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After 15 years and $500m, the US Navy decides it doesn't need shipboard railguns after all


You are messing Shipwreck with Sunburn. Brahmos is a development. of the p270 Moskit ( Sunburn). The P700 Granit ( Shipwreck) ia unique beast on it's own.

Yes, I agree rail gun is pointless for antiship role when you have in hand mature cruise missile tech. It will be handy in defensive purpose , shooting down fast moving airborne incoming threats

If you're a WhatsApp user, you'll have to share your personal data with Facebook's empire from next month – or stop using the chat app


My humble opinion is whatever encryption you use it is already compromised when using third party , cloud based, virtual keylog....ops ,keyboards.

Trump silenced online: Facebook, Twitter etc balk at insurrection, shut the door after horse bolts and nearly burns down the stable


Ha, looks like Parler out from google play.


Re: Hmmm

Defending ideology or political- society system. What can go wrong ?!!

OpenZFS v2.0.0 targets Linux and FreeBSD – shame about the Oracle licensing worries


Re: For FFs!

Absolutely not. Solaris's zfs is in constant development. Actually the open source versions are in chase ater the Solaris's one , not vice versa.

Oracle starts to lose patience with Solaris holdouts


Re: Why?

First to come in my mind - SMB 3.1.x server on pair at least with that in win2016. I think with the latest SRUs they up-ed it to the Win2019's version but can be wrong.

Twitter, Reddit and pals super unhappy US visa hopefuls have to declare their online handles to Uncle Sam


Good. With my 15yrs old and active account in a an well known progun site, I will be awarded not visa but with citizenship directly :-)


Astroboffins may have raged at Elon's emissions staining the sky, but all those satellites will be more boon than bother


May be...but early warning and targeting fast moving manuoverable objects with depressed ballistic trajectory- for sure -;)

Google Chrome to block file downloads – from .exe to .txt – over HTTP by default this year. And we're OK with this


That dude from MS who once upon the time said "linux is a cancer" may be had a point :-)

From Soviet to science fiction icon, the weird life of Isaac Asimov 100 years on


Used to grow with Asimov, Clark, Simak...but the Strugatski brothers are my sci-fi and not only, love.


A sprinkling of Star Wars and a dash of Jedi equals a slightly underbaked Rise Of Skywalker


Star Wars is "Empire strikes back" followed by NH and ROTJ and the rest is marketing shit.

How much cheese does one person need to grate? Mac Pro pricing unveiled


Thanks to Apple's neglecting the desktop segment, RED, ARRI workflows moved to Windows. That's will be the last Mac pro. The problem is not the hardware's price, but it inconsistency and broken software. Decade ago editors installed new mac os a week after the realise without any concerns, now you must be crazy to do it.

Huawei's first Google-free phone stripped and searched: Repair not too painful... once you're in


Re: Hard no

Year and half with xiaomi rendme5+ ,I can say yours causa is perduta, better start learning Chinese.

Chinese reached the point from where they're unstoppable in the market and technology fields. Sadly , this means nothing short of war. The West will not let another center of "superpower". Same for Russia - they are "friends" with China due to short term goals, pocking the US , but one third of the Russian strategic arsenal is positioned to the South - East. Add to this the inside Asian struggles. We already see the signs . Just pray the confrontation not escalate beyond the present "hybrid" fashion.

Welcome to cultured meat – not pigs reading Proust but a viable alternative to slaughter


Kill those inventors with fire , then nuke them from the orbit, just to be sure .

Double downtime: Azure DevOps, Google cloud users put the kettle on


Yesterday i found one of the fillers down. 10yrs old gtech xl fc 16 bay. It have dedicated ups , same age.

The UPS screen show - " its time to power off" !.

Even ups and clouds needs a rest :)

Franco-stein's on the move: Spanish dictator turfed out of decadent mountaintop mausoleum

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Hell hath GNOME fury: Linux desktop org swings ax at patent troll's infringement claim


Re: Have Big Players Contributed?

We can add Oracle to the list. Solaris- desktop package is based at Gnome3 :)

Avast lobs intruders into the 'Abiss': Miscreants tried to tamper with CCleaner after sneaking into network via VPN


CC is the first thing to be removed when a someone complains to me that his laptop is "slow". Its a malware from the beginning, not just accidentally last years. Like every "cleaner", "booster" using standard OS tools with funky UI.

Oh dear... AI models used to flag hate speech online are, er, racist against black people


Lets sit to drink and eat "like white man", lets do it "like a white man" and so on. Bulgarian 100 yrs old slang. Wonder how the AI will handle it :-)

GNU means GNU's Not U: Stallman insists he's still Chief GNUisance while 18 maintainers want him out as leader


Excuse me but the whole saga reminds me of revolutionaries chopping each other after French , Russian etc. revolutions :)

US immigration uses Google Translate to scan people's social media for bad posts – Er, don't do that, says everyone else


The biggest challenge to any translator - maned or not will be the titles of El Reg articles :-)

Hey, it's Google's birthday! Remember when they were the good guys?


I had invited to Gmail during its testing period .Position 1250 in a row account if remember correctly. Master race :-)

Margin mugs: A bank paid how much for a 2m Ethernet cable? WTF!


So the bank brought an cheap audiofille cable. 80 pounds is bargain for a patch that will speed good electrons and flush the bad ones :-)

macOS? More like mac-woe-ess: Google Chrome slip-up trips up SIP-less Apple Macs


Re: Audio and Video Software Users...

Yes, its really sounds stupid for someone outside video processing field .

Working professional in apple's environment is perfect description of PITA. Just simple example - Sonet 10gbe NIC, placed in Sonet TB expansion box dissconects/connects randomly until I disabled the ....postfix daemon . I can think of plenty of cases where SiP needs to be neglected.


By the way week ago i had similar issue with freebsd, serving as router. Reboot , can't boot due unable to mount missing folders . Single user log on and I discovered the /var is empty . Workarounded it creating manually the folders. There was nothing critical. Still investigate it but its suspiciosly close to this macos issue.


Why Chrome on a production workstations , that's I can't understand?

Shotgun, Core and other collaborative soft works fine with firefox and safari . Chrome is not just "browser" long time ago.

Confused why Trump fingered CrowdStrike in that Ukraine call? You're not the only one...


Re: A slavic oligarch is the exact equivalent of a western successful businessman

Tsar is a Ceasar in "barbarian" languages. Peter the Great was wrongly informed from his pals that tzar is just a slav king , so Peter I adopted emperor instead of tzar and punished badly folks who still call him tzar:)

P.S. Bunch of Roman rulers was "Ceasers" until end of the paxromana where they switched to emperor and added autocrat later .

Autocrat is what I like mostly :)

Enjoy the holiday weekend, America? Well-rested? Good. Supermicro server boards can be remotely hijacked


Re: Query

Have few X11 - all of the with dedicated 100mbs lan.

The ports mode can be switched but on default they are dedicated bmc management.


I cant see any SM's fault.

IPMI device just exposed online is beyond stupidity.

Canonical adds ZFS on root as experimental install option in Ubuntu



In a same way like you don't need cluster on top of desktop's local drives.

Zfs for NAS and above, desktop's with desktop fs.

I could throttle you right about now: US Navy to ditch touchscreens after kit blamed for collision


Let's just hope the control hubs of the nuclear delivery vehicles are free from touch screens.

Cloudflare punts far-right hate-hole 8chan off the internet after 30 slayed in US mass shootings


Of course they are.


Solution is simple - guns only after active military service, where at the end - board of medics confirms the stable mentallity of the future gun owner.

This is not the cloud you're looking for.... Oracle's JEDI mind tricks work as Trump forces $10bn IT project to drop out of warp


Re: I believe...

... and Yandex for subcontractor :)

Stones, meet glass house: Mind behind Windows 8 GUI disses Windows 10 over leak


Rounded or straight icon's corners-dilemma torturing my poor soul when I need to choose an OS for my duties.

Oracle sued by ex-sales manager who claims she was fired in retaliation for suing former bosses


"Broadus, it's claimed, didn't see the message because she rarely checks her personal Gmail "

Mmmm ok,

Truly believable story.

The sjw will be pwned in the court.

King's College London breached GDPR by sharing list of activist students with cops


Justice for cleaners !?

I'd ban them too :-)

Silicon Valley doesn't care about poor people: Top AI models kinda suck at ID'ing household stuff in hard-up nations


I will go for liquid soap only if I'm behind the bars in prison :-)

Oblivious 'influencers' work on 3.6-roentgen tans in Chernobyl after realising TV show based on real nuclear TITSUP


Re: On the bright side



Nope, we're stuffed, shrieks Apple channel as iPhone shipments enter a double-digit spiral


Xiaomi redmi 5 plus -160usd , absolutely satisfied me. Even more - it have infrared blaster, can control all my home electronics including an apple tv gen3 ,where my 3yrs old watch his YouTube favorites)

Thousand dollars phone is out of my understanding .

Russia signs Huawei deal as Chinese premier decries 'protectionism', 'unilateral approaches'


Re: Yeah Xi and Putin, a pair of love doves to be proud of

Two brutal dictators?! Yes , I clearly remember times when the both states was liberal democracy paradise.

..and if you're a Russian you will prefer 100 times to obey Putin and his cronies than countless local gang mobs, warlords.The latter happen when liberal democracy is implemented in a society without any traditions over it.

Heavyweight notorious for aggressive licensing practices hooks its cloud up to Oracle's


MS to acquire Oracle or at least part of it?

Apple kills iTunes, preps pricey Mac Pro, gives iPad its own OS – plus: That $999 monitor stand


So, someone will spend 30 000usd for a single cpu configuration ? I can't believe that!

Overall looks 5x times better than infamous trashcan. At least the poor editors will dont need to wear coats when sits in extremely cooled edit room ahahaha. First person witness


Re: Mac houses wont care but...

2993mhz ram only with the 28 cores cpu of course, 30k+ config. Xeon scalable platinium top of the line. Intels oem price is a 10k. Don't get fooled from adds slogans.


Re: How much? They gotta be kidding, right?

Mine latest purchase was SM mb X11 with 2 10gbe optical nics on board, xeon 4108 (8/16) and 128gb of rdimm .Cost me 2.3k usd. Thats entry level macpro main parts but 96gb of ram more. Hahaha poor Tim Apple's victims. Also I have 2 trashcans, dont ask me about them-i will not be polite at all to Apple Tim and the rest of the gang.

Oh, the massive sky dong? Contrails from 'standard' F-35 training, US Air Force insists


I'm pretty sure there was same story/pics few years ago with F-15 involved.

LTO-8 tape media patent lawsuit cripples supply as Sony and Fujifilm face off in court


I have 250+ lto4 and 220+ lto6 tapes on the shelf so far. Good luck with flash storage for massive archives.

WikiLeaks boss Assange acted as a foreign spy, Uncle Sam exclaims in fresh rap sheet


Thats a strange situation. If he was a real thread CIA had to smoke him years ago.

UK's planned Espionage Act will crack down on Snowden-style Brit whistleblowers, suspected backdoored gear (cough, Huawei)


It wasn't "communist state" when they manufactured your shits for 1/10 of the price ?! Or may be I just missed last week Chinese communist revolution news ?

P-p-p-pick up a Pengwin: Windows Subsystem for Linux boffins talk version 2


So , a countless Linux devs worked countless hours w/o benefits to build ecosystem to be exploited from enterprises making billions. Its sad and funny in a same time, isn't it?!

Fellas, the "politic" is a "root" of all , everything other is less important in this world.



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