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Scott McNealy gets touchy feely with Trump: Sun cofounder hosts hush-hush reelection fundraiser for President


Re: Your popularity...

Heard of the lefty organization called ACLU? They are about free speech. Authoritarian right are about censorship.

Oracle told to warp 9 out of court: Judge photon-torpedoes Big Red's Pentagon JEDI dream


Politics in procurement, you don't say

Marco Rubio bought by Larry Ellison? Anyway, Trump doesn't like Bezos so I guess JEDI is going to Microsoft? With the recent Microsoft and Oracle cloud alliance Oracle will be back in this.

Or perhaps procurement should be based solely on qualifications. Why commercial cloud anyway. DARPA should be able to do this better.

Guy is booted out of IT amid outsourcing, wipes databases, deletes emails... goes straight to jail for two-plus years


Re: on the theory that some data might be on that but not yet in the backup

I once has a RAID 5 rank fail with double disk failure within the rebuild window (with hot spare configured, no less). I have since then preferred RAID 6. And always have at least 3 copies of backup, each with multiple generations, at 2 different sites.

IBM, Oracle JEDI bids weighed, measured and found wanting: Amazon, Microsoft last standing in Pentagon cloud race


Award goes to Microsoft. Trump doesn't like Bezos.

Google plonks right-wing think tanker and defence drone mogul on AI ethics advisory board


Re: The article is full of lefty speak

World is full of choices. If you like your rightly filth you can go to Breitbart, FoxNews, etc.

VP Mike Pence: I want Americans back on the Moon by 2024 (or before the Chinese get there)


Re: Lead the way

Trump cheats and lies his way to "winning". No family values, no scruples, no principles. Trying to turn USA into a dictatorship, ie. I have people that play nice, eg. police, miltary, biker gang, but at my say so they won't. He should head a mafia family... or already does.

Dozens of .gov HTTPS certs expire, webpages offline, FBI on ice, IT security slows... Yup, it's day 20 of Trump's govt shutdown


Re: Operational Incompetence

Decentralized IT without set standards. Without going into details I know of 1 government agency already using Let's Encrypt and the process of renewal is fully automated. Some IT people in US government do have a clue... others, not so much. Same as everywhere else.


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