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Bunch of US states said to be preparing fresh antitrust investigation into Google 'n' pals

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Re: Making things more complicated

Please explain your vague and idiotic statement. Thank you

Microsoft menaced with GDPR mega-fines in Europe for 'large scale and covert' gathering of people's info via Office

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Re: What is wrong with Europe?

The point my slow witted friend is that the EU has no business trying to enforce local regulation on a global scale. Doing so is ad repugnant as what the US has been doing for years. Also, the most significant impact of the gdpr has been the revenue increases for insurance companies and lawyers. Though we shouldn't forget how great a tool it is for censorship. It is now trivial to remove factual information from the net under the guise of RTBF or potential GDPR violations. I would link to several examples but the techdirt.com links keep getting my comments flagged.

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Re: Abide by their rules or GTFO

1. 28% of the total global market, but guess what, neither MS, google, or FB derive 28% of their revenue from the EU. So they can afford to tell you where to stick it.

2. A fine of 4% of gross tips the scales to the point where it is cheaper not to have to worry about the risk of fines, so no more office for you

3. I wouldn't expect the EU to be 28% of the global marketplace for long when you idiot's cant create or send excel files

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What is wrong with Europe?

It used to be that us Americans were the ones constantly accused of forcing the rest of the world to abide by our laws, our social norms, and our cultural institutions. How is it that the GDPR and the more recent copyright reforms (specifically article 13 and article 11 measures) currently being considered by the EU any different? I am giddy with anticipation for the moment when Microsoft and Google finally decided the cost of doing business with you lunatics is too high. What are you going to do if they pull the plug and cut you off. Good luck with your open source initiatives, because that always works... or hey, maybe try to develope your own software solutions bahahhahaha. Sorry couldn't hold it together at the thought of actual innovation in a real marketplace (you know, like the USA) happening in the EU. Nigel Farage does his best to remind you (Europe) of this all the time.


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