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Dell online store charges 16 million dollars for new laptop with paint job

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BoE identifies inflation spike shocker

UK inflation rate jumps by 0.2% - Dell laptop in "soft mint" to blame.

Details of Beijing's new Hong Kong security law signal end to more than two decades of autonomy

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Ancent Union of Soviet Socialist Republics saying says...

Failure is glacial.

Collapse is slow.

The end comes swiftly.

Belief in 5G conspiracy theories goes hand-in-hand with small explosions of rage, paranoia and violence, researchers claim

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Black Helicopters

The advert for life lied.

Putting aside the (IMV) small number of narcissistic psychopathic conspiracy theorists, most conspiracy theorists are people that bought into religion / happyness through make-up / steroids, /happiness through retail therapy / "owning" expensive toys, etc. and then ran hard into the reality of the universe.

Essentially, when it turned out that their parents/society could and did lie (affairs, gambling, drugs, didn't actually want kids, etc) and then the "great promise" of a better future for them as billionaire Formula 1 catwalk models, flying around in private jets making smash hit cassettes/CD's/Downloads and having enough money to buy Monaco evaporated in the banality of a humdrum existence, the brain’s Human Unhinged Bestial Response Indignation System kicked in, dialled itself to 11. And broke the knob off.

"Listen, you KNOW you are awesome. If you only had the chance which MUST have been stolen from you (obvsz), then you would be famous AND rich AND awesome".

"You can drive a car."

"You have a working ****."

"You have more money than them poor people over in Africa."


"Proof if you ever needed it (which you didn't) that you are AWESOME."

"Dont forget how clever you are - if those politicians did what you KNOW is right then everything would work out. You don’t need proof to know you’re RIGHT. Idiots."

"So if it's not YOUR fault, and you’re really clever, it MUST BE someone else's fault, right?".

"HANGON!... Did you hear it? Did you hear THAT?! - Did you hear the whisper that "IT" is all being controlled by a bloke/political party/ethnic group/machine/etc?!!"


"THEY are controlling everything! Yes! Yes! That's right! You have secret knowledge! You KNOW things the sheeple DONT!"

"How awesome are YOU?!!"

Very awesome. Very, very awesome.

Oracle plays its Trump card: Blushing Big Red gushes over US govt support in Java API battle... just as Larry Ellison holds Donald fundraiser

Chris 216


Going into an election, you give Larry a big (or little) thumbs up, at the expense of Google?

This is the Google, right?

The big search engine, data slurpers Google?

No Footgun icon so have a Fail instead.

If I was a betting man, I'd stick $10 on Bernie romping (shuffling?) home.

Researchers trick Tesla into massively breaking the speed limit by sticking a 2-inch piece of electrical tape on a sign

Chris 216


My take away: bit of tape on the "danger, dont drive your car off the end of the pier" sign and we've got ourselves a Tesla based, Dukes of Hazzard stunt.

So you locked your backups away for years, huh? Allow me to introduce my colleagues, Brute, Force and Ignorance

Chris 216

Seen in the wild

Long time ago, in a Leeds far, far away.

Couldn't get a PC connected to a power dialler to boot.

Called PC support (or more accurately, the beating heart of the IS 5-a-side footer team).

Turns up.

Taps case in a few places.

Rolls up sleeve.

Power button -WHACK!

PC boots.

"Not just hitting it - it's knowing where to hit it..."

Remember when Europe’s entire Galileo satellite system fell over last summer? No you don’t. The official stats reveal it never happened

Chris 216

Chapeau Sir!

UK spy overseer: Snooper's Charter cockups are still getting innocents arrested

Chris 216

Wrong IP? Pah - Try Plusnet!

In Jan this year i dragged out my old Plusnet Hub One router to allow it an update cycle (spanking brand new unit when we got FTTC connection - I'd used it for about 3 months then swapped it out for a Draytek).

Factory reset.

Plugged in.

No connection - then connected and authenticated!


Turns out it had another users credentials in it.


Factory reset.

Plugged in.

No connection - then connected and authenticated!

Double EH?!

Turns out it had another users credentials in it.

What (apparently) was happening was that Plusnet "pushed" the credentials for the broadband connection to the router based on the MAC address.

So somewhere in Plusnet land they had screwed up the MAC<> credentials list (and are keeping the password in plaintext/reversable enc).

So I was busy browsing the net with K@Poppe**** account.

If I had the brains, I may have been able to decrypt the router backup, and thereby gain access to K@Poppe**** Plusnet account etc.

As you can imagine Plusnet couldn't give a toss.

They eventually "fixed" the MAC issue and then put my router on the "not for update list".

NHS England claims it will be all-digital within the decade

Chris 216

The confidence in becoming "all digital" by 2024 is probably based on the projected size of the "National" Health Service at that point in time, rather than a capacity to implement the project based on its current size.

Stockpile your statins, gammons, your Brexit approaches.


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