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*Spits out coffee* £4m for a database of drone fliers, UK.gov? Defra did game shooters for £300k


The "RC Lot"

Quote : John Britten "No aircraft can lift its own paperwork" , a statement he was well qualified to make if you do your research.By the time Gov.Cretin.co.uk

have finished with the 250g drone it will have an L/d ratio envied by every black hole in the galaxy.

Incidentally (no pun intended) the "RC lot" as distinct from little Jimmy drone purchaser are indeed well pissed off , having been told by their governing body, the BMFA that , yes , they will be subject to this legislation , despite already being on a database that is open to the CAA..One certain result of this , according to conversations with my fellow "RC lot".Is that being responsible,skilled,tested and qualified to operate and paying £40 quid a year to join the BMFA which includes very sensible TPI , means nothing whatsoever.Ouch!

This, my friends, is how you build a terrorist (which, perhaps allows leverage in the future for further "restriction" in the land where cynicism is the new realism).

So for all those who fly a 200 Mph 25Kg Gas Turbine , DO NOT fit fpv ,DO NOT enable GPS waypoints DO NOT fit ordnance , ,just don't, ok? Because you are probably already savvy enough to make it stick ,much as we all want to see Boris with a "Tomahawk" stuck in his head , just DONT mmmmmkay?

Julian Assange jailed for 50 weeks over Ecuador embassy bail-jumping


Chris G , more power to your elbow , Assange merely published the truth , whilst the judge (representing the English justice system , a position of responsibility you may think ) supports the misuse of taxpayer millions then tells lies to support the expenditure , plenty of work to do it seems.

Uncle Sam charges Julian Assange with conspiracy to commit computer intrusion


But Venn again , (Assange (( Ingrams - Hislop )) ) make sure you're connected , the writings on the wall , stumble you might fall . The only thing proven to me is that UN membership means nothing in terms of provision for human rights and that the justice system in our country is available only to those who have the money to pay for it , i now spell "democracy" " d e m o n c o c k e r y ". Thankyou Mr Assange , lots of us admire your courage. Whoda thunkit , an Australian shaming those who exported your ancestors as "criminals".

French internet cops issue terrorist takedown for… Grateful Dead recordings?


I cant help feeling that something vichy is going on.......dont mention the gorgon , Emil.

Hole lotta crud: Chinese stock photo pusher tries to claim copyright on Event Horizon pic


"China apologised and said that it would "learn from these lessons" and "seriously rectify" the problem"

How does one "seriously" rectify something , crivens tojo , prepare for a reverse bias situation , in china NO-ONE is allowed to post as "AC" . Welsh semiconducter giant Lord Dai Ode is currently considering sending his two daughters Cath and Ann to help smooth things out IN 4001 easy moves ( a tiny ripple of applause will do nicely thanks ) , ahem.

HMRC accused of not understanding its own IR35 tax reforms ahead of private sector rollout


HMRC ? Is it time to declare a war on The Taxis Of Weevil ? I have no problem whatsoever contributing to the cost of a fair society,administered by competent government which avoids spunking hard earned tax on doomed insider projects fueled by arrogant murderous privilege , the list of these "projects" is a long one , rather like this sentence , it just goes on and on and on , like some kind of hideous gift . Heh .Pay your taxes and claim the moral high ground ? That fucking lie has got everyone well exercised and you thought leaving the European Union was all about xenophobia......dumb at the least , but more likely "On The Gravy Train" or "Snout In The Trough" , like Bill Hicks "advertising execs" , be a service to society , just kill yourselves ! It could be your one noble act. Where is Ambrose Bierce............

Big Brother

I think someone or something has got its algorithms in a tizz , it obvious , even to me , "mate". The V.A.T returns software that one is now COMPELLED to PURCHASE and use by the Hideous Mutant Rapacious Cretins is a broken piece of shit.The biggest threat to the British economy has ALWAYS been the feckless incompetent administration , please "mate" take a course in UK modern History , and shut the fuck up , you are as coherent as a microsoft talking Santa.

Only one Huawei? We pitted the P30 Pro against Samsung and Apple's best – and this is what we found


" results were artificial or deeply flawed "

"But too often, in common everyday use cases, the results were artificial or deeply flawed."

AI ? arf arf , designed by humans , with fakery and machine code errors embedded and endemic , is this news ?

"Artificial Intelligence" ?

"Arch Indulgence"

"Arrogant Impotence"

"All Ideals"

"Ailing Interface"

"Atrophied Inside"

"Arsehole Inflation"


No ! Clever it may be , intelligent it certainly is not , compare and contrast , say , the chimpanzee with the silverback gorilla , cannibalistic shit hurling versus vegetarian sage plus UFC skills , NO CONTEST , once you find out the circumstances , then you gotta go out , oho oh yeah........happy days.

There are pictures all over the internet of a big dark spot on Uranu... Oh no, wait, it's Neptune


True , but the inhabitants perform with such Gust-O (TM).Can someone explain what the meaning of "one thumb down" means? is this the modern tick box form of DEBATE? swipe left/right , is that the extent of current ABILITY for rational argument , everybody thinks they are somehow that Roman big knob with the "one thumb down" powerplay , well i'me no Christian and you aint got no lions matey!


Anyroad , thats an awful lot of winds , so P.D.Q huh? I would imagine a fair amount of percussion also , does this mean that Peter Shickele is involved in the project somehow , how wonderful is that.Perhaps he could be drafted onto the facebook "scientific" analysis project next , what with his expertise in the field of "The Preachers of Crimetheus", or was it "The Creatures of Prometheus" , blimey , modern life is so complicated and i thought technology was going to make life more simple , streamlined and efficient , Tra-la -la , must dash , Scamazon have just delivered my new cordless potato peeler.....

NASA 'nauts do what flagship smartphone fans can only dream of: Change the batteries


Re: Timed designs?

Erm , was that "jerry built" or "jury rigged"......Jury Rigged? Surely thats an Uber Or Facebook thing, cue annoyed cat noise........Agree with your post completely otherwise , hack on compadre , there's them that can write a cheque and there's them that can hardware hack , the more hands on , the more evolved , the ghost of erstwhile phone hardware hacker Lord Stephen of Jobness smiles benevolently from his "cloud" which is white , slim , round edged and may evaporate from the heat of a million soldering irons , salut!

P.S still using the old algorithm "Wall o' text" for my posting , its a statistical density thing , soz .

Uber won't face criminal charges after its robo-car killed woman crossing street



Unbelievable FAIL , i wonder if , say , a faulty accelerator module on a conventional car would have met with the same judgement in the same circumstances? I would bet on a prosecution.It seems that whilst Uber vehicles dont know when to stop , the firm itself is able to prevent "fatal" collisions with the justice system , i wonder how they do that.........oh look a bag of money to help prevent drink driving incidents , in a neighbouring state , "conflict of interests"? WTF!!!!! Excuse me..PERSON DEAD. Self driving cars guided by gps etc , are you fucking mad ? oh just look the other way , it wasn't anyone i cared for , its all good , all hail Elon et all.The technological Infocracy is running the justice system , narcissistic cretins running the government and the mainstream media is a haze of coke n' crack liberal elite neurotics and, and....were just..... HUMAN SLAVES , IN AN INSECT NATION (apologies to Bill Bailey).Question: How many commentards does it take to push an Uber off a cliff......Answer: More than this.Bolleaux , ime going for a cuppa...Wait until the twitterati find out it was Phil The Greek driving (eeeeeeshg just making a few extra quid on the side, blasted pedestrian cyclists,probably a vegan i shouldn't wonder AND it was DARK ,bloody typical,nnnnhg Liz is going to go absolutely mental)

OK, your boss allegedly called you a lazy n*****, promoted the person you trained ahead of you and paid you less, but you can't PROVE it's racism, Facebook says


Re: And this my friends

Mr Fredrick , aka cableguy , ( or Bill Gates as portrayed by "Deadringers") respectfully of course , if you are a cockpuppet like Mr Zuckerberg then employing evolved competent individuals is just going to make you look like , well , you know .......by comparison , not all that wonderful, so yes be very careful who you hire , but in the first (rightful) place , dont be a complete Cnut by employing a racist or a psychopath who offends other employees and lands you with a class action , rgds.

Ecuador says 'yes' to Assange 'freedom' deal, but Julian says 'nyet'


Re: Sunday Morning Herald column

Danny 2,thanks for the link,very informative,just like Mr Assange's release of documents in the public interest,surely the core purpose of the internet,unless you think "opinion" trumps "facts".Elizabeth Farrelly sounds like quite a gal,"RESPECT!" as youngsters are fond of saying.


Bigger "balls" than you!

If Mr Assange had done nothing more than make comments on an I.T website then he wouldn't have ended up in his current situation,which makes me suspect that this thread has magnetized a shitload of "good Germans"still feeling a bit raw at the collapse of a convenient tyranny excercised by one Mr Hitler 75 years ago,denial,the gift that just keeps "giving".I wonder what Lester would have thought eh? But then Lester was also a "doer" not merely a"sayer".Interesting that many wish to discuss the English language,rather than human rights.The up/down vote facility stimulates one of the least appealing aspects of human nature,if you don't know which one then perhaps use a mirror and have some tissue at hand or perhaps one round in a bolt gun.To the people who now administer El Reg,perhaps you could put it to the vote or,um,have a referendum...ho ho ho.

Funnily enough, China fuming, senator cheering after Huawei CFO cuffed by Canadian cops at Uncle Sam's request


Huawei ?

Oh , we know who you are , with yer cloud storage and yer dodgy USB sticks , tough shit.They say one cannot judge a book by looking at the cover, faces are not books and i can recognise a mad bitch when i see one.

Huawei CFO poutine cuffs by Canadian cops after allegedly busting sanctions on Iran


Huawei ?

Oh , we know who you are ......