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Next Visual Studio going multi-screen?


That's got to be a gag

Noah Coad is Microsoft program manager for the Visual Studio platform? Noah Coad? Riiiiiiiight....

Microsoft tells SMBs Vista isn't a risky business

Paris Hilton

Change for changes sake

I see no reason at all to move our Windows boxes from XP, what happened to "If it 'aint broke..."?

I moved my laptop to XP a year ago, and that was only because the WiFi support on 2K was pants. *Only* reason. Vista? You'll have to pry the XP licence out of my cold dead hand etc.

Paris because she probably has more of a clue than MS marketing atm.

Burma 'Gone with the Wind', suggests Telegraph


Met 101

> when did we start calling hurricanes cyclones?

When people live in the Southern hemisphere and their big winds rotate the other way to ours.

Airline pilot sacked for 777 Top Gun stunt



@ Matt

"This video was made from single frames taken with a DSLR"

5,000 NHS records vanish with latest lost laptop


Oh, that's just *so* secure...

"The database is password/login protected and a separate trust login and password is required to operate the laptop." - So windows password to logon and that's it? Seriously - do these people have any understanding of what "Secure" actually means?

PC superstore puts Microsoft on sale for under £150


Yeah, but...

Apparently, they won't let you run linux on it - voids the warranty.

Russia plans 2025 Moonbase, 2035 Mars shot


False economics

_According to NASA, the Apollo programme cost $19.4bn. Assuming 1970 dollars, that would equate to $104bn-odd today, which is a lot of oil and gas revenue for the Kremlin to spend._

Fine, and back in 1970 a simple chip with a couple of AND gates on it cost $1000. Now we have private individuals throwing sub-orbital shots. Whilst NASA is still tendering the shuttle replacement, the Russians / Chinese will probably be bouncing around on the moon because *they're* not afraid of taking a little risk...