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We are absolutely, definitively, completely and utterly out of IPv4 addresses, warns RIPE


Tunnel Vision

If I could know that my modems would not pass on IvP4 encapsulated IvP6 (Class A, B &C ) address then I would be more amenable to it BUT

Microsoft & others already have tunneling boasting of busting a hole thru NAT and identifying every little thing you have connected to your network.

This is as bad as Universal Plug & Play UPNP, letting anyone see the peripherals on your Computer.

IvP6 NAT or IvP6/4 NAT

So get up the hardware manufacturers to guarantee their gear can do that and that be one step in the right direction.

Found on Mars: Alien insects... or whatever the hell this smudge is supposed to be, anyway

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Fluffy Lambs

I saw the story scroll by in the media I was reading but only read the story on theReg.

I reckon it's a bit like spotting the image of a fluffy lamb in the clouds on your day off whilst lazing on the lawn looking skyward.

No lambs were hurt and none live in the clouds, though theoretically it could be possible something that big could somehow exist there.

Could life have existed on Mars, well yes, could a remnant dead or alive be sitting there ? possibly but, having a Mars rover just rumble by it would not likely be alive and still be there but would run off somethere. Then there's the dust storms and the like, I suppose they could cover as much as uncover remnants of life.

So what happened to Mars well I reckon that the rift is like a cesarean scar, where something big gravitationally made Mars almost give birth to it's core, the winds and carbon dioxide then blew those over the area making it look waterish.

Romans and others said it was specifically red and angry back in their day, Greeks described it as once being enveloped by Jupiter (Zeus/Deus after accreting Ouranos) but emerging. There is a possibility life may have existed on Mars at the time of the Neanderthals otherwise it's just a Martian Fluffy Lamb.

The safest place to save your files is somewhere nobody will ever look


something to feed the chooks with

and here they all are cackle cluck cluck !

Finally! A solution to 42 – the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything



What's the probability this i'd turn up and read this, oh dear just dreary old math philosophy.

Sleeping Tesla driver wonders why his car ploughed into 11 traffic cones on a motorway

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could you see if it was a Tesla

I didn't watch the video - just wondered could you see the car at all and was it really a Tesla ?

or did it just show shots beyond the windscreen ?

Fantastic Mr Fox? Not when he sh*ts on your lawn, kids' trampoline and your soul


Trap & relocate them

Down here in Oz the native wildlife is protected - we consult local wild life care centers & National parks staff about trapping and relocation to some other area.

Some creatures can find their way home usually though wildlife can settle in - take all their family for best results

It's a facial-recognition bonanza: Oakland bans it, activists track it, and pics taken from dating-site OkCupid feed it

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Farcial recognition

Microsoft had a fingerprint driver that connected with the west coast of US when you booted your pc or laptop.

Now it's facial recognition

but you just sit there and do nothing while they feed on you - Oh well, so be it !

Elon Musk's new idea is to hook your noggin up to an AI – but is he just insane about the brain?


brainwaves & complex neurons complicate things

Recent neurological research says

a] The brain have been discovered to be communicating within themselves via brainwaves to keep parts in sync, it's those often monitored via EEG.

b] The neurons actually fire off differently in different situations, responding to a greater number of stimuli than the single one previously thought to trigger them.

This will make any brain connection or cyber jacking much more complex to decipher and slow the development down greatly or limit the functionality to selective diagnostics or basic prosthetic function only, not really the scifi brain connection of the future yet.

We don't mean to poo-poo this, but... The Internet of S**t has literally arrived thanks to Pampers smart diapers

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A double edged diaper.

I'll halfheartedly look forward to the airwaves filling with dirty diapers to catch hackers attempting to access more important systems, it will mean more useless targets to nose into before they discover there's no value in it, but not at my internet being muscled offline by a bag of crap happening. Within the area I live in there are many flats/units and the number of infants is often high, not a good situation as the channels for WiFi cannot support them now.

The thought of the internet or WiFi filling with pointless devices to do a job that a nose couldn't sniff out or hand could not weigh up is just too much crap to bare.

Hell hath no fury like a radar engineer scorned


Re: where there is no fire there is no smoke

and while I am at it those flash cubes had a mechanical trigger often used with an extender the camera would push up a little silver rod to trigger the flash as they were totally sealed.

Constitutes Grievous bodily harm (GBH)

Being burned with EME is no laughing matter, whether microwave, VHF or other.

Microwave is what radar would have usually been, it can initially drive blood from affected areas, then cause 'compartment syndrome' where the body is burned internally, where there are few nerves so you feel very little after the initial heat, It often takes 1 year to heal, the body parts nearby, tissue, ligaments & other flesh adhere to one another, myelin sheathes & nerves are damaged producing numbness and dysfunction & can interfere with may organs, may interfere with glucose absorption & much more - just terrible.

Perhaps you would wish to reconsider your story in this light !


where there is no fire there is no smoke

Those flash cubes were sealed and did not smoke, them all going off would have just produced the same controlled flash in them all - any burning in this porky story would have been the heat of the oven he put the pies in to cook them !

Iran is doing to our networks what it did to our spy drone, claims Uncle Sam: Now they're bombing our hard drives

Big Brother

No No No not like the US has ever done that

not for years and years, not stealing info and trashing hard drives to obliterate the original owners copy.

not building holes into O/S's and software with major market share not to give access at a flippant wish of anyone who new of it.

Not at all.

McAfee sues ship-jumping sales staff over trade secret theft allegations

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I just wanted to say - it is reminiscent of McAfee himself sounds like something HE would do.

Please stop regulating the dumb tubes, says Internet Society boss


Oh {Sigh} !

"condemned governments that "interfere in underlying technologies that people are allowed to build," as regulators increasingly target net infrastructure to enforce their visions of how the online world **ought** to be."

Now who could determine that ? and why isn't it that way already ?


People have used toilets (WC's) for years now:

they still are designing new ones, have bad ones, people without one, have a need to get deep in it to fix one or otherwise,

and they in some way are more necessary than the internet (provided it isn't the only form of communication).

Guess we will never have an 'ought to be internet' that works perfectly then.

Stop us if you've heard this one: US government staff wildly oblivious to basic computer, info security safeguards


never heard that one before

Life on Mars is rather dull, nothing to report here.

What are we more likely to see? A smooth Windows 10 May release... or a xenon-124 decay? Oh dear, bad news, IT folks

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The Xenon-verse

Does that imply/mean the universe is bigger and older than we thought ?

Microsoft debuts Bosque – a new programming language with no loops, inspired by TypeScript


avoiding For loops....... & AI

any programming language I used from a Microsoft interface had problems indicating errors - always saying it was a 'For Next' error instead of something else - perhaps better error checking.

But then If AI were writing code it may be reasonable to have no loops present as it could facilitate faster writing, reading and analysis / errorchecking

Now here's a Galaxy far, far away: Samsung stalls Fold rollout after fold-able screens break in hands of reviewers

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a Rubix phone

not the cube, the other one, with a set of flat foldable panels that flip over and over. different configurations for different purposes all to meant drive you crazy.

Foldable phone, it brings to mind the maps with their folds wrongly folded, tears and worn segments along the seams, when all I want is a home phone with a reasonable hand set that is comfortable to hold and use, buttons that are the size of my fingers and a simple screen I don't have to touch, can see in the light or dark, and I don't drop forget or lose.

am so done with the intrusive mobile annoyance.

FYI: Get ready for face scans on leaving the US because 1.2% of visitors overstayed their visas


cannot escape your face

I don't travel o/s and am not likely to do so, so have few personal concerns until face scans becomes mandatory elsewhere but I have to laugh at the situation in the intelligence world and agent types the "I am James Bond" statements may become common place as trying to travel under an assumed name or false passport thru or in and out of any country will become much much harder - agents may become overt and very famous as they cannot disappear under a false identity.

Face scanning in your own country might be ok, as the system can be conditioned to over look anomalies with certain faces but in a foreign country it would be much harder to orchestrate.

Hands off Brock! EFF pleads with Google not to kill its Privacy Badger with its Manifest destiny


Block much more

It's nice to have EFF creating these programs but I found Privacy Badger oriented toward keeping too many people happy and did not give me the block I need. i also wanted some advert blocking and don't see the value in having multiple applications when a one good one can do the same task.

NOTE: adverts using text and a small image from the same server as the webpage I am viewing is fine and rarely do blockers or privacy apps block these. just keep them small and clean.

Old-school cruel: Dodgy PDF email attachments enjoying a renaissance


Easy Peasy

Don't use Adobe - for anything.

use an alternative, eg in browser viewer or a separate standalone alternative that does not run scripts - many are available.

Defense against the Darknet, or how to accessorize to defeat video surveillance


Infrared Sensor Camera combo

an Infrared light sensor, typically used to turn lights on outside the home, in conjunction with a camera & detection software will help identify humans, as few things with that size IR print would be anything else in say a shopping center or business foyer, maybe a country carnival or Easter fair would have animals such as cows & horses in view - Dogs would be low to the ground and could be detected by the software.

just depends on the fineness of the IR sensor to differentiate individuals, tho as it would be working with camera & softwate it could be worth a try

Apple disables iPad for 48 years after toddler runs amok

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Silly Apple

Yes, all apple had to do was deny another attempt until the first time period is up.

then if three failed attempts just double initial wait time once.

that should do it, but now anybody can just reset the iPad.

Just the small matter of the bill for scrapping Blighty's old nuclear submarines: It's £7.5bn


Depleted Uranium Clean-up

When after the first Gulf war & the US had to go in and clean up the remains of Iraqi tanks killed by depleted uranium projectiles - as it was injuring the people of that area, the clean-up crews were injured some quite severely by the nukes (depleted or not).

I can therefore understand the cost - much to keep people out of harms way while carrying out the work, transporting for disposal & disposal.

Australia had a low level transportation accident moving a some low grade fissionable material up the coast. Was too much trouble to recover from the van, turned over on it's side, so they buried it, van and all in the road, & then covered it over & re-surfaced the road - Many cannot even remember where the site was.

I reckon we need a high temperature waste incinerator SHIP to sail of the coast and completely incinerate our low level medical waste.


Cynic _999 Re: USS Enterprise similar

"Yes, the asbestos could damage the lungs of the fish."

fish lungs - very few have them - mud skippers do, I think

Gills of fish - not likely to suffer from asbestos fiber aggravation, though some sea life could in the gut perhaps.

And here's Intel's Epyc response: Up-to 56-core, 4GHz 14nm second-gen Xeon SP chips, Agilex FPGAs, persistent mem


White Hats NOW

I just wonder what kind of bugs they've hidden in this one - hand it over to the white hats before public release


Re: So - 56 cores instead of 64

hmmm with 64 cores it might melt or require a hurricane for cooling

Ex-Mozilla CTO: US border cops demanded I unlock my phone, laptop at SF airport – and I'm an American citizen


"interested in his time at Firefox-maker Mozilla, and of his recent trip to Canada. "

"past work on encryption and online privacy"

It's not reported how this knowledge came about - knowledge of Mozilla and encryption

Perhaps it was something like:~ Who do you work for ? [oh I work for APPLE and worked for Mozilla before that.]

Gal says he was interrogated for three hours by America's border cops after arriving at San Francisco airport – because he refused to unlock his work laptop and phone.

It could be that the flagging occurred because he was returning from Canada - perhaps they were trying to bust a kiddie-porn ring or something,

and had a heads up on travelers that week.

Leaky Martin will be livin' la vida lockdown: Ex-NSA bod cops to taking home 'up to 50TB' of hush-hush dossiers



hahahahahahaha ,hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha 50TB hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha !

hahahahahahaha, hahahahahahaha

Easy-to-hack combat systems, years-old flaws and a massive bill – yup, that's America's F-35


Pyric Victory

"Dubbed the most expensive weapon system in history"

JSF35 Lightning (because of how quick you spend your money)

The Abrams tank had $600.00 bolts, identical to those available at the local hardware for $6.00, US Army didn't notice for years.

I smiled at these SNAFUs as all this expense could limit the WAR that they could make.

The sinews of WAR infinite Money. (a little less infinite then is a good thing)

Huawei savaged by Brit code review board over pisspoor dev practices



So then it's basically do it yourself !!!

It gets costly having HCSEC & GCHQ to inspect countless product by many vendors only to say tisk tisk you're naughty, naughty, naughty and then rip their stuff out and re do it.

Design and Build it yourself, then seek tenders for suitably vetted engineering companies to produce hardware and software check your own product and roll it out.

What bugs me the most? World+dog just accepts crap software resilience

IT Angle

SNAFU - The industry was founded on unreliable software

Too right, but don't hold your breath.

"issue of software reliability" "the industry has been sleepwalking into a tacit acceptance of unreliable software"

The industry was founded on unreliable software

Microsoft Windows was IBM compatible, yet you needed a graphics accelerator, more memory, bigger hard drive...etc to work with any reasonable efficiency.

Some developers did amazing things to get their products to work, although it often came to nothing as other parts of their software could not over come the SNAFU's.

"Sony Bravia TV takes 10-20 seconds to respond to a key-press on its remote controller"

I can vouch for that - & Bravia EPG in Aus, I can make a cup of coffee/tea and be back before it updates.

Cookies Arrrg too right - Paypal takes your money then refuses to give a receipt telling you to go back set cookies then do it again - charging you for another item, when all it had to do was give you a receipt & exit. To complain you need a 3 part application and a note from your mother.

What do WLinux and Benedict Cumberbatch have in common? They're both fond of Pengwin

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ho hum

Unless you are using Linux to play Linux games on Windows you may as well run Linux - just pick a distro that does not trash your hardware.

From MySpace to MyFreeDiskSpace: 12 years of music – 50m songs – blackholed amid mystery server move


servers you right

only if you don't care about your product should you leave it on a server, without a backup at home.

USB drives are soooo inexpensive now-a-days.

Microsoft changes DHCP to 'Dammit! Hacked! Compromised! Pwned!' Big bunch of security fixes land for Windows


Re: Deja vu?

Doesn't M$ learn?

Didn't M$ hire Mark Russinovich (from Winternals ) to teach them - He was visiting them so often they said you may as well work here !

Forget that rare-earth element crunch – we can now just extract them from industrial waste

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sounds great

recycling used resources in the least damaging way now, rather than waiting until we are desperate and run out of natural deposits = great.

Yes! Pack your bags! Blossoming planetary system strikingly similar to ours found by boffins



Faster than Light Travel, in a collider somewhere on Earth they accelerated a molecule (was it or a composite particle) to near speed of light before it broke apart.

I determine velocity as the time it takes to move you own distance in space, so if you are in a space craft 100 feet long it would be the time to move 100 feet. An extension of this would be time to move away from your initial position in a straight line (compensating for warp of space).

I think though that to travel in absolute terms at light speed you'd have to be Electro-magnetic radiation (light).

Pushing that much energy slowly or quickly, into a bunch of eager beavers waiting to get a slice of real estate on a new planet would render them into bleeding fizzers, the energy would eventually radiate out in all directions like fireworks.

Whilst ripping along at near light speed, hit a dust particle or dust cloud and particles would rip through the craft.

[I note voyager1 encountered solar system & galactic winds going in opposite directions each about 75% speed of light]

Life on Earth will do me just fine thanks, but feel free to sell every bit of area on the planet to who ever wants to purchase it.

Uber won't face criminal charges after its robo-car killed woman crossing street


Death by technological cop out

In Australia we have no death penalty, cops are trained to shoot to kill and selfdrive cars will (in an accident situation) wipe you out to save their negligent driver (who is texting) and their family, while you are driving safely alone nearby.

Driver Assist that's what they *should* call it and clearly state that the driver must maintain control of the vehicle at all times.

The longer a driver does not have to respond to the road they will suffer from boredom and distractions, until they are occupied sufficiently not to be able to respond in time.

A red area to the left (or right) down the side of the windscreen could be displayed when the radar/lidar system detects movement near that side of the road, alerting the driver something is near in the distance.

It seems inevitable that the worst will happen so we will see in the future auto/selfdrive vehicles driving down the footpath, ploughing thru school crossings, as well as running up parked car & trucks.

IF it takes 10 onboard computers to deal with peripheral objects and movement detection (or lack there of) then do it.

Spooky! Solar System's Planet NINE could be discovered in the next NINE years (plus one to six), say astroboffins


Re: destroyed already

some science you ordered - Conclusion to draw: Asteroid belt formed after solar system..

"...Nature Astronomy found at least 85 percent of 200,000 asteroids in the inner asteroid belt — the main source of Earth’s meteorites — originate from five or six ancient minor planets. The other 15 percent may also trace their origins to the same group of primordial bodies, said Stanley Dermott, lead author and a theoretical astronomer at the University of Florida.""

University of Florida : http://news.ufl.edu/articles/2018/06/study-reveals-secret-origins-of-asteroids-and-meteorites.php

Nature Astronomy : https://www.nature.com/articles/s41550-018-0482-4


Re: destroyed already

Bullshit artists: said by someone who's science is the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, hmm -

Faux science: it is not, the boffins have done the science, HAVE found the size of these planets could not have formed there, saying they either moved after forming or accreted/loss mass , have found the asteroids have all come from 2 or more, up to 5 planetoids.....

Wankers: go look in the mirror.

Go look it up it will be the most science you have ever done in your life


Re: destroyed already

You MikeeMiracle, unfortunately are like so many others who cannot seem to differentiate between the beginning and something that happened later, it's like saying you typed that reply just after birth and you haven't grown up yet.

The solar system formed around 4.5 Billion years ago then LATER other events occurred in it - even events such as life on Earth and Jupiter's & Saturn's accretion of mass and Mercury's loss of atmosphere.

Of course the Greeks and many before them observed the events from about 16,000BC to 2,300BC

Lascaux cave being a sky map indicates that the sky could be seen well around 25,000BC.

Just have to wait until the boffins catch up to the myth.


destroyed already

Planet nine has already been destroyed - see Greek & other Myth - some big smash up of planets and bodies that formed along wiith the solar system 4.5 billion years ago happened. MIT and other boffins say Myth does point to something like that but cannot work it out.

other boffins say Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury are the wrong size to be where they are todat and must have gained mass or lost (Mercury) atmosphere.

Then there the asteroids, now coming from a cluster up to 5 planetoids or a cloud of oids of some type

Saturn and Jupiters rings diminishing along with the red spot on Jupiter (Mars's atmosphere)

See Myth for the answers

Today's good news is that whoever has to clean up Solar System will have an easy job: Lack of small debris in Kuiper belt


Study reveals secret origins of asteroids and meteorites

"Study reveals secret origins of asteroids and meteorites

July 2, 2018

Stephenie Livingston

photographer: Illustration by Don Davis, video by Brianne Lehan"

"The study appearing online today in Nature Astronomy found at least 85 percent of 200,000 asteroids in the inner asteroid belt — the main source of Earth’s meteorites — originate from five or six ancient minor planets. The other 15 percent may also trace their origins to the same group of primordial bodies, said Stanley Dermott, lead author and a theoretical astronomer at the University of Florida."


Website: http://news.ufl.edu/

Original Source: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41550-018-0482-4

The record shows I took the blows, and did it... Huawei: IT titan will start tackling GCHQ security gripes from June


Re: No Backdoor just an open front door

Well yeah, just "Know thy self" very well, and where to jump into if you need to - if they had to share their secrets it might persuade them not to make it fallible.

China's tech giants are a security threat to the UK, says Brit spy bigwig


peek into them and see

Wow my monitors were destroyed by a Linux NV as some dudes could not get NVIDIA to puke up their code and details.

Thanks Linux's.

So why then cannot Gov's (in camera [secretly] of course) insist Huawei puke up circuit plans, diags and firmware for their kit.

Govs could randomly rip a few apart and check for disparity and deformity etc.

Who will stand up for European democracy? Us! says US software giant Microsoft


so you pay them for protection

hmmm, how are your show windows ?

Secret mic in Nest gear wasn't supposed to be a secret, says Google, we just forgot to tell anyone


uuuggghhh !!! mmmuuuhhhh !!

Thralls & Zombies the lot of you what do you care if a mic is recording you.

Enthralled by tech or just dragged into it by the others.

Big trouble Down Under as Australian MPs told to reset their passwords amid hack attack fears


I'm the Next PM

Supposedly hackers set up to go through all but the Lib gov's computers, so that's opposition, back benchers etc.

Can you believe that ? well don't

Seems most popular password found was "I'm the Next PM". Now how could they reveal that ?

Trolling in the Reg's forums... we mean, er, 'working' on the train still rubbish thanks to patchy data coverage


So change the "Post anonymously? " icon to the troll icon already

you could swap them over anonymous for troll & troll for anonymous icon.

might be a motivation to come clean - ghosts in the machine

Boffin suggests Trappist monk approach for Spectre-Meltdown-grade processor flaws, other security holes: Don't say anything public – zip it



Some bug are a horrendous #SNAFU - aka Intel's Spectare / Meltdown where fixes take repeated testing in a myriad of situations - keeping quiet is very difficult in that situation. As how do you know it is difficult to fix unless you try it and get feedback of the result.