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AWS reveals it broke itself by exceeding OS thread limits, sysadmins weren’t familiar with some workarounds


Re: I think they are Nerfing...

I think it's worse than that. I think there design is wrong, for massive scale. Status messages shouldn't Nedd to be p2p, that's what you have topics and messaging for. In the days of on pi rem app servers you used to have state replication like that (p2p) but as you scale you moved to a different paradigm, like a central HA dB, or some broadcast technology.


Re: Plan One

It's their immediate plan. It's going to take time to rearchitect from many to many to something more scalable, like a service mesh.

Microsoft reveals slow, staccato, disruptive auto-patching service for some Windows VMs on Azure



Surely you just rebuild most of your vms on the new base image rather than repatch. Isn't that one of the whole point of dev ops?

Longer lived, you buy paas.

Southern Water customers could view others' personal data by tweaking URL parameters


Re: Sharepoint ??

It makes me sad too

No wonder Brit universities report hacks so often: Half of staff have had zero infosec training, apparently


It's not if they click on the first link, it's if they still click after round 3.

This has to be iterative

Don't like Mondays? Neither does Microsoft 364's Outlook Exchange Online service


Re: Exchange Server

The mere fact you talk about upgrades, and then patches, means you aren't 90% of the remaining on prem exchange sites

IBM's sacking spree reaches Australia – and as staff wait to exit, they're offered AU$4k to find new workers


Love the Long for manager bonus, great touch

Magecart malware merrily sipped card details, evaded security scans on UK e-tailer Páramo for almost 8 months


Re: Quarterly

Given that it was operating over 8 months and hence I assume two scans, I'd suggest the frequency wasn't the issue.

To be fair to the scanning company, you need to understand the terms of reference they were engaged on.

Atlassian issues advice on how to keep your IT service desk secure... after hundreds of portals found facing the internet amid virus lockdown


Re: Not just coronavirus

Really if you are using atlassian you should be tieing it to some identity store, and ideally name Corp 2fa. BOTH AWS AND AZURE MAKE THIS EASIER (shouting intended). JFDI

/rant over

In fact this should be for any SAAS service, that be ns you Service Now admins!

Zoom's end-to-end encryption isn't actually end-to-end at all. Good thing the PM isn't using it for Cabinet calls. Oh, for f...


Re: most senior officials and ministers were using bog-standard Zoom

Secretly they are competent, it's just a misdirection to fool the enemy /french

Southern Water not such a phisherman's phriend, hauls itself offline to tackle email lure


Re: Another SCADA attack

Nisr imposes legal responsibility on the utilities, around their critical infrastructure. SCADA controlling the fresh water systems certainly fits that definition. I imagine ofwat is very closely examining this

Internet of crap (encryption): IoT gear is generating easy-to-crack keys


Re: The embedded gear is often based on very low-power hardware

Doesn't it say all the devices are from azure? Surely that's the issue? All that virtulisation means limited entropy feed

'Big Bang': Great for creating the universe, but not as an approach to IT migration, TSB told


Re: Had They Never Cut Over A System Before

Don't forget that all previous integration was with v3 of their code. They'd decided to let tsb, really lloyds, pay for a system upgrade. New Middleware, Web interface and mobile apps, and they also used the project to get rid of their legacy VB code.


Re: Congratulations TSB Another waste of Money

The one thing that really surprised me was the lack of preprod. If you are doing active active you really need preprod, as you won't have dual running any where else

UK Info Commish quietly urged court to swat away 100k Morrisons data breach sueball


Re: The question is: what are reasonable efforts

The failing here is to insist on a secure data transfer mechanism.

Just a friendly reminder there were no at-the-time classified secrets on Clinton's email server. Yes, the one everyone lost their minds over


Re: But Benghazi!

Don't forget the comb over...

Banks bid legacy tech farewell as they sail to the cloud – but now all that infrastructure is in hands of the big three


I wonder what bit they have migrated to the cloud. Have they moved their core systems of the m/f yet

Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, where to go? Navigation satellite signals flip from degraded to full TITSUP* over span of four days


Like a bit of lizard. All hail our alien overlords

Industry reps told the UK taxman everything wrong with extending IR35. What happened next will astound you


Re: Not 20%

They changed the rules on dividends, after the first 2k it's taxed as income.

The main advantage of contracting are expense costs and liability.

If you can't get expenses then you can't travel. That will hurt the economy at the same time that kids aren't moving due to the increased city living costs.

Here's a great idea: Why don't we hardcode the same private key into all our smart home hubs?


Re: RE: TonyJ

Convenient for car thieves

Amazon Mime: We train (badly) an AI love bot using divorce bombshell Bezos' alleged sexts to his new girlfriend


Reg.. Funny but you are better than this. But funny...


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