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Ex-Capita accountant who claimed £10k bung to leave was blackmail has appeal thrown out

Veal Crate Coward

In 2015, Capita had built a secret debt pile which would see the share price crash from £16 to £1 and Capita to exit the FTSE100. So where it claims that she was a pain in the arse, she may well have been pointing out some very valid concerns which the management either didnt want to raise or were to scared to!

Capita bags £13.2m Police Scotland deal for crime-snooping tech

Veal Crate Coward

Re: All about the money

Google Capita, switch to news articles, the top article is a contract award for Police Scotland, shortly followed by

1. Schools using Capita's information management system have been warned that there is an "incident" with

2. The NHS cervical cancer screening contract is to be removed from Capita

3. Capita posted a big fall in profits on Thursday

4. Capita -Army Recruitment "disastrous" Recruiting Partnership

Give it 6 months and this is simply be another disaster!

£10k offer to leave firm ASAP is not blackmail, Capita told by judge

Veal Crate Coward

Paid to stay

That's ironic, they offered me quite a lot of money to stay not leave :-)



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