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Intel scoops out five flavours of Ice Lake Xeons for workstations

Chris the bean counter

Intel chips burn so hot to compete

That Dell recently had to stop selling some of their top of the range gaming PCs in some US States as they broke the law for power consumption.

Maybe their workstations have similar issues which stops OEMs using them.

What is your greatest weakness? The definitive list of the many kinds of interviewer you will meet in Hell

Chris the bean counter

"lets hope you dont find out"

Got me the job....Wish it hadnt

Amnesty International and French media protection org claim massive misuse of NSO spyware

Chris the bean counter

Frustrating the client who made each request not revealed

And a bit surprising. Hopefully will be part of a later leak.

Otherwise its like reading a whodunnit with the last page torn out..

Home office setup with built-in boiling water tap for tea and coffee without getting up is a monument to deskcess

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WW2 quarter of British Tank crew casualties were when popping out to make a brew

Since then all tanks and armoured cars have an internal water boiler.

DARPA adds RISC-V to its Toolbox: Defense researchers can get special access to SiFive chip designs

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Procurement takes so long that all the chips in even the latest weapons are pathetic compared to the chips and sensors in the £100 android mobile phone in the soldier's pocket.

Maybe best to accept the reality and mandate all equipment uses bog standard ARM chips...they can swap out for the latest ARM just before production. A raspberry PI probably powerful enough for 99% of use cases.

Far cheaper and more powerful than the DARPA approach.

Following Supreme Court ruling, Uber UK recognizes drivers as workers, offers min wage, holiday pay, pension

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Re: Devil in the detail

Minimum wage should also cover expenses based on 40 hour week which are very high.

Most drivers own cars unsuitable for Uber so have to lease a prius.

To reduce risk for the driver they are weekly leases and many drivers dont have the best credit history so have to pay top whack. £250 per week (pre covid may be less now).

As such the minimum pay needs to be close to £15 an hour...maybe half that during wiating time to achieve minimum wage.

Brit college forced to shift all teaching online for a week while it picks up the pieces from ransomware attack

Chris the bean counter

So it closed the campus but kept online intact

Would have thought the other way around

Starlink's latent China crisis could spark a whole new world of warcraft

Chris the bean counter

This is why Oneweb gives UK leverage

Where Elon cant go because of Tesla issues UK can threaten to go.

Hopefully Oneweb is a bit of a mini clone of Elon's to allow interopability and keep costs down.

Elon would be relaxed as makes him a bit of money on launches while not too big a competitor...and for a monopoly always useful to have a weak competitor to keep regulators happy.

Atheists warn followers of unholy data leak, hint dark deeds may have tried to make it go away

Chris the bean counter

Was it

An act of God ?

Microsoft says it found 1,000-plus developers' fingerprints on the SolarWinds attack

Chris the bean counter

1,000 developers in the know ?

Seems unlikely. I expect only a dozen or so, using the work of other developers.

Definitely not a Russian hack if it was 1,000. That many would leak...I would hope.

My betting and prejudice would be China.

Love China hate Xi.

Amazon deploys AI cameras inside delivery vans, misspells 'surveillance' as 'safety' in reason why

Chris the bean counter

Capturing the data to train self driving cars


Two years later, SK Hynix's £2.2bn EUV DRAM factory is ready to go

Chris the bean counter

Can it be used for CPUs

Or totally different layers etc?

AMD, Nvidia, HPE tapped to triple the speed of US weather super with $35m upgrade

Chris the bean counter

Obsolete before delivery?

Sounds like they got lazy and bought it to be able to run their current CPU orientated software.

May have been better spending some of the money on software updates and buying a computer with more GPU and a lot less CPU.

(Although as an AMD shareholder I am delighted at their choice).

If you want to leg it through China's Great Firewall, don't forget to pull on your newly darned Shadowsocks

Chris the bean counter

Can internet be accessed through Whatsapp/Telegram/Signal ?

They are (currently) permitted in China*

Maybe some app that can be sent as a message and then establish a connection to a net of connections outside of China. The net would just see it as a video call.

Earth observation chief Dr Josef Aschbacher takes reins at European Space Agency

Chris the bean counter

Beautifully said.

AMD scores 200,000 cores worth of secret silicon at new Australian supercomputer

Chris the bean counter

2 Boomerang facts

1) The biggest boomerang factory in the world is in WImbledon

2) The name for a boomerang that does not come back is not a stick...its a kylie (honest)

As China trials its Digital Yuan with a giveaway, seven big central banks outline response

Chris the bean counter

Re: new maths!

All the numbers are correct, some are more correct than others

Huawei's UK code reviewers say Chinese mega-corp is still totally crap at basic software security. Bad crypto, buffer overflows, logic errors...

Chris the bean counter

Lets hope

We exploited a few of the vulnerabilities in the Chinese network

Hydrogen-powered train tested on Britain's railway tracks as diesel alternative

Chris the bean counter

True but electrifying lines has proven so expensive that most have been delayed decades with project costs multiplying and massive disruption to service during the implementation.

Plus overhead lines are notorious for getting damaged

At the least these are a fine interim method

Uber allowed to continue operating in English capital after winning appeal against Transport for London

Chris the bean counter

Black cabs have a disadvantage that they were designed for hailing so are custom specified with low volume and little competition among manufacturers

This makes them very expensive to buy and maintain and a generation behind in reliability, economy, pollution and ride quality.

Even before uber they were struggling against mini cabs. (A luxury Merc is cheaper and easier to get financing on).

Throw in that housing prices mean more have been driven to live further from town increasing costs of driving a low economy into town to start work.

Chris the bean counter

Uber drivers earn below minimum wage

They tend to have not established a long term credit record so have difficulty getting loans which means lease car companies stiff them.

£250 a week to lease for a Prius.

All gig services, initially above a certain turnover, should be able to prove that 80% of their workers earn over minimum wage (after costs), are insured and that the brand has legal responsibility for any issues. Otherwise the level of exploitation is terrible.

Sick of hypocritical virtue signalling Londoners who are happy to use Uber "because they are cheap"...at least tip a fiver.

And while I am on a rant how come motor cycle couriers who are busiest on wet dark nights and paid for speed are allowed to do their job on LPlates ? Insurers must be mad.

Key API management platform for UK public sector scrapped: DWP ends £5m MuleSoft project

Chris the bean counter

Name the spokesperson

I hate paying taxes to hire a civil servant whose job is to lie to us.

IT guy whose job was to stop ex-staff running amok on the network is jailed for running amok on the network

Chris the bean counter

Constituency Management Group

a Political PR firm employed a tech guy called Shannon Stafford until 2015.

His linkedin biog a bit blank after 2015

Nintendo revives Game & Watch portable proto-console, adds color to 2.36-inch screen

Chris the bean counter

School kids of the 80s

May struggle these days seeing the screen

US Air Force shows off latest all-electric flying car, says it 'might seem straight out of a Hollywood movie'

Chris the bean counter

Is there a more elegant solution than 18 propellors?

Can you get the same lift having them in "parallel" in a tube, bit like a turboprop ?

Cloud now bigger than Dell, HPE, Lenovo, Cisco combined

Chris the bean counter

I expect Amazon will go after SaaS next

Based on their internal systems or open source ERP etc systems.

Yes that is in competition with their customers but they have form.

Please stop hard-wiring AWS credentials in your code. Looking at you, uni COVID-19 track-and-test app makers

Chris the bean counter

So Google and Apple do not search for these when approving an app?

Should be quite simple to set up an automated way to find hardcoded login IDs for the principal cloud servers and password keys in general ?

If not must be easy for hackers to download apps to search for these security bugs? or is the app code unreadable when downloaded from app store ?

India to run optic fibre to 450,000 villages in 1,000 days and give 1.3bn a digital Health ID

Chris the bean counter

Health staff biggest victims of health ID

As all there colleagues will know of their abortions, depression etc.

Happens all round the world especially when there is lots of agency staff as passwords get shared.

Government has so much info on citizens the health info its not that big a deal. They can probably get same info more succinctly by monitoring messages.

Modi a nasty fellow but the rollout of fibre and health records to villages is a good thing.

Intel talks up its 10nm Tiger Lake laptop system-on-chips as though everything is going according to plan

Chris the bean counter

With Intel its what they didnt say

No mention of yield and iirc performance of Icelake.

Althouugh it was an architecture day if 10nm yield had improved significantly they would have shouted from the rooftops with a % yield quoted.

They didn't so consider this vapourware.

Must be very frustrating for the brilliant engineers to produce great designs that may not be manufactured in quantity

Microsoft runs a data centre on hydrogen for 48 whole hours, reckons it could kick hydrocarbon habit by 2030

Chris the bean counter

Ammonia is the answer

Easier to store and transport plus a marketable product in its own right.

Yes even less efficient than hydrogen but the scenario is based on super cheap electricity from solar.

Chris the bean counter

Re: Hydrogen is not the answer

Hydrogen only works if solar is cheap enough. Thanks to wrights law and zero interest rates it is, epecially in politically stable places like Australia and Texas (Regulation lite compared to California so swifter take up of renewables)

At that point you can extract water from the atmosphere which would only add a small overhead to the electrolysis process.

Chris the bean counter

Alternative fuel for emergency backup hardly a priority

For transition to renewable in UK there is a need for some emergency power for windless, cold dark evenings if a power station goes down. Some of this is supplied by second hand diesel engines sited in unpopulated areas from buses that are being retrofitted for day to day cleaner operations. So cheap it means more money available for the transition.

Data centres would be sited where company confident of a reliable grid to minimise emergency fuel use.

I expect Australia will move to electrolysis though doubt a pipe to Asia. Ammonia can be used in fuel cells and is a valuable chemical for fertiliser, easier to store and also transport.

Good on Microsoft for doing the research however.

Intel's 7nm is busted, chips delayed, may have to use rival foundries to get GPUs out for US govt exascale super

Chris the bean counter

The attractive quarterly comparisons were with this time last year

Compared to previous quarter revenue in data centre and consumer down 5%ish and income 25%ish...even more for consumer so they may be having to give big discounts

Intel has used the same Auditor E&Y (of Wirecard infamy) since inception 50+ years ago. I expect another auditor would make them write down the investments in their 10nm fabs by a few billion.

Maybe TSMC might find room for Intel if Intel agreed to transfer some of their ASML ordered machines to TSMC at cost :-)

The analyst Charlie Demerjian who was one of the first to call out Intels failings several years back was tweeting a lot yesterday during the earnings call.

SpaceX pulls off an incredible catch, netting both halves of its Falcon fairing as they fell Earthwards after latest launch

Chris the bean counter

Seaman hanging off the chopper

A teacher told us at school assembly how he witnessed an air sea rescue.

UK intel committee on Russia: Social media firms should remove state disinformation. What was that, MI5? ████████?

Chris the bean counter

One of the first redactions was

The principal target of Russia was ***.

Which is quite an irritating redaction.

TBH fully understand why intelligence services would not want to touch elections with a barge pole. They would be ripped apart. Happened before with Harold Wilson (almost certainly untrue) rumours.

Given Corbyn & Foot were both named as an "asset" by East European spy agencies in the past and Corbyn's interviews on RT it is little wonder that any interference in elections by intelligence services would be seen as biased.

Yes I expect Russia made mischief and I expect it was more noise with little effect. Bit like comments posted under a news article.

World Health Organisation AI chatbot goes deaf when asked for the latest COVID-19 figures for Taiwan, Hong Kong

Chris the bean counter

Re: Boss of WHO is not a medical doctor

That is disingenuous too.

A better description than "Doctor" is that he is a "PhD".

The subject he studied may be relate to medicine but he has no medical experience in a hospital.

He is a politician and acts as a politician not a medic.

Chris the bean counter

Boss of WHO is not a medical doctor

The first time this happened.

Questions were raised at the time about his integrity based on his previous actions in Ethiopia

In his first year he made Robert Mugabe a good will ambassador even though Zimbabwe medical facilities had been ruined during Mugabes rule.

I recall thinking at the time that the job was potentially a top 5 most important job in the world and he was not up to it.

UK.gov admits it has not performed legally required data protection checks for COVID-19 tracing system

Chris the bean counter

Loosen the rules in a pandemic

There is a balance, especially as bureaucrats use data protection as the go to excuse when they want to avoid doing something. Even if they show good will it creates delays to rollouts.

Not saying abandon data protection just would have been easy for a lawyer to come up with a paragraph or two of sensible opt outs where there will be no prosecution.

Such as public agencies can share details of infected people where it assists tracing and contacting, as long as information deleted and media + social media specifically banned from publishing. Deletion of all details after 1 month plus a sunset clause for the exemption.

Twitter hackers busted 2FA to access accounts and then reset user passwords

Chris the bean counter

Lets hope Square

Has better security

Babe, I've changed! Twitter wants to try a relationship again with devs after first major API tweaks in years

Chris the bean counter

Maybe twitter should merge with square

Advertising on twitter not a promising model but as a way to promote Square for payments very useful.

UK mobile network Vodafone channels its inner stroppy teen, begs government to cancel upcoming 5G auction

Chris the bean counter

Maybe use the money to reduce BBC licence fee

And give all 5G licensees copyright free access to BBC content

UK's Co-operative Group to centralise IT teams across various divisions, warns redundancies 'inevitable'

Chris the bean counter

Just wrong

The Co-op could have followed the Amazon example and offered their IT expertise as a service.

Many organisations would love the chance to outsource their ITto a non profit British entity.

ReactOS hits a milestone – actually hiring a full-time developer. And we've got our talons on the latest build to see what needs fixing

Chris the bean counter

Re: Hope springs eternal

Maybe easier to get new scanners?

Motorbike ride-share app CEO taken to pieces in grisly New York dismemberment

Chris the bean counter

Re: Who dunnit?

Recall something similar in UK.

Lovers tiff ended up with dead body then in panic tries to dismember body to dispose of it and gives up.

Terrible for all RIP

Cambridge student rebuilds Polish Enigma-code-breaking box that paved the way for Turing ... and Victory!

Chris the bean counter

Re: Well done

Couldn't have said it better.

Shockingly the movie Enigma chose a Pole as a bad guy. Which added insult to injury.

Hypocritically the movie was being screened at the same time that the press was complaining how Hollywood had nicked a true British story about an enigma machine on a submarine and rewriting history with American sailors as the heroes.

To be fair to USA Bletchleys success could only be widely exploited due to US manufacturing brilliance at producing Bombe machines in prodigious amounts.

There is a Polish proverb "Work first, pleasure after" which is why Polish soldiers are instructed that if confronted by a Russian soldier and a German soldier they must always shoot the Russian first.

Heir-to-Concorde demo model to debut in October

Chris the bean counter

Can an electric powered plane fly supersonically ?

Assuming at some point in future a suitable power storage becomes available (maybe green ammonia+fuel cells)

Your 2.3m Instagram fans won't stop the FBI... Web star accused of plotting to launder millions from cyber-crime

Chris the bean counter

Re: An Instagram super-star

And yet you bothered to comment

Think of a number: A tale of iffy discount codes, supermarket loyalty cards and Hotels.com

Chris the bean counter

Re: selling the discount codes for between £200 and £750

Read the next sentence for full context. It was a quote so difficult to rewrite

Baroness Dido Harding lifts the lid on the NHS's manual contact tracing performance: 'We contact them up to 10 times over a 36-hour period'

Chris the bean counter

Ash for Contact details of next of Kin when doing a test




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