not all chemistries are created equal

Not true.

There are several reactions possible and a popular non exploding one for storage battery use is the lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, also called LFP battery (with "LFP" standing for "lithium ferrophosphate"(Def. from wikipedia). This will be my choice when I go off grid. I believe Tesla’s PowerWall is the exploding type. If so, would you want one strapped to your living room wall?

Microsoft sends a raft of Windows 10 patches out into the Windows Update ocean


long live Access 97!


Access 97 was (is) great for simple databases with the newer versions slower and clunky. With MS Office 97, VBA and VB 5 one could easily and inexpensively get a hell of a lot of useful work done with no apologies for not being a "real" programmer. I am still studying C (OK, so I'm old) and have a great admiration for programming as a profession but, since I wasn't getting paid to "be a programmer", I used the tools at hand with great success. Too bad jerks, a**holes and other neer do well script kiddies have made these programs (and most others even today) a hell hole of security risks.



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