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Tesla Full Self-Driving 'fails' to notice child-sized objects in testing

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Re: Comparison

It seems the CA DMV disagrees and has sued Tesla on the basis that the names FSD and Autopilot are misleading consumers. FYI Tesla does have a marketing department check out who works there on LinkedIn if you doubt this.

The NHTSA are also getting increasingly interested in the rate of Tesla accidents, especially Teslas hitting parked emergency service vehicles, it appears that's another blind spot for them.

Tesla agrees to follow Beijing's rules and build a data centre in China

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Re: exactly WHAT data is it storing?

All cars do this, or any with an online connection. It's unfair to say only EVs do this. Why do you think Alphabet are so keen to provide Android based OS in cars? It's not to give you a fun UI, it's the ton of lovely data about you that they can slurp. To them a car is just a mobile phone on wheels that by default tracks your location, where you go and how long you stay there.

Beijing bashes Bing and lashes LinkedIn over improper data collection and storage

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Re: V Scary

If they're chasing the $ and the ¥ then China is not the place to be... The currency of the PRC is the RMB or Yuan, not the Yen, that's Japan.

So, where does Silicon Valley stand on S.230? Zuck wants 'industry best practices', Pichai demurs, Dorsey urges more Bluesky thinking

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I agree, let's try the blue skies of no S230

If these jokers had to take responsibility for the torrents of hate given a platform by them, then I'm sure blocking that garbage would suddenly seem eminently practical.

TikTok seeks injunction to halt Trump ban, claims it would break America's own First and Fifth Amendments

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Re: Oh the irony

Confused, which county is which in your statement??

USA decides to cleanse local networks of anything Chinese under new five-point national data security plan

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Failure to compete

This just looks like using 'national security' as a means of bashing the competition because they cannot be seen to fail to compete. If Huawei has all of these links to the government why have they never published any of them... oh national security? Now TikTok is for it because teenagers upset the presidents rally... national security? Now every other tech company from China?

I just wonder are they protecting the tech industry from competition because they are afraid a socialist country was doing better or some tech companies lobbied hard enough or is their own spy system afraid of losing an inside view into Europes networks? I'm not sure which it is but the 'if we showed you the evidence we'd have to shoot you' line is a bit thin on this.

Look out any European company that starts to make headwinds in the tech infrastructure field!

China slams President Trump's TikTok banned-or-be-bought plan in the US

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This is just thin skin Trump revenge

TikTok users band together a month ago to snag tickets from his disastrous rally in Tulsa and low and behold a few weeks later TikToc is a national security threat. This is the most petty, corrupt president ever seen. He even referred to the payment he wants as 'Key Money', a term for an illegal payment corrupt landlords used to demand... well he would know all about that! He should get back to dealing with the TrumpVirus but his comment was 'It is what it is!', after almost 150,000 of his citizens lie dead!

Uncle Sam adds fresh group of 11 Chinese firms to Entity List over human rights abuses

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Why should anyone listen to a country running Guantanamo and pulling it's own citizens off the streets into unmarked vehicles? This sounds way more like the use of a thin veneer of giving a monkeys to protect their own tech companies.

UK govt probes Brit chip biz Imagination after growing Chinese ownership sparks national security fears

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IBM Move way faster

Having seen IBM acquisitions 1st hand, they move their own management in during year 2 before any golden handcuffs come off. I'd say the China backed company moved way slower. But took long enough that the Sino-phobia could kick in, stirred up by brown teeth Trump.

Euro competition chief mulls forcing tech giants to prove their actions aren't harming market

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Fox/hen house

see above

What do we want? Decentralised, non-siloed social media with open standards! When do we want it? Soon!

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Just quit these cesspits

FB free for some years now and I don't regret it one bit. I still have a social life, I still talk to my friends and family, despite living abroad. I may not see what that long lost collage pal is up to but if we meet we have something to talk about. It just felt FB was an evil tamagotchi sucking up time just to make me feel bad.

FB and co are just using you and getting rich by selling you down the river, just give these jokers the finger and quit.

Shameless Facebook treats its poor human moderators like absolute dirt. But y'know what it does treat right? Robots

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Why is any one still on FB?

Seriously, aren't folk finding the supposed benefits are failing in the face of this cesspits behavior and content?

I've managed to stay FB clean for 8 yrs now, any FOMO has completely gone, I manage a social life and I stay in touch with people I care about. Maybe I contact that long lost friend slightly less than I used to but when we catch up there is stuff to talk about.

May be commit to trying a month and see how you feel, from then on it gets so much easier :)

US: We'll pull security co-operation if you lot buy from Huawei

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I agree with the US!

I agree you cannot trust communications products made by foreign nationals, in the spirit of their recommendation we should rip out Huawai, CISCO, IBM, Ericsson, etc and build our own kit.

We can do this the easy way or the Huawei, US tells Germany with threat to snip intel over 5G fears

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er, which one is that?

The one that spies on their population, er both,

or the one that spies on others, er both,

or the one that supresses ethnic populations internally or the one that locks up migrants separates their kids and torturous folk abroad?

Or maybe demand EU kit only!

Correction: Last month, we called Zuckerberg a moron. We apologize. In fact, he and Facebook are a fscking disgrace

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Lol, you muppets still use Facebook, Suckers!

Ooops, just my inner Zuckerberg coming out,.

Whats(goes)App must come down... World in shock as Zuck decides to intertwine Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp

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Just deleted my WhatsApp account, switched to Signal and all my friends agreed the same move. Signal is encrypted. That's the very last of Zuckerbergs evil empire that had a toe hold on me, now to find solid replacements for the Google gorp.

More nodding dogs green-light terrible UK.gov pr0n age verification plans

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Re: Just like buying a magazine.

So the government has to deal with this by applying rules demanding full oversight of the internet in the UK and the parents do nothing. How about those with children taking responsibility? Why not have a system that stops anyone under age limit from logging on with out ID? If you have a 10 year old, you fix it but keep me out of it.