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Department of Homeland Security to destroy swine flu victims

Black Helicopters


Proceed to your destination, proceed to your destruction -- tomato tomahto...

Taliban extends mobile shutdown order


Battery Removal?

Maybe they are all using iPhones?

Granite Jesus, blessed be thy gneiss


Where's Jeebus?

Am I the only one that sees a guy in a druid robe wearing a fanny pack and a fencing mask?

Should I be calling my shrink?


Yahoo! strikes back at Icahn


Because I have to...

"Icahn has merger?"

Racist Reg hacks slammed for 'vitriolic hatred'


I'm offended...

...as an American! What's with all you Brits thinking that you can get away with your so-called "metric system" any longer? You really think that you can escape?

In all seriousness though, this guy needs to lighten up.

By my count, el Reg has insulted Bulgarians, Sheep, Vacuums (of the Space, not the Cleaner variety), Grapefruit, Welshmen, Practicing Bestiality Fetishers, "Funbags", Walnuts, the Known Universe, Chickens, Harley Davidson's, and probably some guy here in America for not translating the metric system often enough (we Americans really are retarded when it comes to your metric system, I'm serious).

Oh, and as an American who likes walnuts and grapefruit, rides a Harley, has a wife with quite spectacular funbags, and who's lineage is almost entirely Welsh... you'll be hearing from my lawyer shortly!


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