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Suunto settles scary scuba screwup for $50m: 'Faulty' dive computer hardware and software put explorers in peril

Cosmic Parsnip

Re: Isn't that what the watches with the numbered bezels are for?

The down-votes for Ken's query are unduly harsh. He did admit to not knowing anything about dive computers.

The fact is dive watches are just that, watches. They tell the time and can go underwater but do little else.

A dive computer is a much more sophisticated item that uses software algorithms to work out and inform the diver the speed and time to spend on their ascent in order to control the release of nitrogen from the diver's tissues back into the bloodstream to prevent the onset of the 'bends'. They can also monitor the amount of gas left in your tank. If any of these things were reported incorrectly to the diver then, quite simply, death may result.

For a dive computer manufacturer to know of faults and yet to keep selling the items is unforgivable and should be illegal. Shame on Suunto!

Google swallows up DeepMind Health and abolishes 'independent board'

Cosmic Parsnip

Re: Googly

A cricket ball would have to bounce twice in order to do what you suggest :-)

The truth of a Googly in cricket is probably more in line with Google's deception over DeepMind.

A Googly in cricket is a ball delivered by the bowler that, on the face of it, looks to be something else. It deceives the batsman into believing the ball is going to spin one way only for it to spin in the opposite direction.


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