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BOFH: So you want to have your computer switched out for something faster? It's time to learn from the master


Re: not by a long shot!

Just like a cat playing with a Bird / Mouse they will play before the kill, sorry inevitable end.

Good news: Jeff Bezos went to space. Bad news: He's back

Paris Hilton


Currently trending on Tw@ter is the #FleshGordon

TalkTalk, Three, and Virgin Media, come on down! You've all won a prize for... not being that great at something!


A spokesperson at Virgin Media said the company is "Wanting to keep your business at all cost to you we put up our pricesa as often as we can and yes your service will fail... suck it up buttercup....

Your call is important to us please hold."

Where there's a .mil, there's Huawei: Pentagon allowed to keep using Chinese tech deemed too dangerous for everyone else – report


1 rule for ..... mines the one with the 5G Huawei Tower / Router / Dongle in the pocket

Virgin Orbit at last ready to live up to its name: Branson's other space adventure set for maiden flight this weekend


Branson ???

"This launch is different from all of our other flights in that it's really about the rocket, not about the payload."

Crosses fingers he IS the payload

Royal Navy nuclear submarine captain rapped for letting crew throw shoreside BBQ party


Please note "UK red top The Sun" read toilet paper / firelighter / chip wrapper not worth the paper it is printed on.

BOFH: The case of the Boss's hidden USB inkjet printer


Nice to see that the De-Fib has an 11 setting...

Lets Rock....

Dixons hits back at McAfee's £30m antivirus sueball: Your AV didn't work on Windows 10S


Re: McAfee Vs Symantec

I cannot give you enough upvotes on this.

His other video make interesting watching too lol

Virgin Media promises speeds of 1Gpbs to 15 million homes – all without full fibre


Re: "speeds of 1Gbps"

"0.1Gbps down, 2.5Mbps up, I suspect..."


It's now officially the WhackBook Pro: If the keyboards weren't bad enough, now MacBook Pro batts are a fire risk


What goes around comes around after apple were "taking the mick" about samsung phones and exploding batteries.... Icon for obvious reasons

Welcome! Mimecast finds interesting door policies on email filters


We use Mimecast as the first layer of email security and then we use a hosted exchange for our email, all I can say is thank god the hosted email system has spam & virus filtering as mimecast still let cr4p through.

Even our end point security has to grab the last scrags of vermin ware that have made it through all the filtering.

Multi layered approach is the only way and still beat sorry train end users to be vigilant.

Have I been paid, Sage? Cloudy wage service locks out users


Didn't bother ringing Sage lack of support we have just changed this month to the cloudy payslips after they told me I had to give our HR Drones Admin access to the domain and local PC to be able to send out the payslips by email since the last update....

Needless to say I hold their support people just below HP and BT.

Thankfully I will not have to deal with morons much more as we are having a sage 200 box installed that I will nothing to do with ... thank you External support people ...

Small UK firms laying fibre put BT's Openreach to shame – report


B4RN These Guys have it right

Have a look at the B4RN stuff, they are stuffing the likes of BT (Where are the billions you got for doing fibre.... a$$wipes) or Virmin Media (thank you for the speed increase and price) cannot or won't do and the annoying bit where I am was supposed to be part of the SuperFastSouthYorkshite network there is a fibre cab with 1 GB in it at the end of the street approx 200yds away can I get it no way no one will supply it due to wayleaves and build costs.

Software update borked radar, delayed hundreds of flights, says US FAA


"Despite the outage, air traffic controllers safely handled 70 to 88 percent of Saturday's scheduled arrivals and departures"

I'm confused what happened to the 12-30% of Saturday's scheduled arrivals and departures???

Icon for obvious reasons

Last flying Avro Vulcan, XH558, prepares for her swan song


This takes off from the back of our office and the noise of the engines is brilliant.

Such a shame for such an amazing majestic plane

BOFH: A miracle on PFY Street


Offers 3 cans from a 4 pack


Thank you for a Christmas Treat of one liners...

And the idea for the secret santa why had I not thought of that this year

TV transport tech, part 2: From sofa to server at the touch of a button


Brilliant Write Ups

Loved the write ups, love the in depth details on how they deliver the content, even though I only have their Fibre Broadband.

Well done more articles like this please - have a beer you need it after the write up unless you used a transcription service in which case a Beer Wine for the typist.



Cowboy Playmanaught

Good On you guys moving away from the EU sorry Franco's Army.

There is one major issue the Autopilot has been programmed to avoid trees....

What about Cacti?

Just when you thought you were alone in the bath: Hi-res mapping satellite ready for launch



"It is expected to launch on Wednesday 12 August or Thursday 13 August, depending on the weather."

Round these parts its Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th... This year at least...

Or will the higher resolution be able to break the time dimensions...

Mines the one with the sonic screwdriver and the tin hat on a string..

Sysadmin Day 2014: Quick, there's still time to get the beers in


Cheers from the IT Lacky

Sysadmin, Bin Emptier, Network Engineer, Scanner/Printer Cleaner and Fixer, Desk Mover...

Cheers to us all...

Make sure there are cold ones waiting for you if not get one on the the back home

Firefighters deliver trapped student from GIANT GERMAN LADYPARTS

Paris Hilton

"the delivery method is not noted" - Lots of Lube I guess

Paris for the Obvious

Brit giant Daisy stuffs face with treats, but she ain't piling on ££££££s


Naff Service

Daisy always blame the end user for their issues I have a run in with them currently on FUP they claim 600GB / month downloads and my router ASUS says 200Gb now they want to cut me off...

Will be glad soon when I can move away from them, they are an epic Fail

Graphics pros left hanging as Adobe Creative Cloud outage nears 24 hours


Another reason to use open source software and stop lining the pockets of Dick Turpin (robber) type companies providing SaaS.

FAIL for Adobe doing yet another fail on their products and yes I do use them as and when I have to as part of my job.

Classified LOHAN payload is four-eyed beast


So if it has 4 eyes and is on LOHAN... does it mean it is the beast with the 2 backs too???

Excellent pictures :)

Reports pump fuel into iCar gossip: Apple in 'talks' with Tesla


Re: Its already been done

And don't forget they will also patent the wheel.. and other round things

NASA's search for habitable planets maps ALIEN CLOUD-WORLD


between 1,500 and 1,800 Fahrenheit (815°C to 982°C) - and we are worrying about global warming - mines the one with the factor 10,000 dripping out of the pocket

MPs slam bumpkin fibre rollout, demand halt to further £250m cash spaff


I work on the southern edge of Doncaster and you would think that you are in the wilds here.

We cannot get Digital Region, now defunct anyway, Virgin Cable not going over the motorway and railway lines, we are offered FTTC from a cabinet 2.8km away !!! download speeds on one line @ 8mb and the other 3mb upload speeds are 600k if we are lucky, we have a cabinet 315m from our gate and a BT trunk that runs past the end of the gate but they will not connect us...

We have even offered to pay for the Fibre from the cabinet to our premises only to be told by a "lovely lady" you DO NOT tell us where you want your connections from we tell you.

BT have a monopoly on the services and always have, so they just throw 2 fingers up to most and give the middle to the rest and the without teeth regulator.

We have looked at satellite as a back up but that has limitations...

Boffins find RAT-SIZED bug-muncher links man to beast


Jeremy Kyle Guests

So thats where they all come from .....

<< Ok I'll get it

Cops seek 179mph net vid biker


Re 179mph ?

We use MPH Mile Pints Lbs and all of the such like, that is until the BBC / SKY change us over via the backdoor or the EU force us to join the rest of the European wusses.


Off to block the channel tunnel up and stop johnny foreigner getting in and making me drink a Kilo of Warm Beer ;)


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