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Surprise! That £339 world's first 'anti-5G' protection device is just a £5 USB drive with a nice sticker on it


Re: Big savings! Now!

Don't you need some other gere (allegedly) as well?

Guess who’s laughing most of the way to the Splunk, despite revenue miss and nervous customers?


Re: "data being a luxury"

With many business IT products moving to only being offered as SaaS, The Cloud may become a necessary evil for some who wish to use such product / services.

Beer gut-ted: As many as '70 million pints' spoiled during coronavirus pandemic must be destroyed in Britain


Re: A.R.S.E

Could I suggest ARSE becomes a department, and make it a combined effort with the Redistribution And Transportation folks?


Resistance is futile: Some Cisco security appliances are ticking time bombs of fail thanks to faulty resistors


Counterfeit parts

I know of a similar issue with counterfeit parts (diodes) that entered the supply chain of major US telecom vendor in the early/mid 2000s (merged & bought twice since).

As a UK based engineer I had to visit our UK and Ireland staging areas and inspect products waiting to be sent to customer sites, as the company didn't know when (time frame) they were used in the manufacturing process.

BTW, these diodes were used in the -48v dc power circuits and would/could fail spectacularly! Hence icon.

Why should the UK pensions watchdog be able to spy on your internet activities? Same reason as the Environment Agency and many more


Wonder what the detection stat's are for that?

Something a bit phishy in your inbox? You can now email suspected frauds straight to Blighty's web takedown cops


Yep, drown it in false positives. Presumably the automation workloads have been specified to cater for this.

A paper clip, a spool of phone wire and a recalcitrant RS-232 line: Going MacGyver in the wonderful world of hotel IT


Interface poker

I'll see your RS-232 and raise with a V.35

It's us, only backwards. DXC registers new corporate entity: World, meet *drum roll* CXD Infrastructure Solutions



Could have followed Kubrick & Clarke's idea when IBM wouldn't play ball

LTO-8 tape media patent lawsuit cripples supply as Sony and Fujifilm face off in court


Long Time Overdue?

See title ^

Sex and drugs and auto-tune: What motivates a millennial perp?


The Reflex

Following the Barbarella reference I was expecting a Duran Duran clip at the end.

AI has automated everything including this headline curly bracket semicolon


Re: Robot journalism and ethics

Isn't that what an electric monk is for?

Gather round, friends. Listen close. It's time to list the five biggest lies about 5G


Re: The madness is everywhere

Ah, constructing the questions to get the desired answer. Do they really believe that such false/unrealistic assumptions won't be spotted at a later date?

Ah, this military GPS system looks shoddy but expensive. Shall we try to break it?


Re: Not only Military

Remember, stores are for storing...

NHS needs to pull its finger out and prep staff for future robotics, genomics, data-led healthcare


Re: Don't worry about the IT, what about the staff

Talking of which...


Expired cert... Really? #O2down meltdown shows we should fear bungles and bugs more than hackers


Re: Was this

Alternatively I have first hand experience of a UK telco that did act as a CA, but then managed to 'lose' the passphrase to their root cert! You couldn't make it up


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