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Failed insurrection aside, Biden is going to be president in two weeks. What does it mean for tech policy?

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Re: Rent a mob

Well the Biden staff did contribute to a bail found for rioters, I'd say that's pretty much "rent-a-mob".


Mike drop, DXC-ya later! Lawrie immediately ejects as CEO from IT outsourcing giant

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Re: Unfortunately he still haunts us at Perspecta

Who the hell designed that webpage? It was slow loading on my 1gbit connection and inspecting the webpage turns it out its 31.6MB in size.

"Armed with a portfolio of more than 260 patents, and unparalleled knowledge in the areas of cyber, cloud, analytics, mobility, advanced networking, systems engineering, machine learning, and agile software development, no one has an innovation engine as powerful as ours."

Yeah, no.

Equinix is rolling in it.... money that is

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From what I've heard at conferences the biggest player have built their systems in such redundant way that they dont care if things break. A customer who had seen the insides of an azure DC said he was impressed by all the red lights everywhere (Microsoft spokeswoman on stage seemed quite uncomfortable with that statement). Then once in a while they sweep in an decomission whole racks at a time when its reached a critical amount of titsup.

Wall St moneymen on IBM Q4 financials: Don't get your hopes up

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IBM hah.

Currently fighting with some file restore in IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.

Looks to be based on Java.

When searching for a specific file, Java ran up memory usage to 3.5 GB without finding the file. Its a damn dir /s |find "blah"!

Now I've started a folder-restore, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Scheduler Service client currently eating about 4.7 gig of Memory.

The GUI looks like it was made in the early 90s but about says Copyright IBM 2016.

The sooner they die the better.

From Motown to lockdown: Detroit bathroom bung IT exec gets one year in the clink

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The economy must be really bad in Detroit for someone to risk imprisonment for 30k USD over 7 years.