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Indian state cuts off internet for millions to stop cheating in exams

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Re: Should move to Yorkshire

No, that is not what i meant, more like the Saxons. Language spoken in England and Frisia/Netherlands used to be the same/similar.

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Re: Should move to Yorkshire

Same as Dutch "retegoed", then. Reet means "arse", by the way. Must be a language leftover from before the Norman invasion.

IKEA: Cameras were hidden in the ceiling above warehouse toilets for 'health and safety'

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What will they call these cameras in the catalog?

I suggest "Poopensnoopen".

Since it's the only way to differentiate in a Chromium-dominated market, Vivaldi 4.1 introduces 'Accordion' tabs

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Re: Orchestra

Imagine two of them at the same time. I sure can, since i'm listening to "Biscaya" by James Last right now.

Are you a 1%er? Windows 11 turns up in the usage figures

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Re: Insiders

Everyone running Windows 10 have already been (unwilling) beta testers, since Microsoft got rid of most of its internal testing team...

EU court rules in Telenet copyright case: ISPs can be forced to hand over some customer data use details

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Re: the what ?

"Enterprise Court". It really sounds like a fake thing, but then again, so is Belgium.

Chinese web giant Baidu unveils Level 4 robo-taxi that costs $75k to make

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I've seen enough videos from China of people getting run over, that they probably didn't bother doing anything about pedestrian avoidance with this thing...

Roger Waters tells Facebook CEO to Zuck off after 'huge' song rights request

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Re: Pedant alert.

The Dutch band "BZN" (Band without (a) name) predates "The Band". They formed in 1966.

Ca-caw-caw: Pigeon poops on tot's face as tempers fray at siege of Lincoln flats

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Barn Owls are not that large and hunt mostly mice, voles and shrews. You may mean you have an Eagle Owl.

My hoard of obsolete hardware might be useful… one day

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Re: assuming you know what it is

That's an Apple MacIntosh DB25 SCSI connector. It was probably hooked up to a scanner at one point.


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