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Hellfire and damnation: Two French monks charged over 5G mast arson attack

Totally not a Cylon

You are assuming that the Catholic Church is connected to Jesus.....

Jesus: Love is the law,

Catholics: Burn the heretics.

Jesus: It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man enter Heaven.

Catholics: Give us your money or see our first point.

One of the Holy Roman Emperors changed Christianity to be more like Mithraism (Roman Legion religion) to gain their support around the 4th Century AD

Report details how Airbus pilots saved the day when all three flight computers failed on landing

Totally not a Cylon

Re: Automation Issue

Paris Airshow some years ago. (80's or 90's I don't remember)

French test pilot showing off an early Airbus model.

A low, slow fly past turned into a 'perfect landing' in the forest as the computer decided that flaps down, gear down and approaching the ground meant 'land'.

Farnborough investigation concluded 'Froggy showing off' was the cause.

Norwegian student tracks Bluetooth headset wearers by wardriving around Oslo on a bicycle

Totally not a Cylon

Not the Government's job, also if Gov legislates then companies match that AND NO MORE.

Better for an independant third party maybe something like a British Standards Institute? (Insert your country if different)

Consumers have a right to buy cheap rubbish if they wish.....

If Bluetooth had remained short range (like it was designed to be) then there wouldn't be a problem....

Samsung: We will remotely brick smart TVs looted from our warehouse

Totally not a Cylon

You need a Pi-Hole on your network.

Raspberry Pi with pi-hole software, use for dhcp & dns and no adverts.

Additionally it shows lists of what is connecting to where and allows you to block address lookups.

Japan's aerospace agency hooks up with Boeing to make planes quieter when they land

Totally not a Cylon

Simple fix

Either arrange for a pair of F-111s to do 'touch & goes' for a couple of hours......

or announce your airport is going to host Starship.

Nobody will complain about civil airliner noise again.....

BOFH: 'What's an NFT?' the Boss asks. In this case, 'not financially thoughtful'

Totally not a Cylon

Thai Office?

Bonus points if Simon manages to convince the Boss of their Thai office to do it....

They get arrested for merely stepping on a note to stop it blowing away, imagine what they'd do to someone who burnt a pile.....

Naughty karaoke is China's next tech crackdown target

Totally not a Cylon


Does this include all the songs by Minions?.....

Yellow, rowdy, indeterminate gender... (watch the films..)

Smiley face because it's a Yellow Smiley.....

Electrocution? All part of the service, sir!

Totally not a Cylon

Re: Self-electrocution

BigClive (dotcom) reckons that all electricians poked something into a live socket whilst young...

It's how they learned that electricity was exciting.....

SpaceX Starship struts its stack to show it has the right stuff

Totally not a Cylon

Re: "Mine is bigger than yours"

Blue Danube might be good as well....

Only 20 years late...

Linux kernel sheds legacy IDE support, but driver-dominated 5.14 rc1 still grows

Totally not a Cylon


I suspect your XT would have had MFM interface for HDD.....

All that messing with interleave....

Icon: Beer for anyone who does remember all those ribbon cables.....

Linux Foundation celebrates 30 years of Torvalds' kernel with a dry T-shirt contest

Totally not a Cylon

Linus as Miss Whiplash?

Surely any t-shirt should be of Linus dressed as a Dom, complete with whip

and a bunch of kernel devs on their knees with ball-gags?

YouTube's recommendation engine is pretty naff, Mozilla study finds

Totally not a Cylon
Thumb Up

Re: A Journey through the digital sewer

Upvoted fol LPL, if you like him check one of his collaborators: Bosnian Bill.

Hubble Space Telescope may now depend on a computer that hasn't booted since 2009

Totally not a Cylon
Paris Hilton

8 inch or 5 1/4 inch?

Hyundai takes 80 per cent stake in terrifying Black Mirror robo-hound firm Boston Dynamics

Totally not a Cylon

There's 2 of these at Starbase

SpaceX has 2 of these wandering around at Boca Chica Starbase.

Security and gas alert in one.

NasaSpaceFlight have footage of them 'showing off' for a couple of school buses; sitting, wagging their behinds, etc.....

Wyoming powers ahead with Bill Gates-backed sodium-cooled nuclear generation plant

Totally not a Cylon

Re: Windows for Nuclear Power

Running on either ZX80 or ZX81....

I can't remember which was the one which the advert claimed 'could run a power station'...

TCP alternative QUIC reaches IETF's Standards Track after eight years of evolution

Totally not a Cylon

Another way of speeding up the internet

Get rid of javascript and all 'load resource from a totally different domain' rubbish.

I remember when we used to fine tune the raw html to get page load times down. Now it seems nobody cares and they just load routines at random without caring what performance/security holes they create, just to make it 'cool-looking'.

All that Lego has a purpose: Researchers find that spatial memory improves kids' mathematical powers

Totally not a Cylon

Re: Lego and origami

The original big lego motor which drove 4 wheels directly had a rather nice gearbox when you took it apart 'to see how it worked'.

It still worked after as well....

Japan to start stamping out rubber stamps and tearing up faxes as new digital agency given Sept. 1 start date

Totally not a Cylon

Re: My number

Being number 4, or any number containing 4 would be a problem as it sounds like 'death'...

Water's wet, the Pope's Catholic, and iOS is designed to stop folk switching to Android, Epic trial judge told

Totally not a Cylon

Re: Apple App Store "a necessary evil"

It is possible to load non-store apps on your device.

You just need to know what you're doing, which apparently is difficult for young people today....

Epic's argument is the same as demanding to have Waitrose (a UK high end supermarket) deliver your ASDA (UK low end supermarket) shopping....

Microsoft demotes Calibri from default typeface gig, starts fling with five other fonts

Totally not a Cylon


Everyone is wrong and it should be...

Times New Roman.

A more classic font from a more civilised age...

To have one floppy failure is unlucky. To have 20 implies evil magic or a very silly user

Totally not a Cylon

Re: The endless story

Simplifies to:

make something 'idiot-proof' and nature breeds a better idiot.

Evolution in action.....

Airline software super-bug: Flight loads miscalculated because women using 'Miss' were treated as children

Totally not a Cylon

Re: And little did they realise that they probably didn't save money on outsourcing.

A piece of software with NO bugs.....

10 PRINT "Hello World "

20 GOTO 10

Prints Hello World all over the screen continuously, exactly as intended therefore no bugs....

Making definitive statements is hard as there is always a case to disprove the statement.

Ministry of Defence tells contractors not to answer certain UK census questions over security fears

Totally not a Cylon

Time to emulate Hotblack Desiato;

and spend a year dead for tax reasons......

Apple accused of unfairly banishing Watch keyboard app for the visually impaired from its software souk

Totally not a Cylon

Change the script

Would it be reasonable for a small independent maker of tomato sauce (ketchup) to demand that the major supermarkets sell it?

And the 'Law of Unintended Consequences' has not been repelled yet so:

Apple are forced to allow other app-stores on iphone then why not on playstation?

or you can go to one petrol station and demand the right to buy a different companies petrol,

or Asda Smart Price (cheap) crisps in Waitrose.

Companies have the right to decide what they will sell and what they will not.

If you want to play fortnight or any other piece of junk software on your phone buy an Android!

There is currently choice in the phone market, don't force remove it by forcing one company to copy another's bad practices under threat of punishment.

Another Windows 10 patch that breaks printers ups ante to full-on Blue Screen of Death

Totally not a Cylon

Re: "in some apps"?


when I were a lass the OS and the program fitted on a 1.2MB floppy disk (5 and a quarter inch variety)......

Or even 2 8Inch ones..... RML 380Z

Surprise: Automated driving biz finds automated driving safer than letting you get behind the wheel

Totally not a Cylon

Dept of the Blindingly Obvious

Of course there's fewer incidents if everyone obeys the traffic rules.

It's like saying if everybody obeys the 'Murder is not nice, don't do it' rule then fewer people are killed......

But, People as a collective group are stupid, just look at the Darwin Awards.

The 40-Year-Old Version: ZX81's sleek plastic case shows no sign of middle-aged spread

Totally not a Cylon

Mine came with the 'Learning Lab', a rather thick book and bunch of cassette tapes.

Seem to remember that Memotech did a rather nice range of modules for it.

Also remember hand entering the code for FIG-Forth; a fun language which used reverse polish notation.

Also it made a rather effective radio jammer!

Hidden text in MacOS 11.3 beta suggests removal of Rosetta 2 compatibility layer in some countries

Totally not a Cylon

My MacBook Pro is currently running 11.2.2

so not that long away.....

9 years after SpaceX strode into Texas village, Elon Musk floats name change for Boca Chica: 'Starbase'

Totally not a Cylon

Re: Starbase, Texas

So, you're suggesting he call it: Mos Eisley....

SpaceX small print on Starlink insists no Earth government has authority or sovereignty over Martian activities

Totally not a Cylon

Remember 1776 ......

He has a point.

After all a relatively small handful of frontiersmen (people for the PC) beat (or at least drew with) one of the foremost military powers.

Especially as the UN is irrelevant here on Earth so why should it have any effect on Mars?

Especially as Marsies will play up the 'God of War' aspect of their planet........

British govt emits fuzzy vision for UK version of American boffin special forces group Darpa

Totally not a Cylon

Blue skinned aliens?

Will it be headed by a certain Miss T'Loak?

and based at a secret facility called Omega?

Now this is Epic: Fortnite maker takes Apple fight to the European Commission and... er... Bismarck, North Dakota

Totally not a Cylon

Epic are trying to REMOVE customer choice.

Currently we have iPhone & Android (plus others).

iPhone is a closed ecosystem, one app store one payment system one company in control.

Android is an open ecosystem, choice and freedom.

One protects its customers privacy and security the other doesn't.

I and I suspect the large majority of Apple's customers chose iPhone and Mac because of this 'walled garden' approach. One app store account, one payment method. One login to remember, Apple also has 2FA baked right in to the phone.

Hey, maybe we should all be cat-faced eco-warriors on our daily video chats

Totally not a Cylon

Use the waste heat from a Datacentre

Wild idea but

use the waste heat from a datacentre to either heat local properties or drive some kind of generator.

Even if a heat pump was needed to 'concentrate' the heat energy to make it useful, the initial kick the heat pump would need to start should be offset by any output.

Blue sky thinking... would it work?

Ring, Ring, why don't you give me a call? Amazon-owned doorbells aren’t answering after large-scale outage

Totally not a Cylon

Ring was good at first.

When it was first launched the Ring was good; it was just a video doorbell with cloud storage which stored your videos FREE for a short time.

When the makers sold out to Amazon it went downhill fast.

I know have another video doorbell, actually uses ethernet instead of wifi.....and local storage.

But despite it being a very obvious black doorbell on a white door and frame the local delivery people still insist on knocking on the door or even funnier trying the door handle and then moaning about people locking doors!....

Icon for what needs to happen to small companies who sellout to big companies.

Microsoft backs Australia’s pay-for-news plan, risks massive blowback over a lousy $3bn and change

Totally not a Cylon

I find Bing gives better results when searching for 'Technical stuff' and a big plus in that IT'S NOT GOOGLE!

The points towards Xbox stuff is useful as well.

Musk see: Watch SpaceX's latest Starship rocket explode while trying to touch down

Totally not a Cylon

Engine problem

Looks to me like the vehicle is working as intended.

Just the Raptor engines have a problem, which is not surprising as they are a new design of 'Full-Flow Engine'.

So the question now is: Do they continue to basicly discard a launch vehicle each time they test or do they built a test stand for 3 Raptors and perform mission profile start/stops?

(Remember that Mercury/Gemini/Apollo went through the same 'Vehicle explodes during testing' as did Falcon but that now 'sticks the landing'.....)

Which option gives SpaceX the data they need?

Whilst also fitting what Elon wants to do? (The very public testing clearly separates SpaceX from the others)

There's no 'I' in Teams so Microsoft issues 6-month warning for laggards still on Skype for Business Online

Totally not a Cylon

Re: There is an "I" in teams

Beat me to the post....

Apple slapped with €60m lawsuit from Italian consumer rights org for slowing down CPUs in old iPhones

Totally not a Cylon
Paris Hilton

Re: When does Apple buy Italy?

Apple can write Italy off as a tax loss.....

Might be cheaper than paying/fighting EU fines?

Totally not a Cylon
Black Helicopters

When does Apple buy Italy?

Normal practice when some small company sues a larger one is for the larger to buy the smaller.

So, when is Apple buying Italy?

Seriously it's going to happen at some point......

Lenovo reveals smart specs that let you eyeball five virtual displays, with strings attached

Totally not a Cylon

But will it be cheaper?

But will it actually be cheaper than 5 1080p screens and a stand?

Could be very good for the racing sims if it is.....

ESA signs on the dotted line for ESPRIT, Europe's Lunar Gateway module

Totally not a Cylon

Re: SLS hot fire on January 17th

And will it still be in one piece after.....

Titanium carbide nanotech approach hints at hydrogen storage breakthrough

Totally not a Cylon

Why not just use...

Why not just use the clean renewable energy to make a hydrocarbon type liquid fuel using carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?

No cost of converting infrastructure or vehicles, just conversion of the production facilities.

Even if it's only 50% efficient to begin with, still has to be 'greener' than 'fossil- fuel'....

BOFH: Switch off the building? Great idea, Boss

Totally not a Cylon

Re: And not even an accident required

More like:

The Paramedics turned up, but knowing the building's track record they refused to enter until a 'Risk analysis' had been conducted.

ie ask the Bofh and Pfy if it's safe to enter.....

Google Chrome's crackdown on ad blockers and browser extensions, Manifest v3, is now available in beta

Totally not a Cylon

If the goal is increased performance

then just dump javascript.

Amazing how fast pages load when they're not fetching badly written code from 42 different servers.

I remember HTML before javascript, it was beautiful and quick.

Users complain iOS 14.2 causes some older iPhones to overheat, rapidly lose charge

Totally not a Cylon

Multiple iPhones here, no problems.

I have an original SE and an 8plus, my mother has an 8.

None of these devices have showed any change since upgrading to 14.2.

What this seems to be is a variation of 'confirmation bias';

'my phone is not holding charge', what's last change?, oh OS update, it must be that.

Social isolation creates craving in the same brain region as wanting food or addictive drugs, study finds

Totally not a Cylon
Paris Hilton

Not inclusive!

Not all humans are social animals.

Some of us just don't like people, why? because they're idiots.

There should be a study to find out what percentage have thrived through enforced social isolation.

If there had been an opportunity for a long duration (at least 18 months) mission on the ISS, I would have paid to go!!!!

One does not simply shove elephants on a ballet shoe point and call it an acceptable measure of pressure

Totally not a Cylon

Re: Quob Ibble

Hmmm, sure it's not MegaTeslas?

Or is that just silly seeing as a whole Tesla is a bit like a Ningi.....

Behold, the Ultimately Large Telescope: A revived proposal for a 100-metre liquid-mirror star scanner on the Moon

Totally not a Cylon

Build on site?

How many Starship loads would be required to construct a mirror fabrication site on the moon?

Alternatively send a couple of East European builders up there to excavate and line a concave hole then line it with Bacofoil (other foils are available)....



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