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Rhapsody bristles at Apple subscription grab


Something's got to give

It's an aggressive and some might say greedy move by Apple to be sure. Even if the cut was 15% I'd wonder if they are overplaying their hand though. With Android growing at an incredible pace, the content providers and developers have much more power than they did a year ago and that swing looks set to continue. I'd be very surprised if more providers don't take a stand alongside Rhapsody.

Having said that, demanding 30% appears to be deliberately prohibitive and so perhaps they do just want everyone else to bugger off and have a completely closed system. They must look at the kindle with envy.

It'll be interesting to see how it plays out, whether we have a situation in a year or so where you you can only purchase and subscribe through itunes on iOS devices, while android devices offer choice and competition.

Just not having a proper kindle app would be enough to put me off getting an ipad.

Texas Instruments stands out with 3D TV


All about the gaming applications

It's not just that people would feel a bit stupid wearing glasses to watch 3DTV, or that they would need a set for everybody in the house plus visitors, it simply wouldn't make an episode of Coronation Street any better. I've always found the 3D Imax experience to be a little disappointing.

If used for playing first person shooters, driving games or any other game genres you care to mention, it might just be brilliant. In fact, if someone could hook up a PS3D (TM) to an imax screen for a game of Half Life 2.....

NBC to Apple: 'You're fired!'


I concur

The original is brilliant, the US version is a different animal but a brilliant beast to be sure. Didn't buy on it itunes though.


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