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British Army develops AI shotgun drone with machine vision for indoor use


Re: Doors

I think they meant protecting the Queen from the enemies that don't live in her house, but elsewhere.



I read in the Times today that this drone is about 1m wide. How is it supposed to get indoors? - surely doors and windows are too narrow/difficult for it to fly through.

Can they just target terrorists with patio doors or conservatories?

Zuck says Facebook made an 'operational mistake' in not taking down US militia page mid-protests. TBH the whole social network is a mistake


Re: If there were no Facebook?

I don't agree with 'I don't think FB can be blamed as the networks like this are just filling a demand'. So are drug dealers, child porn peddlers etc. I think the point of the article is that Facebook know full well that their platform is being used for all kinds of nefarious purposes, and that they are not taking adequate steps to prevent it. Hence they are condoning, and cynically profiting from, such illegality.

What are you gonna do? Give me detention? Illinois schools ban pyjamas in online classes


Last spotted somewhere near Durham, visiting Barnard Castle.

Former UK Labour deputy leader wants to know how the NHS's contact-tracing app will ensure user privacy


Former government minister sacked for lying

Is now Prime Minister

Ex-barrister reckons he has a privacy-preserving solution to Britain's smut ban plans


Re: Mind of a teenager

Not necessarily porn, but there's still is a lot of highly dodgy content that kids can inadvertently stumble upon. For example, adult or far-right content on youtube featuring, e.g. Peppa Pig. Even if it's just a parody intended for adults, or something more sinister, young kids won't be sophisticated enough to tell the difference. I came across this once when my friends 7 year old kids in Germany was searching youtube for some Mario stuff, and we had to take the computer off them when it started serving up a load of Mario nazi stuff.

Still waiting for your Atari retro gaming console? You're not alone: Its architect has just sued the biz for 'non-payment'


Not sure if $140/hour is a large salary in this context - seems quite cheap for a chief architect (especially with the Xbox on his CV).

Facebook's Libra is a terrorist's best friend, thunders US Treasury: Crypto-coins dubbed 'national security risk'


Re: "if America does not lead innovation in the digital currency and payments area"

Do only extreme pedants skip the rest of the rest, or is one rest sufficient for the rest of the rest of us?

I rest rest my case.

If Shadow Home Sec Diane Abbott can be reeled in by phishers, truly no one is safe


marcus 'chown'?

Is the chown a Linux joke? Owned etc...