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Space Force boss warns 'the US will lose' without help from Musk and Bezos


Physics is no fun

In space no-one can hear your lasers go pew-pew.

We never agreed to only buy HP ink, say printer owners


Lock in loser

Not only does my HP ink not work in my HP printer, I can't even fit it into my Canon printer.

Absolute twunts.


First chip designed by lawyers?

Sleuths who cracked Zodiac Killer's cipher thank the crowd


Re: Confession

"We'll be charging them later."


Astronomical footnote

The original Zodiac killer was the precession of the equinoxes.

Equinoctes if you prefer.

Engine cover flies from Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 during takeoff


Bolts for Boeing

Scour your sheds, empty out those jam-jars. Send nuts and bolts to our friends in Seattle.

None of that metric rubbish, Imperial or Whitworth only.

404 Day celebrates the internet's most infamous no-show


Re: Numerology

OK, not only am I no fun at parties I also can't count.

September 15th to 17th, depending on where you start counting and whether it's a leap year.



It's being celebrated on the wrong day.

260 can't easily be rendered as a day/month or month/day so it will have to be the 260th day.

Somewhere round about September 16th or 17th unless you start counting from zero like proper engineers.

No, I am not fun at parties, why do you ask?


It's in octal

Previous 259 errors.

To all the other commentards in this thread - call yourselves geeks?

Go and stand in the corner, all of you.

You can come back when you have read the appropriate RFCs. (I'm not looking them up for you.)

Ex-White House CIO tells The Reg: TikTok ban may be diplomatic disaster


New platform

If the ban comes to the UK any alternative platform should be called "Ding Dong".

This has the dual advantage of referencing a British icon but still sounding as though it might be Chinese. Or possibly Vietnamese?

How a single buck bought bragging rights in the battle to port Windows 95 to NT


Re: Least worstest Windows


They didn't write MS-DOS either.


Least worstest Windows

XP SP2 or Windows 7, surely?

Runner up, Xenix.

Have barely touched Windows since retiring, except for fixing family machines, recovering lost photo directories etc.

I have not missed it/them.

CEO of UK's National Grid warns of datacenters' thirst for power


NIMBY UK political party

Ban all data centres and their concomitant energy supply and cooling problems.

Let foreigners do all the hard work.

Import the results of all the calculations.

Tax the bits on the way in.

Sensible policies for a sensible country.

BBC exterminates AI experiments used to promote Doctor Who


Re: AI Doctor

Oh yeah, he's got three hands now, hasn't he?

Sometimes I think the writers just make everything up as they go along.

Give the AI a fair go.

Bring back the Yetis.


Re: AI Doctor

I think Sixties sofas were eventually developed into Chobham Armour.

Probably a sofa from Chobham.

Why don't we ever see the Zarbies again?


Re: Capt Kirk with sonic

Nice crossover comment.

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AI Doctor

OK, he has two hearts, but he doesn't have six fingers on each hand.

Been watching this mildly entertaining drivel since 1963.

Intricate mission to de-ice a space telescope is go: Euclid's 'eye' is clear


Re: Job well done

OK, so first article was wrong.

Still seems a bit cool though!


Re: Job well done

Yes I saw an article elsewhere where the figure was considerably higher, something like -5C or -10C.

Maybe some weird Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin shenanigans?

They should have just used some of those dessicant sacks you used to get with cameras in the 80s.

Plus something to get rid of the Japanese camera mites.

Edit: It was the previous article here on The Reg. -3C

Britain enters period of mourning as Greggs unable to process payments


Andouillettes are French

Don't know if I'd call 'em decent. Challenging to the British palate and olfactory system.

Would try again.


Re: Curved sausages

Might have been a tiny pork chop as well. Banana split or Knickerbocker glory after. Never noticed the fish scales. Spoon never went down to the bottom of the glass though.


Re: Curved sausages

They were the same colour as saveloys, but skinnier and tasted different.


Re: Wimpey

Yes I was. I believe they were named after the character in Popeye, who ate lots of burgers.


Curved sausages

They were a bit like frankfurters but redder. They had lots of tiny vertical cuts along one side. During the cooking process, the sausage would curved into a C shape. The ends didn't actually touch.

Came as part of a "grill". May have included beans, a fried egg, chips and beans - can't really remember.

More like an all day fried breakfast.

They seemed unbelievably exotic when I was a child. To be fair, I have never seen their like anywhere else.

Perhaps it was just a way to get a sausage to fit onto a small plate?



But never Ginsters!


Re: The answer

He was from that London. You wouldn't expect him to use fancy tri-syllabic words like another.


TLAs are ambiguous

As I have never worked in banking or retail, it took me a while to realise that many, or perhaps most, of you were referring to "Point of Sale".

For some reason, I thought it meant something else.

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What about saveloys?

Never mind the pies. Saveloys microwaved in a small bowl of water. No pickled eggs.


The answer

Two beans, a bean, a bean and a half and half a bean. I was told this by a wise man many years ago, but have never been able to use this valuable knowledge until now.


Re: What comes between Y2K and 2038?

Except for those ones they used to sell in Wimpeys.

Euro-cloud consortium CISPE calls for investigation of Broadcom


As a great Australian/American once said

A monopoly is a terrible thing, until you have one.

Five Eyes tell critical infra orgs: Take these actions now to protect against China's Volt Typhoon


Counter measures

Use acupuncture, it's the last thing they'd expect.

Font security 'still a Helvetica of a problem' says Australian graphics outfit Canva


Re: Nomenclature

It was a joke based on the fact that many people use hoi polloi to mean the exact opposite of it's original meaning.

Jokes don't really work if you have to explain them to people.

I can't use "the"?

Prescriptivist? Moi?



Fonts or typefaces?

When most people say "font" they really mean "typeface".

So if that's the majority use, is that the actual meaning now?

In, other words, do the hoi polloi define the meanings of words, or should we heed the hoi polloi?

Australian spy chief fears sabotage of critical infrastructure


Odd adjective

Anglicised? Ozzified, surely.

No bush hat with corks icon?

Year of Linux on the desktop creeps closer as market share rises a little


Re: Outdated phraseology

JWM here. Usually booting Puppy from a CD or USB stick. Why install anything?


Outdated phraseology

"Linux on the Desktop" is starting to sound like "Linux on the Mainframe" to my ears.

Linux on the Laptop is what the conversation should be about.

Or, possibly, when will there be a decent desktop for Linux?

Flying car biz Alef claims 3K preorders, still hasn't done a proper demo


Re: A good investment

I keep them in my Bitcoin wallet. I think it's down the back of the settee.

Thanks again.

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Re: A good investment

I'm selling all of my Theranos and Magic Leap shares and investing right away.

Thanks for the tip.

Where do I sign?

The batteries on Odysseus, the hero private Moon lander, have run out


Re: Clearly Nobody Watched Robot Wars

Well the JAXA SLIM was supposed to approach the Moon and perform a 90 degree flip before landing. Which didn't happen.

Shape it like a Gomboc. Wait till it stops rolling. Poke some legs out.

Job's a good'un.

Anything I don't understand can't be difficult, as the MBAs say.


Re: Clearly Nobody Watched Robot Wars

Make it six times heavier and put solar panels, antennae, thrusters etc on each face. Plus a leg sticking out from each corner.

Or a weeble.

What puzzles me is what combination of mass distribution and landing angle caused it to tip?

You'd think five legs should still keep it on the level, assuming they are strong enough.

Icon for robot wars, you didn't say who they were at war with.


Topologists demand an answer

If we covered you in small mirrors would you be equivalent to one of those small elephant toys they sell in Thailand or a glitterbal?


There's nothing new in this world, or on the Moon!

You've just reinvented Telstar.


Different bloke

When he returned home he was suddenly lame from a childhood injury.

He didn't have six legs, though.

Maybe Homer left that out to keep The Odyssey at a reasonable length?

Tiny Core Linux 15 stuffs modern computing in a nutshell


Wrong link


It was a joke.

URL article does not mention Minix?


Some mistake, surely?

Shouldn't Tiny Core use a microkernel?

Legal eagles demand $6B in Tesla stock after overturning Musk's mega pay package


Just the one?

Aren't they planning to deorbit about a hundred of the things because of an unfixable fault?

I imagine that would do the trick nicely.

It's that most wonderful time of the year when tech cannot handle the date


A modest proposal

All computer time systems and clocks should use MJD and UTC internally.

Convert to local solar/lunar calendar and timezone for the meatsacks.

You know you coding monkeys can't really cope with non-integers.


Interview question

Try asking them about microcode!

Maybe everyone should be forced to code in something low-level for a year or two.



It's more complicated than that

At least two countries (South Korea is one, can't recall the other) have some companies that pay monthly paid employees 1/13 of their annual salary for January to November. You then get 2/13 of your salary to help out with end of year expenditure.