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Tesla power steering probe upgraded after thousands more incidents reported



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2050 carbon emission goals need nuclear to succeed, says International Energy Agency


Absolute Zero

Interesting report from UK Fires on what it would take to be absolute zero. It also covers from the UK's point of view is that us (so we export the co2 creation) or in total. It will all be fine of course if we can get unlimted electricity and we don't need boats planes or concrete...


PowerShell pusher to log off from Microsoft: Write-Host "Bye bye, Jeffrey Snover"


Thanks for the videos

Jeffrey Snover did some PowerShell videos with the GoateePFE on the predecessor to the current online learning thing they have.

Was just good to watch Jeffrey Snover using PowerShell and picked up loads just watching how he used the console.GoateePFE was very good too.

Singapore promises 'brutal and unrelentingly hard' action on dodgy crypto players


Re: "Singapore will offer a state-backed alternative within three years"

Programmable money. The CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) are a stepping stone \ start on the way to Programmable money.

Cisco warns of security holes in its security appliances


It other news.

A bear took a dump in the woods

Investors start betting against Bitcoin with short-trade products


short squeeze?

hmm, bitcoin community, robin hood \ reddit crowd. Should be interesting.

Cloudflare explains how it managed to break the internet




Re: Dave in QA

Someone (you?) linked a text version the other, I read it. Recommended.

Tencent's WeChat wants no more talk of cryptocurrency and NFTs


All your base are belong to us

see title

Smart homes are hackable homes if not equipped with updated, supported tech


if you connect a device to the internet

Now I will say I have no smart home thingys so might be missing something, but in my old school mind 'if you connect a device to the internet' means give a public IP. Am I missing something? Do these devices somehow manage to make themselves accesbile via the internet themselves? So is this UPnP of something? Again never felt the need for UPnP and would diable it without thinking further.

Drone ship carrying yet more drones launches in China

Black Helicopters

Re: Carrier command...

Man did not make it to the end of the first paragraph before thinking of Carrier command. Me and me brother used to take in turns playing the same game. In the end the we had so much of the map one of defence islands destroyed the emery carrier in the end.

Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 splashes down on Win Server 2022


But what we really want to know is have they updated the emoticons?

Bank for International Settlements calls for reform of data governance


BIS Tower

‘If You Want a Picture of the Future, Imagine a Boot Stamping on a Human Face – for Ever’

Chip supply relief coming in 2024 when wafer plants open


Mr Creosote

Look - I couldn't eat another thing. I'm absolutely stuffed. Bugger off.

NASA awaits approval of $24bn 2022 budget


Safe keeping

Well with that much money when they make it back to moon, hopefully this time they can keep the tapes of the landing safe and secure.

Analogue tones of a ZX Spectrum Load set to ride again via podcast project


Just remembered the graphpaper with the colour grid copied onto it using 1,2,3 and 4 to represent the colours.

My dad did it. Will have to mention it next time I see him

Measuring your carbon footprint? There's no app for that


I love Big Brother

'totalitarian green government' file that under be careful what you wish for.

Docker’s cash conundrum is becoming a bet on a very different future


Tiers of a clown

Thank you, I may easily amused but thank you.

Microsoft sinks standalone Hyper-V Server, wants you using Azure Stack HCI for VM-wrangling


Storm in a teacup

Let me write a press release for MS to clear this confusion.

"We can't be arsed to build a stand-alone Hyper-V core server anymore as anyways hardly anyone downloads it"

WEB@30: The Register pokes around historical hardware of the WWW



acoustic couplers are no longer required?

Oh the humanity: McDonald's out of milkshakes across Great Britain


My milkshake

brings all the boys to the yard

Watchdog bans crypto super-exchange Binance from 'regulated activities' in the UK



ByBit is a good exchance, in terms of it usability. Mobile app is good too.

They already have a warning for any UK folks just to make it clear, the FCA do not like them.

MI5 still risks breaking the law on surveillance data through poor controls – years after it was first warned


Other news..

In other news, a bear shat in the woods.

Mike Lynch-backed Darktrace to file for London IPO in aftermath of Deliveroo flop


What does Skynet need money for?

FYI Russia is totally hacking the West's labs in search of COVID-19 vaccine files, say UK, US, Canada cyber-spies


What? are we at war with eurasia again? Did I miss a memo?

An Internet of Trouble lies ahead as root certificates begin to expire en masse, warns security researcher


Re: hopefully a response from the industry to start fixing stuff

Looking at the linked article;

"Although the Wemo NetCam may still connect to your Wi-Fi, direct IP access to the video feed of the camera will not be available"

Sad, so cloud or nothing.

The Edinburgh Fringe festival isn't happening this year, but that won't stop a digital sign doing its own comedy routine



Is there a zoomed in picture I am missing? ' it has choked on the ArcSoft Connected Daemon' quite some reading if that was got from that image.

Windows spotted flashing its unmentionables in a Chicago clothier



Ok upload the dmp file let me take a look. Sure I can suggest something, I mean this did happen for a reason? Didn't it?

Schermata blu di errore: Italy might be in lockdown, but the sh!tshow must go on


Bologna Bork

The pictures of the trains top right in the photo, abit Thomas the Tank Engine? I I mean are they looking at me?

Budget 2020 in tech: UK.gov splashes cash on broadband and R&D while trying to limit impact of COVID-19 outbreak



"£5bn would go towards getting gigabit broadband in the most difficult-to-reach 20 per cent of the country"

Wondering what percentage has gigabit available FTTP (thinking less than 10%). Or does the small print mean gigiabit to the cabinet?

Your opinion does matter to this Jordanian telco... only it's experiencing some technical difficulties right now

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Re: Triumvirate

Thank you AC.

I did look it up using WordWeb I have installed, that gives;

A group of three men responsible for public administration or civil authority

Searching for it came up with much the same.

Thank you for your post that does explain it. Perhaps I have learnt somthing too :)



"..flashing the taskbar brings us close to a triumvirate of bork."

Now triumvirate not a word I am familiar with, so I looked it up. Now confused. Should I be reporting this to corrections?

Is there a word with letters in an order like triumvirate that makes sense in that sentence? so the spell check suggested triumvirate?

'Optional' is the new 'Full' in Windows 10: Microsoft mucks about with diagnostic slurpage levels for Fast Ring Insiders


Re: Is it still impossible to stop the spying?

I have never checked it on a firewall logging level, but OO softwares ShutUp10 https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10 puts all the options in one easier to use interface.

It has been 15 years, and we're still reporting homograph attacks – web domains that stealthily use non-Latin characters to appear legit


Did notice FF73 did not offer 'open in new tab' when highlighting the text.

Windows 7 goes dual screen to shriek at passersby: Please, just upgrade me or let me die

IT Angle


Windows 10 Slow Ring update strides confidently into 2020


Hungry Horace

Plus vote for the mention of Horace, but I still could not watch all 5 minutes of that video. It amazes me what videos of old games I remember you can find in on youtube.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to save data from a computer that should have died aeons ago



Did an image search as remembering seeing pictures of it and it had the Spectrum + keyboard wanted to see pics again, found the above. Seem someone at el reg once had heard of the QL

Windows Dressing: Psst... Fast Ring folks, whispers Microsoft. You're in this for the cool icons, right?


SCSI drivers not being recognised

This one installed! Yea! Does explain the last few on VMware Player not seeing the disk after the first setup reboot. And new icons, you spoil me!

London's Metropolitan Police flip the switch: Smile, fellow citizens... you're undergoing Live Facial Recognition


Just the beginning

Just cross reference it with the driving licence photo records and you could put a name to a high percentage of all people passing.

If you're running Windows, I feel bad for you, son. Microsoft's got 99 problems, better fix each one


Re: Not complaining, but...

That fix to the black desktop bug. Defender updates and the Feb malicious software scan thingy I would say.

Whoa, France. Take it easy. Wow. You're out of control. Fining Apple 55 minutes of revenue for secretly slowing down iPhones? Maniaques!


This is Shutterstock's idea of an angry French person

I always look at the associated text

Like other tech giants, Netflix gets govt takedown demands – and impressively, none of them involve Adam Sandler

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Re: The Bridge documentary is an awesome piece of film

Watched The Bridge when it was on 2006. Thought it was superb and brillant documentary.

Google Chrome to block file downloads – from .exe to .txt – over HTTP by default this year. And we're OK with this


Re: The long game

I keep your picture upon the wall.

It hides a nasty stain that's lying there.

Yahoo! hack! payout! nearly! approved! and! the! question! is! how! to! spend! 60! cents!?


Re: Yahoo

Had a Yahoo email since 98 and still my main account. So that makes two..

Oh ****... Sudo has a 'make anyone root' bug that needs to be patched – if you're unlucky enough to enable pwfeedback



So what, anyone any use UAC to get administrator rights? What?

Oh wait, this is only nix!!! (with certain config).

BSOD Burgerwatch latest: Do you want fries with that plaintext password?


Re: Pleasure to help!

The older Tesco self service in the local Tesco Express had the clasic XP console screen, blue border and a XP logo but just a console in the middle. It was running a check disk when I saw it.

Take DOS, stir in some Netware, add a bit of Windows and... it's ALIIIIVE!


Re: All washed away like tears in rain

Anybody remember the name of the nlm on Netware 3 that repaired volumes? Remember it being the thing I copied to the DOS disk after setup cos if you volume didn't mount you needed it, and it was on volume after install...

Cannot remember its name though. A quick search says vrepair.nlm or toolbox.nlm for later Netware but neither sound right for Netware 3.

Beware the Friday afternoon 'Could you just..?' from the muppet who wants to come between you and your beer



So is 'a very small bunch of grapes' an euphemism?

Bad news: Windows security cert SNAFU exploits are all over the web now. Also bad: Citrix gateway hole mitigations don't work for older kit


a logo and website

No just please no. Just stop this 'a logo and website' bollocks.

Shhh! It's us, Microsoft. Yes, it's 2020. We're here with a new build of Windows 10


FileLocator Lite


Searches shared drives and UNC's and searches inside main file types. Worth a look if you want a file search thingy.