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Nuisance call boss gets 8-year ban after trying to dodge firms' £700k fines


Re: Need a new acronym for BT Internet Security

Be careful pressing buttons on one of those calls, some of them re-route through premium lines which is what they are trying to get you to do.

Could you speak up a bit? I didn't catch your password


Airport facial recognition

Last time I was filtered through this channel I got sent back to the human checks. Apparently being 6ft 3in (190cm) means I am too tall for the camera to get to, and I have a beard which restricts the ability to do the facial recognitions. Men with beards break the UK border facial recognition s/w; how can that be a problem?

Shocker: UK smart meter rollout is crap, late and £500m over budget


It will also give them the ability to start variable charging when usage across the county is nearing capacity. A quick text to your phone or even just a tweet saying the rate is going up in 5 minutes to manage the load across the country is all they will probably need to do. So the poorer you are the less likely it will be that you can cook dinner in the evening peak time as you won't be able to afford the electricity cost.

Many problems solved for the electricity companies in one simple go,